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SPORT SCIENTIST / S&C COACH (Industry Embedded PhD)

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  • SPORT SCIENTIST / S&C COACH (Industry Embedded PhD)

    – Your Ph.D applied research project will focus on the biomechanics of velocity-based resistance training and testing in American youth athletes.
    – Your scientific training will include formal learning in epistemology, logic, statistical software (R programming), and data analysis.
    – Your practical training will include formal learning in progressive strength and conditioning, youth coaching, and long term athlete development.
    – You will be guided throughout this educational process by world-class practitioners and scientists.
    – Unlike in many industry Ph.D. situations, your applied research is not a “side deal” or something “you do on your own personal time”. Here, you have dedicated time for desk and study work, data collection, etc. Your employment is built around doing the research and coaching because we take our internal R&D extremely seriously.
    – After your first employment term as a S&C Coach/Junior Sport Scientist you will be eligible for employment as a Senior Scientist/S&C Coach which includes much more incentives.
    – In this experience you will have a place to work, access to the needed data, full health insurance covered, school fees fully paid for, and a rewarding coaching experience that actually impacts the real world. Although you, the student-employee, are responsible for your own food/entertainment/etc. money we believe this opportunity is better than the majority of graduate-student situations in existence.
    – This opportunity is for people who want to change the way sport science and research is applied to our industry!

    – If you are reading this then the position is still available. Therefore, do not contact us asking if it’s still available.
    – The position begins September 1st 2021 (but flexible) so the individual can relocate to Silicon Valley (Redwood City, California, USA).
    – 3-4 Year full-time employment on-site in Redwood City California beginning approximately September 2021 (but flexible).
    – For International applicants: Immigration Work Visa fees will be paid for by the company and sponsored by the company.
    – For International applicants: Should a renewal of the work visa be needed it will be paid for entirely by the company along with the attorney renewal fees.
    – Office space, work laptop and computers, and any other relevant research equipment costs are fully funded by the company.
    – Full health insurance coverage is provided by the company.
    – Annual compensation is $45,000 USD which is enough to fully cover local housing and food or travel costs. Most of our employees currently pay about $1.5K/month in rent and either live walking distance from the facility or immediately over the bridge. After you finish your degree program as a S&C Coach/Junior Sport Scientist, you will then be eligible for continued employment as a Senior Scientist/S&C Coach role which includes much higher wages among other incentives and benefits.
    – This opportunity is for people who want a better sport science experience by changing the way it’s applied in our industry!

    – The student-employee is NOT responsible for any school fees. Tuition is fully funded by the company!
    – Ideal qualifications are a Masters degree with thesis research (USA applicants) or Bachelor’s Honors Degree (International applicants). If you only have a Bachelor’s degree you are still eligible to apply!
    – This particular research project will run through the James Cook University.
    – If you happen to be a US Military Veteran please note JCU’s program is 9/11 GI Bill Approved thus you are eligible to use your GI benefits in this situation.
    – Must be a former high school athlete, though former college-level/sub-elite athlete is preferred.
    – Youth athlete coaching experience.
    – Suitable/Relevant certification (NSCA, ASCA, UKSCA, etc).

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