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Researcher Biomechanical Modelling Seat Interaction in Automated Driving

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  • Researcher Biomechanical Modelling Seat Interaction in Automated Driving

    Across a range of projects TU Delft investigates comfort and acceptance of automated driving.
    In particular we investigate motion comfort and motion sickness in relation to vehicle motion and seat design.

    We are recruiting a researcher to investigate and model the human biomechanical interaction with advanced seats including passive and active mechanisms.

    The candidate will:

    1. Perform and coordinate experiments in experimental vehicles and driving simulators to study 3D body motion, muscular activity, seat pressure, and perceived comfort.

    2. Use existing and new data to enhance biomechanical models predicting 3D body motion. These models will build upon models developed at TU Delft capturing: a) postural stabilisation using large-scale musculosketal models, and b) visual and vestibular sensory integration in motion perception.

    Within TU Delft, the candidate will join a multidisciplinary team investigating and enhancing motion comfort in automated vehicles.

    The candidate shall hold an academic Master and preferably a PhD in Mechanical Engineering or Human Movement Sciences, or have comparable education and experience.
    More senior candidates with an industrial and/or academic track record may also apply.
    Candidates shall hold demonstrated experience in several of the following fields:
    Musculoskeletal modelling, postural stabilisation, (seat) comfort and ergonomics, motion perception, frequency domain analysis, control theory.

    Part-time employment is possible, the estimated employment equates 22 month full time at PostDoc level.


    Please apply through: