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Three Mechanotherapeutic Senior Scientist Positions Open

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  • Three Mechanotherapeutic Senior Scientist Positions Open

    Company Overview:
    BrilliantStrings Therapeutics is a pioneering biotechnology startup headquartered at JLabs @LabCentral in Cambridge, MA. We specialize in advancing orthopedic wound healing through direct-protein therapy. Our mission is to develop a comprehensive wound care platform that hyper-accelerates the healing of collagen-based tissues. As an early-stage startup, we are actively seeking visionary individuals to join us as the leaders of our scientific team. All research endeavors will adhere to rigorous FDA requirements, emphasizing the need for meticulous documentation to ensure regulatory compliance.

    Position 1 Biomaterials Assembly: Senior Scientist
    Key responsibilities will involve formulating our therapeutic for optimal delivery and integration into damaged tissues at various stages of healing. Formulations will be tested both in vitro and in animal studies to assess the benefits of different compositions. Additionally, your role will extend to integrating sterilization procedures seamlessly into the product development.

    Position 2 Cell Engineering: Senior Scientist
    The ideal candidate will be a key contributor to our orthopedic wound healing technology by utilizing their expertise in cell culture, adherent bioreactors, and engineering of mammalian and human cells (e.g., fibroblasts). Bio-orthogonal labeling of the produced proteins will be an important aspect of the work.

    Position 3 Protein Extraction/Purification: Senior Scientist
    Primary responsibilities will include establishing and optimizing protocols for efficient ECM protein extraction from both cell culture and tissue, purification processes to ensure the isolation of individual proteins, and rigorous qualification of the final product (e.g., following ASTM standard F2212-20 for chemical and physical characterization). You will spearhead exploratory scientific studies utilizing the extracted biologics to drive the evolution of our therapeutic platform.

    a Ph.D. with Post-doc in a relevant scientific discipline (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Analytical Chemistry, Cell Biology, or related field).

    To Apply:
    Please send a cover letter and CV to