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    The Neuromechanics Lab (Lab Website) within the Department of Human Movement Sciences at Old Dominion University is currently seeking PhD students to join the Human Movement Sciences program in Fall 2021. Students in the program take core course work in biomechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and statistics, and elective coursework in biomedical engineering, anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience.

    Assistantships for PhD students include teaching (undergraduate biomechanics laboratory sections), research, or a combination of both. Assistantships include a stipend of $15k/year and fully-funded tuition for three years (typical program length). Students will work alongside Dr. Hunter Bennett, Assistant Professor in the exercise science program and director of the Neuromechanics Lab, and colleagues spanning adapted physical activity, aerospace and mechanical engineering, physical therapy, and athletic training.

    The Neuromechanics Lab is equipped with a 10-camera three-dimensional motion capture system, wireless EMG system, multiple force platforms, a portable ultrasound, eye tracker, and an isokinetic dynamometer.

    Faculty and student led research include, but are not limited to:
    • Walking and running gait of persons with a visual impairment (funded by Don Hellison Interdisciplinary Grant)
    • Relationship between walking and running gait biomechanics and physical activity in persons with autism spectrum disorder (funded by Jeffress Trust Awards in Interdisciplinary Research)
    • Knee biomechanics and injury mechanisms
    • Lower extremity biomechanics of weight training maneuvers
    • Musculoskeletal simulations of activities of daily living and athletic maneuvers

    ***Applicants interested in research focused on persons with disabilities may be eligible for funding through a multi-site training consortium funded through the US Department of Education***

    Interested parties should send a copy of their CV/resume to:

    Hunter Bennett, PhD.
    Assistant Professor,
    Neuromechanics Lab Director

    Neuromechanics Lab Website ßClick Here for Lab Details and Program Information!

    Past research:

    ODU's Human Movement Sciences Department:
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