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    Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*

    Rodger Kram
    Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
    /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

    Ogihara, Naomichi; Yamazaki, Nobutoshi.
    Generation of human bipedal locomotion by a bio-mimetic
    neuro-musculo-skeletal model.
    Biological Cybernetics. January, 2001. 84(1):1-11.

    Minetti A. E. Walking on other planets. Nature, 409: 467-469, 2001

    Fukunaga, T; Kubo, K; Kawakami, Y; Fukashiro, S; Kanehisa, H;Maganaris, CN
    In vivo behaviour of human muscle tendon during walking.
    SCIENCES, 2001 FEB 7, V268 N1464:229-233.

    Cheng, Pei Lai; Pearcy, Mark.
    Graphical presentation of the range of hip and knee rotations for
    clinical evaluation of gait.
    Clinical Biomechanics. January, 2001. 16(1):84-86.

    Turner, Charles H.; Hsieh, Yeou-Fang; Muller, Ralph; Bouxsein, Mary L.;
    Rosen, Clifford J.; McCrann, Margaret E.; Donahue, Leah Rae; Beamer, Wesley
    Variation in bone biomechanical properties, microstructure, and density
    in BXH recombinant inbred mice.
    Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. February, 2001. 16(2):206-213.

    Callaghan, Jack P.; McGill, Stuart M.
    Intervertebral disc herniation: Studies on a porcine model exposed to
    highly repetitive flexion/extension motion with compressive force.
    Clinical Biomechanics. January, 2001. 16(1):28-37.

    Koh, Young Do; Lim, Tae-Hong; You, Jae Won; Eck, Jason; An, Howard S.
    A biomechanical comparison of modern anterior and posterior plate
    fixation of the cervical spine.
    Spine. January 1, 2001. 26(1):15-21.

    Chen, Tzu-Yung; Crawford, Neil R.; Sonntag, Volker K. H.; Dickman, Curtis
    Biomechanical effects of progressive anterior cervical decompression.
    Spine. January 1, 2001. 26(1):6-14.

    Ramsey, Dan K.; Lamontagne, Mario; Wretenberg, Per F.; Valentin, Anders;
    Engstrom, Bjorn; Nemeth, Gunnar.
    Assessment of functional knee bracing: An in vivo three-dimensional
    kinematic analysis of the anterior cruciate deficient knee.
    Clinical Biomechanics. January, 2001. 16(1):61-70.

    Marras, W. S.; Jorgensen, M. J.; Granata, K. P.; Wiand, B.
    Female and male trunk geometry: Size and prediction of the spine loading
    trunk muscles derived from MRI.
    Clinical Biomechanics. January, 2001. 16(1):38-46.

    Yoganandan, Narayan; Kumaresan, Srirangam; Pintar, Frank A.
    Biomechanics of the cervical spine Part 2. Cervical spine soft tissue
    responses and biomechanical modeling.
    Clinical Biomechanics. January, 2001. 16(1):1-27.

    Egan, J. M.; Marsden, D. C.
    A spring network model for the analysis of load transfer and tissue
    reactions in intra-medullary fixation.
    Clinical Biomechanics. January, 2001. 16(1):71-79.

    Karnezis, Ioannis A.; Fragkiadakis, Emmanuel G.; Webb, Jonathan M.; Hardy,
    John R. W.
    Quantified kinematics of the injury to the posterior cruciate ligament: A
    computer-aided design simulation study.
    Clinical Biomechanics. January, 2001. 16(1):54-60.

    Zavatsky, Amy B.; Wright, Helen J. K.
    Injury initiation and progression in the anterior cruciate ligament.
    Clinical Biomechanics. January, 2001. 16(1):47-53.

    Lariviere, Christian; Gagnon, Denis; Gravel, Denis; Arsenault, A. Bertrand;
    Dumas, Jean-Pierre; Goyette, Michel; Loisel, Patrick.
    A triaxial dynamometer to monitor lateral bending and axial rotation
    moments during static trunk extension efforts.
    Clinical Biomechanics. January, 2001. 16(1):80-83.

    Pans, Alain; Albert, Adelin; Lapiere, Charles M.; Nusgens, Betty.
    Biochemical study of collagen in adult groin hernias.
    Journal of Surgical Research. February, 2001. 95(2):107-113.

    Ruggeri, Zaverio M.
    Role of von Willebrand factor in platelet thrombus formation.
    Annals of Medicine. December, 2000. 32(Suppl. 1):2-9.

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