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6-mo MSc Internship - Institute of Myology Paris-Lower limb exoskeleton in neuromuscular disorders

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  • Damien Bachason
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  • 6-mo MSc Internship - Institute of Myology Paris-Lower limb exoskeleton in neuromuscular disorders

    MSc student internship (~ 6 month) - Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory, Institute of Myology, Paris)

    Project Title: Assessment of safety and acute effects of a lower limb powered soft exoskeleton in patients with neuromuscular disorders
    Project Overview: patients with muscle weakness associated with impaired functional capacities during gait and transfers. This leads to a dramatic decrease of quality of life (e.g. reduced autonomy/participation, social isolation, depression) associated with increased fall risk and complications (e.g. trauma, cardio-vascular issues, trauma, chronic pain, loss of bone mass, and weight gain). However, a residual of level of strength and residual function may be maintained over years, even at severe disease stages, allowing transfers and ambulation. In contrast to traditional passive assistive devices such as orthoses, powered assistive devices, i.e. exoskeletons, have a very high potential for compensating muscle weakness and regain mobility and independence. The aims of the current project are as follows: i) Evaluate the safety, usability, and acute efficiency of a powered knee-hip exoskeleton in patients with neuromuscular disorders, ii) Elaborate recommendations regarding usability criteria for safe and efficient use of the device in patients with neuromuscular disorders (e.g. type and severity of patients functional deficits), iii) generate necessary data to foresee a future study involving a home use of the device and assessment of long-term benefits.

    Skills that will be developed:
    • Human movement research
    • Biomechanics
    • IMU based movement analysis
    • Neuromuscular physiology
    • Data science and stats
    • Project management skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Critical thinking and scientific writing
    The candidate should be ongoing Msc Students in relevant discipline(s) (including physical therapy, ergonomic, biomechanics, rehabilitation sciences, human movement sciences). Experience with relevant laboratory techniques is desirable, but a strong willingness to learn, and an inquisitive attitude is essential. Although not mandatory, French speaking is desirable because the intern will be prompted to work with healthy volunteers and patients.

    Indemnities: according to the French guidelines.

    Ideal starting start date: september 2022

    Application Details: Application should be sent (unique pdf file) directly to Damien Bachasson, PT, PhD ( and Romain Feigean, MSc ( Please include a cover letter and CV. Shortlisted applicant will be contacted for a formal interview. Applications in French and English will be reviewed.