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    This week's Literature Update for key words BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*

    Rodger Kram
    Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

    /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

    Patterson, Mark R.; Harwell, Matthew C.; Orth, Leanna M.; Orth, Robert J.
    Biomechanical properties of the reproductive shoots of eelgrass.
    Aquatic Botany. January, 2001. 69(1):27-40.

    Hamers, Frank P. T.; Lankhorst, Alex J.; Van Laar, Teus Jan; Veldhuis,
    Wouter B.; Gispen, Willem Hendrik.
    Automated quantitative gait analysis during overground locomotion in the
    rat: Its application to spinal cord contusion and transection injuries.
    Journal of Neurotrauma. February, 2001. 18(2):187-201.

    Westgaard, R. H.; Vasseljen, O.; Holte, K. A.
    Trapezius muscle activity as a risk indicator for shoulder and neck pain
    in female service workers with low biomechanical exposure.
    Ergonomics. 20 February, 2001. 44(3):339-353.

    Callaghan, J. P.; McGill, S. M.
    Low back joint loading and kinematics during standing and unsupported
    Ergonomics. 20 February, 2001. 44(3):280-294.

    Lin, Jia-Hua; Radwin, R. G.; Richard, T. G.
    Dynamic biomechanical model of the hand and arm in pistol grip power
    handtool usage.
    Ergonomics. 20 February, 2001. 44(3):295-312.

    Frost, Harold M.
    Cybernetic aspects of bone modeling and remodeling, with special
    reference to osteoporosis and whole-bone strength.
    American Journal of Human Biology. March-April, 2001. 13(2):235-248.

    Mathis, John M.; Barr, John D.; Belkoff, Stephen M.; Barr, Michelle S.;
    Jensen, Mary E.; Deramond, Herve.
    Percutaneous vertebroplasty: A developing standard of care for vertebral
    compression fractures.
    AJNR. February, 2001. 22(2):373-381.

    Rome, Lawrence C.; Swank, Douglas M.
    The influence of thermal acclimation on power production during swimming.
    I. In vivo stimulation and length change pattern of scup red muscle.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. February, 2001. 204(3):409-418.

    Wong, Josephine G.; Waters, Dean A.
    The synchronisation of signal emission with wingbeat during the approach
    phase in soprano pipistrelles (Pipistrellus pygmaeus).
    Journal of Experimental Biology. February, 2001. 204(3):575-583.

    Drucker, Eliot G.; Lauder, George V.
    Wake dynamics and fluid forces of turning maneuvers in sunfish.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. February, 2001. 204(3):431-442.

    Copp, Newton H.; Jamon, Marc.
    Kinematics of rotation in place during defense turning in the crayfish
    Procambarus clarkii.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. February, 2001. 204(3):471-486.

    Frantsevich, Leonid.
    Biomechanics of the multisclerite middle coxa in flies (Diptera).
    Arthropod Structure & Development. 2000. 29(2):147-161.

    Huang, Hayden; Virmani, Renu; Younis, Hesham; Burke, Allen P.; Kamm, Roger
    D.; Lee, Richard T.
    The impact of calcification on the biomechanical stability of
    atherosclerotic plaques.
    Circulation. February 27, 2001. 103(8):1051-1056.

    Migliorini, S.
    The triathlon: Acute and overuse injuries.
    Journal of Sports Traumatology and Related Research. December, 2000.

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