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  • Sport Science PhD Fellowship Texas A&M University

    Texas A&M University - Sport Science PhD Fellowship

    Texas A&M Athletics is excited to offer a unique opportunity for an exceptional individual to study for their PhD while embedded in our department working in the field of Biomechanics. This fully-funded opportunity is part of a shared vision that centers on collaboration within our Performance & Wellness units and partners on and off-campus. We look forward to receiving applications from individuals that would like to help us develop greater expertise in Biomechanics, provide service to our student athletes, and leave Texas A&M as a leader in their specific field of study.


    The Sport Science Fellow – Biomechanics has three main areas of responsibility:
    1. Provide specific support and research to our Sports Medicine unit within Performance & Wellness
    2. Assist and/or lead general sport science support for 1-3 assigned Texas A&M Athletics teams
      • Team assignments are yet to be confirmed but we are especially interested in talking to individuals with experience in any of the following; Track & Field, Baseball, Softball
      • Final decisions will be dependent on the specific interest, experience, and qualities of the candidates
    3. Academic research as part of PhD requirements that complement the roles outlined in 1. & 2.
      • This is a demanding 12-month position that may include work in the evenings, weekends, and holidays

    Required Qualifications & Experience
    • Master’s in sport science, physiology, nutrition, sports medicine, sport psychology, or related field
    • One year of voluntary experience supporting athletes at the intercollegiate or professional level
    • Experience in the use of biomechanical assessment tools (kinetic & kinematic)
    • Strong interpersonal skills to communicate well with coaches, student athletes, and support staff
    • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office software
    Preferred Qualifications & Experience
    • Presented and/or published research in the performance & wellness field
    • Two years of paid experience in a role supporting athletes at the intercollegiate or professional level
    • Experience teaching biomechanical assessment tools (kinetic & kinematic) to other professionals
    • Sports Medicine / Performance screening and/or gait analysis preferred
    • Demonstrated ability to manage a large monitoring database
    • Ability to perform advanced statistical analysis techniques & visualizations
    Academic Requirements / Field of Study
    • Due to the timing of this posting, we have flexibility with the usual A&M academic deadlines
      • We will notify candidates when they need to start the PhD in Kinesiology application process
      • In the meantime, applicants are encouraged to visit the PhD in Kinesiology website
    • There are no set GPA or testing scores required for admission but applicants with a strong academic background will have a greater chance of progressing through the application process
      • GRE requirements have been waived for the Fall 2021 Semester
    • The coursework of this 64-credit hour program is flexible based on specific interests and faculty leadership
    • Candidates are encouraged to research A&M faculty but are asked to refrain from contacting them directly until they are notified of their progression to Step #3 / Interview 1 below

    • Tuition & fees paid by the Athletics Department
    • Remuneration totaling $20,000 per year
    • Expenses for 1 national conference per year
    • New laptop and other computer resources for Athletics Department and Academic work

    The following materials are required to be submitted to the Workday application portal by Wednesday, June 9th at Midnight via the following link: Workday Posting
    • Resume / CV including 3 references
    • Cover letter - part of which should outline your research interests
    # Timing Step Notes
    1 June Application Posting live: now - 6/9
    2 June Telephone screening / verification of qualifications 8-10 candidates
    3 July Interview 1: Hiring committee, including presentation of abilities and/or research (Zoom) 4-7 candidates, contact faculty
    4 July Interview 2: Key Athletics Department staff & coaches (Zoom) 3 candidates
    5 July Interview 3: Expansion of previous discussions w. specific Athletics & Academics staff (Zoom or on-campus) Top candidate
    6 July Offer
    7 August Remote onboarding
    8 August Start & on-campus onboarding

    Key Academic Contacts
    All candidates are encouraged to research faculty we have on-campus (including others that may not be listed) but are asked to NOT contact the below until they reach Step #3 / Interview 1.
    • Dr. Michael Moreno, Mechanical Engineering
    • Dr. Andrew Nordin, Health & Kinesiology
    • Dr. Jennifer Yentes, Health & Kinesiology
    Available Biomechanical Tools
    • Immediately available for everyday use
      • Vald Performance – ForceDecks FDMax
      • Valid Performance–Nordbord
      • ValldPerformance–ForceFrame
      • Underwater treadmill w. camera system
      • 1080 Sprint
      • Upcoming: Triaxial force plates w. isometric strength testing capabilities & camera system
    • Accessible elsewhere within the Athletics Department
      • Velocity based training tools
      • Field-based monitoring systems
    • Accessible within our campus network / academic partners
      • Isokinetic Dynamometers
      • 3D motion capture laboratory w. integrated force plates
      • Wireless EMG
    • Other sport science and sports medicine technology and/or data sources may be available depending on line of study the development of this position over time.