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    Below is this week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.
    My postings for the next few weeks will be delayed. I am moving to the
    Univ. of Colorado-Boulder and will probably be off-line for a short while.

    Rodger Kram


    Lee, Richard T.; Huang, Hayden.
    Mechanotransduction and arterial smooth muscle cells: New insight into
    hypertension and atherosclerosis.
    Annals of Medicine, v. 32, n. 4, (May, 2000.): 233-235.

    Mineck, Corey W.; Tayama, Niro; Chan, Roger; Titze, Ingo R.
    Three-dimensional anatomic characterization of the canine laryngeal
    abductor and adductor musculature.
    Annals of Otology Rhinology & Laryngology, v. 109, n. 5 Part 1, (May,
    2000.): 505-513.

    Taylor, G. M.; Palmer, A. R.; Barton, A. C.
    Variation in safety factors of claws within and among six species of
    Cancer crabs (Decapoda: Brachyura).
    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, v. 70, n. 1, (May, 2000.):

    Dearolf, Jennifer L.; McLellan, William A.; Dillaman, Richard M.; Frierson,
    Dargan, ; Pabst, D. Ann.
    Precocial development of axial locomotor muscle in bottlenose dolphins
    (Tursiops truncatus).
    Journal of Morphology, v. 244, n. 3, (June, 2000.): 203-215.

    Tejedo, Miguel; Semlitsch, Raymond D.; Hotz, Hansjurg.
    Differential morphology and jumping performance of newly metamorphosed
    frogs of the hybridogenetic Rana esculenta complex.
    Journal of Herpetology, v. 34, n. 2, (June, 2000.): 201-210.

    Choi, In-Ho; Shim, Jae Han; Lee, Youn Sun; Ricklefs, Robert E.
    Scaling of jumping performance in anuran amphibians.
    Journal of Herpetology, v. 34, n. 2, (June, 2000.): 222-227.

    Judex, S.; Wohl, G. R.; Wolff, R. B.; Leng, W.; Gillis, A. M.; Zernicke, R. F.
    Dietary fish oil supplementation adversely affects cortical bone
    morphology and biomechanics in growing rabbits.
    Calcified Tissue International, v. 66, n. 6, (June, 2000.): 443-448.

    Motamedi, Ali R.; Blevins, Field T.; Willis, Michael C.; McNally, Thomas
    P.; Shahinpoor, Mohsen.
    Biomechanics of the coracoclavicular ligament complex and augmentations
    used in its repair and reconstruction.
    American Journal of Sports Medicine, v. 28, n. 3, (May-June, 2000.):

    Zhu, Qingan; Lu, William W.; Holmes, Andrew D.; Zheng, Yinggang; Zhong,
    Shizhen; Leong, John C. Y.
    The effects of cyclic loading on pull-out strength of sacral screw
    fixation: An in vitro biomechanical study.
    Spine, v. 25, n. 9, (May 1, 2000.): 1065-1069.

    Belkoff, Stephen M.; Mathis, John M.; Erbe, Erik M.; Fenton, David C.
    Biochemical evaluation of a new bone cement for use in vertebroplasty.
    Spine, v. 25, n. 9, (May 1, 2000.): 1061-1064.

    Quesada, Peter M.; Mengelkoch, Larry J.; Hale, Robert C.; Simon, Sheldon R.
    Biomechanical and metabolic effects of varying backpack loading on
    simulated marching.
    Ergonomics, v. 43, n. 3, (March, 2000.): 293-309.

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