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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Orthopaedic Biomechanics

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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Orthopaedic Biomechanics

    Postdoctoral Fellowship in Orthopaedic Biomechanics, University of California Davis Medical Center
    Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
    Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
    University of California Davis Medical Center

    Sacramento, CA

    The Orthopaedic Research Laboratory at the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA (
    has an opening for a qualified applicant to receive the Medacta Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Total Knee Arthroplasty. This fellowship provides funding for the fellow’s stipend and benefits plus additional funds for research expenditures.

    As background to the position, the conventional method for aligning components (i.e. implants) in TKA is mechanical alignment (MA), which is used in approximately 1 million patients in the US annually. However, 20% of patients have unsatisfactory clinical outcomes. To improve outcomes, about 15 years ago our research group conceived a new method for aligning components in TKA termed kinematic alignment (KA) and pioneered novel surgical techniques for achieving the desired alignment. After performing the surgery on more than 6000 patients, clinical outcomes following KA are better than MA. Based on objective measures of knee function before and after KA, one broad research goal is to provide knowledge which leads to component designs optimized for KA so that knee function is restored to prearthritic. A related goal is to develop computational and experimental methods for accurately determining biomechanical variables that characterize knee function. A second broad goal is to improve the surgical techniques to accurately achieve the desired component alignment in KA.

    The successful candidate will have completed their PhD in areas closely related to the biomechanics of the knee. Research experience and strong technical mechanical and electrical skills are required including experience in programming in Labview, operating robotic systems including motion control, mechanical design and metal fabrication, instrumentation design and fabrication particularly as related to measurement of force and/or pressure, and 3D kinematics using motion tracking systems. Our laboratory houses a custom robotic universal load application system (LAS) for testing cadaveric knees. The candidate will develop this system to operational status and undertake new projects related to KA which include both the tibiofemoral joint and the patellofemoral joint. Undertaking these projects will require developing new experimental methods and testing protocols to measure dependent variables characterizing joint function. Such variables include 3D passive (i.e. laxities) and active (i.e. muscle force applied) motions of the tibiofemoral joint, tibial contact forces/pressures, tibial contact kinematics, 3D kinematics of the patellofemoral joint (i.e. patellar tracking) and patellar contact loads/pressures.

    This successful candidate should work and communicate well with orthopaedic surgeons. It is also important to possess excellent organizational, writing, and verbal communication skills for grant and manuscript submissions. The fellowship is funded up to 3 years.

    The Orthopaedic Research Laboratory provides a unique intellectual environment. The laboratory occupies about 8000 ft2 of space and houses seven principal investigators engaged in a broad spectrum of orthopaedic research projects. The laboratory has strong ties to the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the School of Veterinary Medicine. These ties facilitate meaningful and productive collaborations between scientists, engineers, and clinicians and offer unparalleled opportunities for professional development. The Orthopaedic Research Laboratory in conjunction with other facilities at the UC Davis Medical Center and the UC Davis main campus in Davis offer state-of-the-art and dedicated facilities to support the fellow’s research.

    To apply, please submit: (1) a letter of interest, including qualifications for this fellowship, (2) a one-page statement of research interests, and (3) a current curriculum vitae including the names of three professional references by email to

    The position can start as early as June 1, 2023 but applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Please send any questions by email.

    Maury L. Hull, PhD

    Distinguished Professor Emeritus
    Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Department of Biomedical Engineering
    University of California Davis

    530-269-1497 (office)
    530-848-9046 (cell)