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Masters, Ph.D. Candidates, & Post-docs Wanted

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  • Masters, Ph.D. Candidates, & Post-docs Wanted

    Masters, Ph.D. Candidates, & Post-docs Wanted

    If you are interested in the following, then you will make a good new recruit to our expanding research team.
    • Quantification of human movement
    • Motion capture
    • Interdisciplinary cutting-edge research (human movement and Artificial Intelligence)
    • Movement therapy strategies (daily physical activity)
    • Mental health care

    Required skills to bring to the team
    • Excellent communication and administration skills
    • Ability to work well with other members of the national and international research team
    • Ability to work in Korean and English to be able to communicate with the international members of the team
    • Help to write and edit IRB applications for the research
    • Contact and recruit participants to partake in the research
    • Help to write academic papers and research reports to disseminate the research

    All levels of graduate students from master’s to Post hoc to be recruited, with the salary depending on your experience level.

    If you are interested, send your resume and a short cover letter expressing your interest, and any experience in the areas mentioned above.

    Leading Professor
    Hyungsook Kim, Hanyang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

    Yong-hyun Park at