The new 4-year, 11 M€ collaborative research center “Empatho-Kinaesthetic Sensory Systems” (EmpkinS) mainly hosted at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany, invites applications for 23 PhD (and 2 Clinician Scientist) positions in the following areas:

- Computer science / electrical engineering / mechanical engineering / medical engineering: biomechanics modelling and simulation, (biomedical) signal processing, computer vision, integrated circuits, machine learning, neuromechanics, radar and optical sensor technology, wireless communications
- Medical engineering application areas in medicine: investigation of diagnostic parameters derived from sensor data, pattern recognition in movement data, non-contact sensor technology, musculoskeletal function as a biomarker for disease activity
- Medicine: immunology, neurology, palliative care
- Psychology: emotions and depression, stress, assessment of depression-relevant kinesthesia, biofeedback-based cognitive reframing
- Theology: responsibility, controllability, consent, ethics in and by design, governance, normative analysis, qualitative-empirical studies

More information is available on The deadline for applications is June 14.
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