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ARCCA is Hiring for a Forensic Biomechanical Engineer Oakland, California/ Penns Park, Pennsylvania

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  • ARCCA is Hiring for a Forensic Biomechanical Engineer Oakland, California/ Penns Park, Pennsylvania

    Oakland, California/ Penns Park, Pennsylvania

    ARCCA’s Biomechanical Engineers work with a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists for the purpose of reconstructing injury producing incidents and other events to evaluate and determine mechanisms of injury.

    •Conduct field investigations to gather and analyze vehicle crash, slip/trip and fall or mechanical failure data and the related impact on the human body. Review supporting medical and hospital records.

    •Calculate principal directions of force, and changes in velocity during a crash event as well as making determinations as to the amount of force required to cause and prevent certain types of injuries.

    •Conductor assist with conducting various types of static and dynamic tests.

    •Prepare reports of scientific findings and conclusions that can be understood by lay persons and supported by testimony during depositions and trials.

    •Prepare and deliver technical/educational presentations to existing and potential client groups and technical conferences.

    •Enhance professional/technical knowledge and credibility through continuing education programs, review of technical publications, and preparation of technical papers.

    • A Ph.D. in Biomedical or Biomechanical Engineering is required.
    • Foundation in the analysis of occupant motion, anatomy of the human body, the effects of impact and inertial forces on occupant injury is preferred.
    • Should be knowledgeable in two and three dimensional computer analysis programs for object motion and have a willingness to learn the programs used for both vehicles and occupant kinematics.
    • Must possess solid verbal and written communications and interpersonal skills.

    ARCCA is a Biomechanical, Forensic Engineering and Litigation Consulting firm specializing in the analysis and communication of complex issues. Founded in 1987, ARCCA is headquartered in Penns Park, PA (Philadelphia area). ARCCA specializes in Biomechanical Analysis of Injuries, Accident Reconstruction, Black Box/EDR Recovery and analysis, Crash Worthiness, Rollover Events, Seat Belt Failure, Seat Back Failure, Child Seats/Restraint Systems, and Mechanical Defects among other areas of forensic investigation. To learn more about ARCCA go to:

    To apply email Rachel Fogarty at All questions can be directed to Rachel Fogarty at RC Associates either via email: or via phone at 813-286-2075.