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Research Engineer @ University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

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  • Research Engineer @ University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

    The Finan Lab is relocating to the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Illinois Chicago and we seek an electromechanical prototyping engineer to start immediately. The mission of the lab is reduce the burden of traumatic brain injury for patients and their families. We do this using human in vitro models of neurotrauma. In these systems, blood cells drawn from human beings are used to generate 2D sheets and 3D structures (known as organoids) of human neural cells. We apply mechanical trauma to these cultures at high speed under precise control using machines we design and build for this purpose. Some tools we need to acquire data from brain organoids do not yet exist so we invent them. We collaborate with biomedical engineers, neuroscientists and physicians in the Chicago area and beyond. Our human in vitro approach to neurotrauma is fundamentally different to the conventional approach employing mice and rats. It empowers us to address previously inaccessible questions about why one person has a better outcome than another after traumatic brain injury and which drugs, out of thousands of options, could become the first effective treatment for this disease.

    Relevant domains include stem cell biology, microscopy, automated image analysis and electromechanical prototyping to achieve motion with high speed and precision. Particularly valuable engineering skills include closed loop feedback control of servos and other actuators, CNC and manual machining, microfabrication and clean room training, precise soldering, printed circuit board design, electronic prototyping, field programmable gate array design, Solidworks, LabView, Matlab and Python.
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