The European project Hi-Drive addresses key challenges in vehicle automation,
  • extending the range of safe operation from highway to urban,
  • enhancing motion comfort and trust in automation to foster public acceptance.

In Hi-Drive, TU Delft focusses on human factors and is recruiting a post-doc in motion comfort. The candidate will investigate perceived motion comfort and motion sickness in particular when performing non-driving related tasks in automated vehicles. Here our key scientific challenge is to unravel processes leading to the perception of comfort and discomfort, and to translate these insight into models predicting comfort in automated driving.

The candidate will:

1. Perform and coordinate experiments in experimental vehicles and driving simulators to study perceived comfort, performance in non-driving tasks, motion perception, and biomechanical seat interaction.

2. Use existing data from TU Delft and partners, as well as new data to create models predicting comfort as function of vehicle motion, visual context, non-driving related tasks, and seating.
These models will build upon models developed at TU Delft capturing:
a) visual and vestibular sensory integration in motion perception,
b) postural stabilisation using large-scale biomechanical models, and
c) seat interaction.

Within Hi-Drive the candidate will collaborate with industrial and academic partners to collect human response data for comfort modelling.

Within TU Delft, the candidate will join a multidisciplinary team investigating and modelling motion comfort in automated vehicles and developing advanced vehicle motion and active suspension control strategies.

Hi-Drive is a consortium of 41 European partners with a wide range of interests and capabilities covering the main impact areas which affect users, and the transport system, and enhance societal benefits. With a total budget of 60 Million Euro the project intends to contribute towards market deployment of automated systems by 2030.
Accordingly, Hi-Drive includes outreach activities, networking with the interested stakeholders, coordinating parallel activities in Europe and overseas.

Please apply before May 10 through: