Carnegie Bosch Fellowship Program

Announcement: Applications are invited for the first cohort of Carnegie Bosch Postdoctoral Fellows for the
Fall Semester of 2023 in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity / privacy.
Fellowships are sponsored by the Carnegie Bosch Institute (CBI), a world-class research
center located within Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, PA USA.

Description: Carnegie Bosch Fellowships are two-year awards supporting outstanding postdoctoral
researchers conducting high-potential research within the excellence-driven
environment of CMU. Offering benefits beyond ‘traditional’ postdoc roles, Fellows are
provided with the resources, flexibility, and environment to address “grand challenge” style
problems in line with their research vision together with their faculty host. Postdoctoral
positions supported by CBI provide remarkable opportunities to shape the next generation of
research while offering Fellows the chance to develop their academic careers in exceptional
directions. Fellowship recipients are expected to broadly disseminate their research results via
active engagement with the international research community in their respective fields and
will be provided resources to aid with these efforts, e.g. conference registration + travel.
Carnegie Bosch Fellows are hosted within Colleges at CMU and provided with mentorship and
direction from world-class faculty as well as access to industry-grade resources from Bosch.
Specifically, Fellows are paired with a faculty host working to inspire and guide their overall
research efforts, and benefit from the connection to an additional distinguished member of the
senior faculty offering unique mentorship support. In addition, Fellows will be given the
opportunity to be introduced to experts from the global Bosch Corporate Research
organization, providing additional insight and counsel from an industrial perspective and
sharing access to real-world challenges from domains including autonomous driving and
advanced manufacturing.

Research Areas: Carnegie Bosch Fellowships are intended to support researchers working in the
fields of (1) artificial intelligence and (2) cybersecurity/privacy. A broad range of research interests
withinthese two areas will be considered from theory to application, with preference being given to
applicants with strong Research Statements (as indicated in the Application Requirements
below) demonstrating: compelling future vision (including potential follow-on opportunities),
collaborative approach (connection to/ building on efforts already underway), broader positive
societal impact (e.g. sustainability).

Faculty Collaboration Hosts: Carnegie Bosch Fellows are matched with world-class faculty at CMU
that will serve as their primary hosts during the Fellowship. The list of potential faculty hosts across
research areas can be found here and Fellowship applicants are invited to discuss potential
collaboration opportunities/interests in advance of application submission. Candidates should include
a brief Letter of Support from the prospective faculty host as indicated in the Application Requirements

To apply to work with Dr. Eni Halilaj (Biomechanics + AI faculty host), please contact her
via email ( by February 15, 2023.

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