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    Here is this week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*

    Rodger Kram
    UC Berkeley

    Holmes, M. J.; Sleeman, B. D.
    A mathematical model of tumour angiogenesis incorporating cellular
    traction and viscoelastic effects.
    Journal of Theoretical Biology. v. 202, n. 2, (Jan. 21, 2000.): 95-112.

    Kozma, Ewa Maria; Olczyk, Krystyna; Glowacki, Andrzej; Bobinski, Rafal.
    An accumulation of proteoglycans in scarred fascia.
    Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. v. 203, n. 1-2, (Jan., 2000.):

    Merati, G.; Sarchi, P.; Ferrarin, M.; Pedotti, A.; Veicsteinas, A.
    Paraplegic adaptation to assisted-walking: Energy expenditure during
    wheelchair versus orthosis use.
    Spinal Cord. v. 38, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.): 37-44.

    Morasso, Pietro G.; Spada, Gino; Capra, Roberto.
    Computing the COM from the COP in postural sway movements.
    Human Movement Science. v. 18, n. 6, (Dec., 1999.): 759-767.

    Zhang, Xudong; Chaffin, Don B.
    The effects of speed variation on joint kinematics during multisegment
    reaching movements.
    Human Movement Science. v. 18, n. 6, (Dec., 1999.): 741-757.

    Davies, Mark S.; Beckwith, Peter.
    Role of mucus trails and trail-following in the behaviour and nutrition
    of the periwinkle Littorina littorea.
    Marine Ecology Progress Series. n. 179, (April 15, 1999.): 247-257.

    Du, Wei-Guo; Yan, Shui-Juan; Ji, Xiang.
    Selected body temperature, thermal tolerance and thermal dependence of
    food assimilation and locomotor performance in adult blue-tailed skinks,
    Eumeces elegans.
    Journal of Thermal Biology. v. 25, n. 3, (Jun., 2000.): 197-202.

    Mak, Arthur F. T.; Qin, L.; Hung, L. K.; Cheng, C. W.; Tin, C. F.
    A histomorphometric observation of flows in cortical bone under
    dynamic loading.
    Microvascular Research. v. 59, n. 2, (March, 2000.): 290-300.

    Giavaresi, G.; De Terlizzi, F.; Gnudi, S.; Cadossi, R.; Nicoli Aldini, N.;
    Fini, M.; Rocca, M.; Ripamonti, C.; Brandi, M. L.; Giardino, R.
    Discriminant capacity of quantitative ultrasound versus dual X-ray
    absorptiometry to determine cancellous bone loss in ovariectomized rats.
    Bone (New York). v. 26, n. 3, (March, 2000.): 297-303.

    Bennell, Kim; Page, Carolyn; Khan, Karim; Warmington, Stuart; Plant, David;
    Thomas, David; Palamara, Joseph; Williams, David; Wark, John D.
    Effects of resistance training on bone parameters in young and mature rats.
    Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology. v. 27, n. 1-2,
    (Jan.-Feb., 2000.): 88-94.

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