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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Human Evolutionary Biomechanics

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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Human Evolutionary Biomechanics

    The Departments of Paleontology and Mechanical Engineering and Complex Mechanisms at Poitiers University (FRANCE) invite applications for a postdoctoral research fellow position. The position is now open and should be filled by June 2022. This is a 2 year position, subject to review after one year.

    The postdoctoral fellow will work on an ANR funded project ( to investigate the biomechanical strategies quadrupedal primates employ to arboreal locomotion. Ultimately, we seek at understanding the physical demands associated with locomotion and stone tool making in relationship with the evolution of human morphology.
    Primary responsibilities will include: kinematic/musculoskeletal modeling, collecting kinematic and morphometric data on chimpanzees (at La Vallée des Singes -, data analysis, presentation and publication of results, student mentoring and community outreach. There will also be opportunities to contribute to the service and teaching mission of the Departments.

    The ideal candidate has:
    • A Phd degree in the field of Biomechanical Engineering, Biological Anthropology, Computer Science, or a related field
    • Proficiency in motion capture and kinematic analysis
    • Programming skills (e.g. MATLAB, Python, etc.)
    • Affinity with Computer Vision and AI techniques
    • Excellent Oral and written English communication skills
    Additional Preferred Qualifications
    • Previous training in the following areas: human or nonhuman primate anatomy, locomotor biomechanics, functional morphology, evolutionary biology, and vertebrate paleontology
    • Experience with markerless kinematics (e.g. DeepLabCut, MacaquePose, OpenMonkeyStudio,etc.)
    • A demonstrated track record of publications
    • Experience or affinity with working with living animals
    Applicants should have a Ph.D. by the time of appointment.
    For primary consideration, applications should be submitted by March 15, 2022. Review of applications will continue thereafter until the position is filled.
    Please send a letter of application, CV, and contact information for two references to Mathieu Domalain ( and Guillaume Daver ( Inquires about the position should be directed to the same adresses.

    Related works from our group include 10.3390/s21196530 and 10.1098/rsif.2020.1044