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Two Senior Research Engineers for Computer vision and Musculoskeletal modeling at ORGO Inc. - Sapporo, Japan

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  • Two Senior Research Engineers for Computer vision and Musculoskeletal modeling at ORGO Inc. - Sapporo, Japan

    Two Senior Research Engineers for Computer vision and Musculoskeletal modeling at ORGO Inc. in Sapporo, Japan.
    Salary: 6,500,000 ~ 10,000,000 JPY
    Period: Permanent

    Company Overview:
    We are conducting research and development in basic and applied technologies to become a leading company in the field of human body analysis technology, with a focus on promoting human health and sports development with research members who are active globally. We collaborate with national medical institutions and national universities, including National Center for Global Health and Medicine, University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University and Asahikawa Medical University Hospital. We obtains patents and are actively involved in academic activities, creating services that set us apart from other companies.

    Our activities include:
    • Development of 3D posture estimation technology using monocular camera.
    • Real-time visualization of joint and muscle load.
    • Hardware design and development to leverage the above technologies.
    • Development of systems and applications (web, smartphone, native) using the above technologies.

    Job Overview:
    We are looking for Senior Research Engineer for Computer vision and Musculoskeletal modeling who prioritize enthusiasm over experience for the long-term vision. Join our research team and engage in technical research, paper presentations, patent acquisition, or product development. To facilitate this, we have established our own research laboratory and possess equipments such as motion capture cameras, force plates, EMG sensors and high performance computing environment. We have received requests from leading medical institutions in the country and are also expected to produce further research results in the future.

    • Report your study at conferences and publish papers in journals.
    • Support documentation of patent application with the patent team.
    • Conduct biomechanical lab testing (3D motion analysis with force and EMG data) including subject preparation, data collection and data analysis.
    • Explore new innovative ideas and develop unique creative research studies that will enhance our products.
    • Lead research projects and write computer programs to test and validate new ideas.
    • Assist with other research projects.
    • Analysis of the data from collabolators such as national medical institutions and national universities.
    • Collaborate with the development and design teams to deliver the researches to product development.

    • PhD in Biomechanics, Computer Science, or related field or M.Sc. plus 3+ years of relevant work experience.
    • Expert knowledge of musculoskeletal simulation, 3D pose estimation from videos and mathmatics behind the technologies.
    • Significant experience in writing programs to analyze biomechanical data is stongly preferred (python, matlab, C/C++, pytorch, opensim)
    • High productivity in publishing papers.
    • Participation as a key team member of a research projects.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills that inspire and build trust resulting in effective working relationships across the company.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, demonstrating effective listening through concise, clear verbal and written communication.

    Please contact Ryo Ueno, PT, PhD, with interest, attaching a cover letter and full CV that includes lists of publication and/or development experiences with repository link such as a github page.​ Any questions are welcome.
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    Salary and period information is added. Any questions to Ryo Ueno, PT, PhD,​ are welcome.


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      Applications are still accepted until the positions will be filled.