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Assistive Algorithms Postdoctoral Fellowship at Heidelberg University (Germany)

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  • Assistive Algorithms Postdoctoral Fellowship at Heidelberg University (Germany)

    The ORB group at the University of Heidelberg is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to join the heiAGE project, starting as soon as possible.

    Thousands of older adults struggle to stand up from a seated position or need assistance to walk around. At Heidelberg University the research project “HeiAGE”, a collaboration between the departments of Computer Engineering, Psychology, Gerontology, Medicine, and Law, aims to develop smart assistive solutions to to maintain and improve mobility in older persons. HeiAGE has three technological projects that are the focus of the ORB (Optimization, Robotics and Biomechanics) laboratory: first, a balance monitoring walker using Kinect next, a robotic walker capable of assisting sit-to-stand movements; and finally, a lower-leg exoskeleton capable of assisting someone with reduced mobility.

    As the algorithms lead, you will focus on developing the algorithms to allow a Microsoft Kinect Azure mounted on a walker to measure the dynamic balance of the person using the balance monitoring walker. Although the Microsoft Kinect skeletal tracker can provide real-time pose estimation, the pose estimates are noisy, and cannot be used directly to estimate segment velocities. One of your first jobs as a part of HeiAGE would be to use existing methods (Kalman filtering, model-predictive control, optimal control) to obtain an estimate of the participant’s segment velocities and benchmark these estimates against motion capture. These measurements can then be used together with existing balance models (foot-placement-estimator / extrapolated center of mass) to assess the dynamic balance of the person. In addition, you will also get the opportunity to work side-by-side with the biomechanics lead to provide algorithmic support to two other exciting projects: a robotic walker that can support sit-to-stand movements, and a lower-leg exoskeleton to support locomotion.

    As a part of HeiAGE you will have the opportunity to:Desired Qualifications:
    • Mechatronics Engineer / Physics / Applied Mathematics or equivalent
    • Desired prerequisites
      • Mechanics: multibody dynamics/ advanced dynamics
      • Linear & Nonlinear Control Theory
      • Optimization: linear and nonlinear
      • Kalman filtering / Model Predictive Control / Optimal control
      • Special topic: bipedal balance either from the fields of robotics/ biomechanics
      • Skills: programming experience in C/C++, Matlab/Python, Maple/Mathematica
    • In addition, please highlight if you have:
      • Worked with motion capture, EMG, force plates data
      • Experience in signal processing
      • Have contributed to open-source repositories, perhaps on GitHub or OpenSIM
    Remuneration is based on TV-L. The position is initially limited to a duration of two years with the possibility to extend this contract based on current negotiations with the funding agency. The work will take place at Heidelberg University’s Neuenheimer Feld campus in Heidelberg, Germany. For more information about the project please visit:

    Please send your questions or application letter with CV to with subject “Algorithm Postdoc Position heiAGE”.
    All applications that are received before Oct 25th 2021 will be reviewed in the first round.

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    Applications for the position are closed.