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    Here is this week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*
    Lots of intriguing Comparative stuff this week.

    Rodger Kram
    UC Berkeley

    Leterrier, C.; Constantin, P.
    Early bone growth in chickens genetically selected for a high and low
    growth rate.
    Growth Development and Aging, v. 63, n. 3, (Autumn, 1999.): 75-84.

    Felisbino, S. L.; Carvalho, H. F.
    Identification and distribution of type VI collagen in tendon
    Journal of Submicroscopic Cytology and Pathology, v. 31, n. 2,
    (April,1999.): 187-195.

    Naby, Mohammed Abdel; El-Din, Mohammad Nour; Yousef, Abdel Salam M.
    Mechanical efficiency of penetration of pedicular screw fixation.
    Journal of the Medical Research Institute, v. 20, n. 3, (1999.): 41-57.

    Hadjipavlou, Alexander G.; Simmons, James W.; Yang, Jinping; Nicodemus,
    Clarence L.; Esch, Oliver; Simmons, David J.
    Plaster of Paris as an osteoconductive material for interbody vertebral
    fusion in mature sheep.
    Spine, v. 25, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.): 10-16.

    Goh, James C.H.; Wong, Hee-Kit; Thambyah, Ashvin; Yu, Chun-Sing.
    Influence of PLIF cage size on lumbar spine stability.
    Spine, v. 25, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.): 35-40.

    Wing, K. J.; Fisher, C. G.; O'Connell, J. X.; Wing, P. C.
    Stopping nicotine exposure before surgery: The effect on spinal
    fusion in a rabbit model.
    Spine, v. 25, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.): 30-34.

    Provencher, Matthew T.; Abdu, William A.
    Giovanni Alfonso Borelli: "Father of spinal biomechanics".
    Spine, v. 25, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.): 131-136.

    Owings, Tammy M.; Pavol, Michael J.; Foley, Kevin T.; Grabiner, Mark D.
    Measures of postural stability are not predictors of recovery from large
    postural disturbances in healthy older adults.
    Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, v. 48, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.):

    Mayrand, Elise; Dutil, Jean-Denis; Guderley, Helga.
    Changes in muscle of postmoult snow crabs Chionoecetes opilio (O.
    Fabricius) fed different rations.
    Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, v. 243, n. 1,
    (Jan. 1, 2000.): 95-113.

    Navas, C. A.; James, R. S.; Wakeling, J. M.; Kemp, K. M.; Johnston, I. A.
    An integrative study of the temperature dependence of whole animal and
    muscle performance during jumping and swimming in the frog Rana temporaria.
    Journal of Comparative Physiology B Biochemical Systemic and
    Environmental Physiology, v. 169, n. 8, (Dec., 1999.): 588-596.

    Marden, James H.; Fitzhugh, Gail H.; Wolf, Melisande R.; Arnold, Kristina
    D.; Rowan, Barry.
    Alternative splicing, muscle calcium sensitivity, and the modulation
    of dragonfly flight performance.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States
    of America, v. 96, n. 26, (Dec. 21, 1999.): 15304-15309.

    Marsh, Richard L.
    Contractile properties of muscles used in sound production and locomotion
    in two species of gray tree frog.
    Journal of Experimental Biology, v. 202, n. 22, (Nov., 1999.): 3215-3223.

    Nauen, Jennifer C.; Shadwick, Robert E.
    The scaling of acceleratory aquatic locomotion: Body size and tail-flip
    performance of the California spiny lobster Panulirus interruptus.
    Journal of Experimental Biology, v. 202, n. 22, (Nov., 1999.): 3181-3193.

    Baker, Emily J.; Gleeson, Todd T.
    The effects of intensity on the energetics of brief locomotor activity.
    Journal of Experimental Biology, v. 202, n. 22, (Nov., 1999.): 3081-3087.

    Domenici, Paolo; Schmitz, Josef; Jamon, Marc.
    The relationship between leg stepping pattern and yaw torque oscillations
    in curve walking of two crayfish species.
    Journal of Experimental Biology, v. 202, n. 22, (Nov., 1999.): 3069-3080.

    Wakeling, James M.; Kemp, Kirsty M.; Johnston, Ian A.
    The biomechanics of fast-starts during ontogeny in the common carp
    Cyprinus carpio.
    Journal of Experimental Biology, v. 202, n. 22, (Nov., 1999.): 3057-3067.

    Srygley, Robert B.; Ellington, C. P.
    Estimating the relative fitness of local adaptive peaks: The aerodynamic
    costs of flight in mimetic passion-vine butterflies Heliconius.
    Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences Series B, v. 266, n.
    1435, (Nov. 22, 1999.): 2239-2245.

    Ijspeert, Auke Jan; Kodjabachian, Jerome.
    Evolution and development of a central pattern generator for the
    swimming of a lamprey.
    Artificial Life, v. 5, n. 3, (Summer, 1999.): 247-269.

    Price, Edward O.
    Behavioral development in animals undergoing domestication.
    Applied Animal Behaviour Science, v. 65, n. 3, (Dec., 1999.): 245-271.

    Yoda, K.; Sato, K.; Niizuma, Y.; Kurita, M.; Bost, C.-A.; Le Maho, Y.;
    Naito, Y.
    Precise monitoring of porpoising behaviour of Adelie penguins determined
    using acceleration data loggers.
    Journal of Experimental Biology, v. 202, n. 22, (Nov., 1999.): 3121-3126.

    Trinkaus, Erik; Rhoads, Megan L.
    Neandertal knees: Power lifters in the Pleistocene?
    Journal of Human Evolution, v. 37, n. 6, (Dec., 1999.): 833-859.

    Pelayo, Patrick; Sidney, Michel; Moretto, Pierre; Wille, Fabien;
    Stroking parameters in top level swimmers with a disability.
    Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, v. 31, n. 12, (Dec., 1999.):

    Perreault, M.-C.; Shefchyk, S. J.; Jimenez, I.; McCrea, D. A.
    Depression of muscle and cutaneous afferent-evoked monosynaptic field
    potentials during fictive locomotion in the cat.
    Journal of Physiology (Cambridge), v. 521, n. 3, (Dec. 15,

    Unnithan, Viswanath B.; Dowling, James J.; Frost, Gail; Bar-Or, Oded.
    Role of mechanical power estimates in the O2 cost of walking in
    children with cerebral palsy.
    Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, v. 31, n. 12, (Dec.,

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