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Motion Lab Coordinator - Rochester, NY, USA

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  • Motion Lab Coordinator - Rochester, NY, USA


    Oversee the daily operations and performs a variety of supervisory and technical duties in support of the research activities at University of Rochester Orthopaedics Motion Analysis Laboratory on the Rochester Campus. Work creatively with faculty, residents and students to apply solutions to research problems providing direct assistance, guidance and training on the use of laboratory equipment including the EMG (electromyography), pressure plates, and motion analysis systems. This role will assist with setting up testing, but is not responsible for performing the testing. There will be patient interaction as part of this process.

    Operations - Will be responsible to oversee the daily operations of the Movement Analysis Laboratory to include: providing direct assistance to faculty and students in the preparation, testing, operation, and maintenance of electrical/electronic laboratory equipment such as turn key and custom force, EMG (electromyography), pressure plates, and movement analysis systems. Systems listed above are state of the art and require precise calibration in order to execute meaningful data. Proper operations are necessary for data collection, signal processing and data analysis of processed data. Storage and retrieval of processed data for clinical decisions and research will be provided to faculty, students and others.
    Education - Will be required to keep all state-of-the-art equipment up to date and functioning at its optimal requirements while maintaining current market demand expertise in training and assisting in all technical aspects. Educating faculty and students in the overall operations of the laboratory facilities and equipment will be essential in preserving the labs goals. Will be required to prepare all functionalities of the lab for researcher and clinicians using facilities on an assigned day. This includes the powering up and calibrating of highly technically advanced equipment. Will also be required to continuously educate all individuals utilizing the Motion Lab on its contents, guidance of completing assigned projects and assisting faculty in the evaluation of student achievements in the laboratory.
    Maintenance - Will manage, assign and prioritize all request for use of Motion Lab space with the assistance of the Motion lab Director. Will assure all equipment needs; research availability of products and apparatus are available for each project that day. Any purchasing recommendations will be reviewed and approved by Lab Manager in accordance with the budgetary limitations set forth and approved by Sr leadership. Maintenance of inventory/parts and replacement components will need to be monitored as an ongoing effort to assure research project stay on schedule.
    Participate in subject recruitment, software’s used in data collection, data reduction and overall preparation of data for analysis.
    Other duties as assigned

    • A Master’s degree in an engineering or related field is required.
    • 3 years of experience in biomechanics and previous research experience required.
    • Strong working knowledge of computers and system software in a Motion Lab setting. Ability to assemble, test, repair and operate electrical/electronic equipment.
    • Knowledge of complex electromyography, kinematic and kinetic systems and associated software.
    • Strong attention to detail, analytical, organizational, verbal and written communication skills is a must.
    • Interpersonal skills and an ability to work with the research team.