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Research Engineer Position in Knee Biomechanics, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY, USA, Available Immediately

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  • Research Engineer Position in Knee Biomechanics, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY, USA, Available Immediately

    We have an immediate opening (October 1, 2020) for a master’s level mechanical, electrical, or biomedical engineer in the Biomechanics Department at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). A bachelor’s level engineer with at least two years of experience working in industry or in a research laboratory will also be considered. The position involves multidisciplinary, team-based clinical and translational research focusing on the biomechanics of the injured, reconstructed, and replaced knee using cadaveric, computational, and patient-based models. Our mission is to improve patient care by applying principles of engineering to solve orthopedic problems through basic & applied research that translates to the development of orthopedic devices and instrumentation. This mission is achieved through close collaboration with our clinical colleagues. Salary is commensurate with experience and performance-based opportunities for promotion are available.

    We are looking for an individual with the following character traits:
    • Demonstrated ability to work in multidisciplinary teams including engineers, post-doctoral students, orthopaedic surgeons, medical trainees, therapists, radiologists, and statisticians
    • Strong organizational skills
    • Independently motivated, self-directed, and excited by the prospect of taking on new challenges
    • Ability to rapidly learn new skills to solve problems in a dynamic and evolving work environment
    • Strong written and oral communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to work independently within timelines
    • Attention to detail in conducting and documenting work activities
    • Willingness to guide, mentor, and manage high school students, undergraduate engineers, medical students, and clinical residents and fellows
    We are looking for an individual with the following qualifications:
    • Demonstrated expertise in scientific computing using software such as MATLAB and Python, applied to techniques in data processing (e.g., logical indexing), linear algebra (e.g., matrix transformations), numerical analysis (e.g., Newton algorithms), systems and signals (e.g., digital filtering, classical and modern control theory), and data visualization (e.g., box plots)
    • Experience in real-time data acquisition from various mechanical sensors including those measuring force, torque, and displacement and real-time visualization of data using software such as LabView, Python, or C/C++
    • Technical writing skills
    • Mechanical design and prototyping experience using software tools such as SolidWorks
    • Completed coursework in robotics, advanced dynamics, and numerical methods with demonstrated mastery of associated principles including 3D rigid body kinematic and force transformations.
    Responsibilities include:
    • Handling, dissecting, and imaging cadaveric tissues
    • Cadaveric biomechanical testing of the knee joint using industrial robotic manipulators
    • Custom programming of robotic manipulator for novel testing protocols
    • Developing computer programs and scripts for data processing, simulation, visualization, and analysis
    • Working closely with surgeons and scientists in organizing, managing, and conducting research projects
    • Maintaining lab hardware and software
    • Imaging and image processing of patient and cadaveric tissues
    • Data collection and interpretation
    • Preparing, organizing, and maintaining documentation of test protocols and equipment
    • Designing custom jigs and fixtures for novel testing set-ups
    • Assisting principal investigators in manuscript and abstract preparation
    • Developing protocols for Institutional Review Board and laboratory studies, code documentation
    • Presenting research updates at departmental meetings
    • Using motion capture technology and associated 3D kinematic analysis software
    Desirable qualifications
    • Experience in project management
    • Experience using multibody dynamics (e.g., ADAMS) and FEA software (e.g., ABAQUS, FEBio)
    • Familiarity with software tools (e.g., MIMICS) for image processing and 3D reconstruction of medical image data from MRI and CT
    • Familiarity with statistics and data analytics including mining of structured and unstructured datasets
    To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and statement of career goals including a description of why you would like to work in the Biomechanics Department to:

    Carl Imhauser, PhD
    Biomechanics Department
    Hospital for Special Surgery