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Research Assistant/Associate (3 year post) – Translational and Clinical Research Institute, Newcastle University, UK

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  • Research Assistant/Associate (3 year post) – Translational and Clinical Research Institute, Newcastle University, UK

    This is a 3-year fixed term Research Assistant/Associate position and provides an exciting opportunity for an early career scientist who is interested in digital health, Parkinson’s, human movement, wearable technology and advanced signal processing and analytics techniques. You will be expected to work in an interdisciplinary group who has an established international reputation in gait analysis and wearable technology analytics.

    The work will be undertaken within the Brain and Movement Research Group with Dr Silvia Del Din.

    You will work as part of a research team supporting the “Transforming the Objective Real-world measUrement of Symptoms (TORUS)” research programme in collaboration with Prof Ian Craddock & team at the University of Bristol.
    TORUS aims to tackle the challenges of understanding if proposed new drugs actually improve people with Parkinson’s symptoms and daily life function. This will be achieved through a novel platform of sensing technologies for use in people with Parkinson’s new own homes along with an advanced data fusion and machine learning pipeline that measures changes in specific mobility-related behaviours over weeks and months.
    You will be expected to perform metrological characterisation of wearable devices (e.g., quantifying static/dynamic noise), collect and analyse mobility (e.g., gait), motor symptoms/motor function and activity data with wearable technology, novel and traditional gait analysis tools (e.g., instrumented mat, etc.), and publish and present key findings from the projects.

    Information, eligibility criteria and requirements:
    The ideal candidate should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Biomedical Science, Movement Science, Computer Science or related field (a PhD is essential for the Research Associate position), experience working with wearable devices data and digital outcomes; proficient and independent signal processing, statistical and computational skills, and ability to work independently and as part of a team.
    Please click on the link for more information:
    View the vacancy online

    How to apply:
    Please apply via Newcastle University Job Vacancies website (Requisition ID: 25760), deadline for applying: 2nd August 2023:
    View the vacancy online

    Salary: Research Assistant: GBP 30,619 to GBP 32,411 per annum; Research Associate: GBP 33,348 per annum

    Dr Silvia Del Din

    Newcastle University Academic Track (NUAcT) Fellow
    Institute: Translational and Clinical Research Institute
    Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University
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