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research scientist/ coordinator at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System (VAPSHCS) and the University of Washington

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  • research scientist/ coordinator at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System (VAPSHCS) and the University of Washington

    The Center for Limb Loss and MoBility (CLiMB) at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System (VAPSHCS) in Seattle, WA has an opening for a research scientist/ research coordinator. The position will start in May 2022, and this posting will remain open until a suitable candidate has been found. The Center is a mixture of engineers, clinicians, biomechanists, kinesiologists, and epidemiologists who develop and conduct research to preserve and enhance the mobility of Veterans with lower limb musculoskeletal impairment or limb loss. The appointment will be made through the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington. The candidate will work at the Veterans Affairs Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Brittney Muir.
    The primary duty of this position will be to support the funded projects in the lab, including development and testing of a 3D printed insole for individuals with diabetes and testing and implementations of an upper extremity rehabilitation robot in those in the acute phase of stroke rehabilitation. Additional responsibilities include human subjects’ data collections, data analysis, and manuscript preparation.
    The successful candidate will be working with Dr. Muir to develop supporting documentation to stand up new studies, monitor the status and participant safety of ongoing studies, and maintain meticulous documentation and recordkeeping for the ongoing oversight of all studies.

    • Collect experimental data using the following types of equipment, i) motion analysis camera system, ii) instrumented treadmill, iii) electromyography system, iv) force plate, v) pressure platform, vi) load cell systems, vii) robotic gait simulator, viii) mechanical testing system, ix) shear force testing device, x) digital multimeter, xi) voltage and current sensing, xii) cardiopulmonary testing device.
    • Perform data analysis and interpretation with the following software packages, MATLAB, Labview, excel, Vicon Nexus, Visual 3D, Arduino, Power Point, MS word.
    • Develop supportive background material for the initiation of new studies (literature review and digests of current standards).
    • Develop research project design, data collection methods, and strategies for data management.
    • Maintaining meticulous documentation and record keeping for local and national audits of compliance.
    • Working closely with local and national IRB, R&D committees, Privacy and Information Security offices.
    • Working with principal investigator to develop reporting for local and national stakeholders.
    • Identifying and preventing errors proactively, reporting and resolving errors reactively.
    • As needed on-site recruitment of participants.
    • As needed technical writing and manuscript preparation assistance.

    Specific knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the job satisfactorily include:
    • Experience in Biomechanics research.
    • Experience with the scientific method.
    • Experience with human subjects gait lab data collection procedures.
    • Experience designing and fabricating custom robotic orthotics, prosthetic and assistive devices.
    • Experience with some or all of the following software applications: MATLAB, Aruino, OpenSim, and Vicon Nexus.
    • Knowledgeable about how to operate the following types of equipment, i) motion analysis camera system, ii) instrumented treadmill, iii) electromyography system, iv) force plate, v) load cell systems, digital multimeter, xi) voltage and current sensing.
    • Expert with the following MS Office software packages, Power Point, MS word, MS excel.
    • Able to prepare and present scientific results.
    • Knowledgeable and experience with lower limb prosthesis or orthosis design.
    • Knowledgeable and experience with gait patterns and compensations.
    • knowledgeable and experience with biomechanics, especially lower limb biomechanics and gait analysis.
    • Meticulous record keeping skills and excellent problem-solving skills.
    • Excellent independence, initiative, and self-sufficiency (candidate will become the subject matter expert for research regulation for this organization).
    • Strong oral and written communication skills as they will be working with various stakeholders to develop internal and external reports.
    • This position requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as clinical research management, public health administration, Kinesiology, engineering, or equivalent on-the-job experience in study recruitment and management.
    • Authorization to work in the U.S.

    Qualified applicants should send a cover letter discussing the above qualifications (also briefly describing how this position supports their overall career trajectory) and curriculum vitae with contact information for 3 references:
    Brittney Muir, Ph.D.
    Research Health Science Specialist | Center for Limb Loss and MoBility (CLiMB)
    Associate Director of Research and Development | VA Ventures
    VA Puget Sound, 1660 S. Columbian Way, Seattle, WA 98108
    Affiliate Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering | University of Washington