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Research Biomedical Engineer (Biomechanics) in Natick, MA, USA

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  • Research Biomedical Engineer (Biomechanics) in Natick, MA, USA

    Research Biomedical Engineer (Biomechanics)
    Military Performance Division
    U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

    The U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) is seeking candidates
    for a full-time Army civilian Research Biomedical Engineer (Biomechanics) position to serve in
    the Military Performance Division (MPD).

    The MPD is one of five research divisions at USARIEM and conducts research aimed at
    optimizing Warfighter health and performance. The MPD mission is to conduct research to
    optimize and enhance the performance (physical, cognitive, behavioral and psychomotor) of
    military occupational tasks and mission, prevent performance decrements due to physical
    overload, environmental and operational stresses, and musculoskeletal injuries, and sustain
    performance to ensure Soldier well-being.

    The candidate will be responsible for the development and execution of MPD’s biomechanical
    research efforts. USARIEM offers a competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and

    Facilities Description:

    USARIEM was established in Natick, Massachusetts, as a research laboratory under the U.S.
    Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC), which is a part of the Army
    Futures Command. USARIEM’s mission is to provide solutions to enhance Warfighter health
    and performance through biomedical research. The Institute has stood for more than 50 years
    as a world-class laboratory for research on Warfighter health, performance, resilience and
    critical decision-making in rapidly changing, complex environments. The Institute conducts its
    mission with unique facilities and experienced scientists in environmental physiology,
    epidemiology, exercise science, neurobehavior, nutrition, and physical performance.
    USARIEM’s research focuses on providing a wide variety of biomedical solutions that protect
    and sustain our military servicemen and women.


    • Function as primary (principal) investigator with skills and knowledge in human
    biomechanics, physics, statistics, scientific methods and investigation techniques, and
    experimental design. Ability to generate hypothesis-driven protocols and conduct
    biomechanical research studies independently on human subjects, in accordance with
    applicable ethical and regulatory policies, are required.
    • Conduct applied human biomechanics research related to occupational performance of
    military mission and tasks and musculoskeletal injury.
    o Focus includes assessment of Warfighter operational performance, reduction in
    performance decrements, and appropriate performance optimization and
    enhancement strategies, to include characterizing Warfighter biomechanics
    during training and operational environments through utilizing wearable sensors.
    o Design and conduct research directed toward characterizing the forces placed on
    specific body parts (bones, muscles, joints) during exercise and/or military tasks
    and performing biomechanical analysis through kinematic and kinetic techniques
    to assess mechanical and physiological responses and medical or performance
    readiness outcomes to physically demanding occupational and operational requirements.
    • Mentor support personnel in work responsibilities and performance of work tasks.
    • Author and co-author technical reports, technical memos, and scientific peer-reviewed publications.
    • Plan strategically and establish short and long term objectives for biomechanics research portfolio that envision future requirements of the Division/Institute/Army.
    • Prepare new grant applications for external funding consideration when appropriate.
    • Develop tests, processes, and evaluations to assess the efficacy of field-based human performance monitoring equipment.
    • Work effectively and cooperatively within a MPD team/networking structure.
    • Work interactively and effectively with the Division/Institute personnel to define research priorities, report research progress, successes, and timely transition research products.
    • Travel, as needed, for field data collection activities and presentation of research results at scientific meetings.


    PhD in Biomechanics, Biomedical engineering or related field (Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Rehabilitation Science, etc.). Extensive knowledge and experience in directing scientific biomedical research through basic and applied phases, and experience in technology demonstration and advanced development preferred. Experience within the military setting is preferred. A strong research record with biomedical engineering/biomechanics research experience are important considerations for this position. Must be a U.S. citizen.

    Contact Information:

    Qualified applicants should send cover letter, resume or current CV to:

    Posted by:

    Rebecca Fellin
    Military Performance Division
    U. S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
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