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Postdoctoral Fellow and/or PhD Wanted: New Brunswick, Canada

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  • Postdoctoral Fellow and/or PhD Wanted: New Brunswick, Canada

    We are seeking a Postdoctoral fellow and/or PhD Candidate for a collaborative project investigating the science behind active sit-stand workstations. This project brings together the research expertise from Dr. Michelle Cardoso’s “Laboratoire de Performance Occupationnelle” (LPO) (Université de Moncton), Dr. Wayne Albert’s Occupational Performance Laboratory (OPL) (University of New Brunswick) and a New Brunswick-based IT company specializing in innovative and dynamic workstations. The goal of the research program is to incorporate digital technology to both assess work behaviour in a work environment throughout the workday and then to develop digital strategies to enhance healthy work behaviours to combat sedentary lifestyles, create higher productivity and increase employee satisfaction. The digital monitoring technology transforms an ordinary electric adjustable desk into a “smart” desk, while simultaneously collecting data on a battery of employee health measures. This will provide a large database of employee behaviours during the entire workday and over extended periods providing a longitudinal assessment of behaviour.

    The research partnership aims to analyze the rich dataset provided by the technology users through embedded sensors, such as activity levels, ambient temperature, light and noise levels. The project’s two main objectives are to: 1) document how employees modify behaviour with the presence of the technology as a part of their workstation; and 2) assess how the technology can be used to promote healthy behaviours in the workplace.

    The job posting is in Moncton or Fredericton, New Brunswick for the PhD applicants. We are open to remote work for the Postdoctoral fellowship, if necessary.

    Required skills to bring to the team:

    -Works well in a Team environment
    - Ability to work with large datasets
    - Background in epidemiology and/or ergonomics
    - Strong statistical background with the ability to use SPSS or R
    - Ability to write academic research papers

    If you are interested, send your resume and a short cover letter expressing your interest, and any experience in the areas mentioned above.

    Michelle Cardoso, PhD
    Assistant professor