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Postdoctoral Researcher Opening: Bicycle of the Future (TU Delft, Delft, Netherlands) [Due Sept. 30]

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  • Postdoctoral Researcher Opening: Bicycle of the Future (TU Delft, Delft, Netherlands) [Due Sept. 30]

    Job description

    The TU Delft Bicycle Lab is seeking a postdoctoral researcher for a 10 month full time contract with a starting date before the end of 2021. The researcher will develop and execute an engineering research project for the "Bicycle of the Future" grant which is supported by ClickNL ( and Royal Dutch Gazelle ( The aim of the TU Delft and Gazelle collaboration is to arrive at design solutions that make the bicycle both safer and more employable in society.

    You will work on a project co-developed with the bicycle lab and Royal Dutch Gazelle that fits into one or more of these three topics:

    Bicycle safety solutions
    Making the bicycle safer from design changes, braking and traction control, and tailoring the design and assistance to the skills of the rider. Solutions that prolong and increase bicycling by the elderly are of particular interest.

    Smart mobility solutions
    Cloud connected electric bicycles open the opportunity to use data collected from a variety of sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, GNSS receiver, torque load cells, etc.) to improve transportation safety, efficiency, personalization, and many other aspects. This topic should use this technology to bring computer intelligence to bicycle transportation with a focus on the vehicle’s use of this information.

    Advanced transport solutions
    Electric bicycles are being widely used to transport goods within urban environments. This topic should develop and showcase new technology to the design of electric cargo bicycles to improve the logistics and supply chain in urban cargo delivery.

    Development of proof-of-concept prototype vehicles and vehicle technologies is a desired outcome of the proposed research projects.

    You will work at TU Delft in the 3ME Faculty, mostly in the TU Delft Bicycle Laboratory. You will work closely with and be mentored by Jason K. Moore and Arend L. Schwab. You will also work with and collaborate with Gazelle employees. Lastly, you will work with BSc, MSc, and PhD candidates of the lab.

    Opportunities for growing your academic career will be available, such as mentoring BSc/Students and PhD candidates, conference presentation, networking, and grant writing.


    You have a PhD degree in engineering in mechanical or biomechanical or related discipline by the start date of the position. If a related discipline please justify in your cover letter. Excellent command of the English language is required, as well as excellent communication skills.

    To Apply

    Visit TU Delft's website to find more employment details and apply for the position:

    Applications are due September 30, 2021.

    Additional information

    For more information about this vacancy, please contact Jason K. Moore, Assistant Professor, email:
    For information about the application procedure, please contact Ms. Anita van Vianen, email:

    Jason K. Moore, PhD
    Assistant Professor, BioMechanical Engineering
    Delft University of Technology
    TU Delft Bicycle Lab Website

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    This position will be a 12 month contract and the official job posting has been updated accordingly.