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Post-doc (2 years) Interaction with an active upper-limb exoskeleton for understanding human motor control

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  • Post-doc (2 years) Interaction with an active upper-limb exoskeleton for understanding human motor control

    The CIAMS laboratory is seeking for an outstanding junior postdoctoral fellow to work within the EXOMAN project (funded by ANR).

    Host and location: CIAMS laboratory, Orsay campus, Université Paris-Saclay, France
    Supervision: Prof. Bastien Berret & Dr. Nicolas Vignais (CIAMS laboratory)
    Duration: 2 years (full-time)

    EXOMAN project:
    This postdoctoral position is funded by the EXOMAN project that aims at improving the symbiosis between humans and active exoskeletons. To do so, we aim to advance fundamental knowledge about Human-Exoskeleton Interaction (HEI) by focusing on the human dimension. This interdisciplinary project involving motor control scientists and roboticists will tackle both fundamental and technological issues to boost HEI research and bring active exoskeletons closer to real world situations. More information can be found on the project website (link below).
    The postdoc position will be located in the CIAMS laboratory, Université Paris-Saclay, which has a strong expertise in motor control and biomechanics. The objective of this postdoctoral position will be to design experiments about HEI within the adaptable CIAMS platform (4 DoF ABLE exoskeleton with 2 force/torque sensors, Qualisys optoelectronic system, Delsys and Cometa wireless EMG systems…). On that basis, the applicant will investigate human motor control questions and test/develop computational models. The focus will be put on movements in the sagittal plane (2 degrees of freedom, elbow and shoulder joints) under various force fields produced by the robot.

    Keywords: Sensorimotor Control, Biomechanics, Robotics, Computational modeling

    Required qualifications and background:
    - Strong experience in the field of human-robot interaction
    - Experience in human motion analysis
    - Experience in computational modeling of sensorimotor control
    - Good programing skills (Matlab, Python, C++)
    - Strong research publication records
    - Excellent oral and written communication skills
    - Motivation to work in an interdisciplinary project

    Salary: 2775€ (~2220€) Gross (Net) per month
    Deadline for application: applications should be sent for selection as from the 1st of October 2021, and the position will stay open until it is filled. New applications will not be considered after June 2022.
    Contact and application: Send CV and motivation letter to;

    CIAMS laboratory, “Human Factors, Human-Machine Interactions” Team
    ANR EXOMAN project

    Verdel, D., Bastide, S., Vignais, N., Bruneau, O., Berret, B. (2021). A New Weight Compensation Model Considering Joint Misalignments Monitored by a Feedforward Impedance Control Method Applied To an Active Upper-Limb Exoskeleton. Research Square (Preprint)
    Verdel, D., Bastide, S., Vignais, N., Bruneau, O., Berret, B. (2020). An identification-based method improving the transparency of a robotic upper-limb exoskeleton. Robotica, 1-18.
    Bastide, S., Vignais, N., Geffard, F., Berret, B. (2018). Interacting with a "transparent" upper-limb exoskeleton: a human motor control approach. In 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) (pp. 4661-4666). Madrid, 1-5 of October, 2018.
    Berret, B., Chiovetto, E., Nori, F., & Pozzo, T. (2011). Evidence for Composite Cost Functions in Arm Movement Planning: An Inverse Optimal Control Approach. PLoS Computational Biology, 7(10), e1002183.

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    The position has been filled.
    Thanks for all the applicants.