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Rodger Kram
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Heise, Gary D.; Martin, Philip E.
Are variations in running economy in humans associated with ground
reaction force characteristics?
European Journal of Applied Physiology. May, 2001. 84(5):438-442.

Sadeghi, Heydar; Prince, Francois; Sadeghi, Somayeh; Labelle, Hubert.
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flexion/extension muscles of the hip in able-bodied gait.
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Electromechanical delay in isometric actions initiated from nonresting
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Corticospinal control of locomotor pathways generating extensor activities
in the cat.
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Could enhanced reflex function contribute to improving locomotion after
spinal cord repair?
Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) May 15th, 2001. 533(1):75-81.

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Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) May 15th, 2001. 533(1):65-74.

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Spinal circuitry of sensorimotor control of locomotion.
Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) May 15th, 2001. 533(1):41-50.

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Retraining the injured spinal cord.
Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) May 15th, 2001. 533(1):15-22.

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Analysing entrainment of cardiac and locomotor rhythms in humans using
the surrogate data technique.
European Journal of Applied Physiology. May, 2001. 84(5):373-378.

Gritsenko, Valeriya; Mushahwar, Vivian; Prochazka, Arthur.
Adaptive changes in locomotor control after partial denervation of
triceps surae muscles in the cat.
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Stability in force-production tasks.
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Interplay of biomechanical constraints and kinematic strategies in
selecting arm postures.
Journal of Motor Behavior. June, 2001. 33(2):165-179.

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Relationship between velocity and curvature of a human locomotor
Neuroscience Letters. June 1, 2001. 305(1):65-69.

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conservative central control.
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Joint coordinate systems of axes for coherence in reporting kinematic and
kinetic data.
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High-speed subfailure stretch of rabbit anterior cruciate ligament:
Changes in elastic, failure and viscoelastic characteristics.
Clinical Biomechanics. May, 2001. 16(4):334-340.

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Biomechanical analysis of peak and cumulative spinal loads during
simulated patient-handling activities: A substudy of a randomized
controlled trial to prevent lift and transfer injury of health care
Applied Ergonomics. June, 2001. 32(3):199-214.

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Spinal manipulation causes variable spine kinematic and trunk muscle
electromyographic responses.
Clinical Biomechanics. May, 2001. 16(4):293-299.

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bending. II. Experimental study.
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stance widths.
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Iwaniuk, Andrew N.; Pellis, Sergio M.; Whishaw, Ian Q.
Are long digits correlated with high forepaw dexterity? A comparative
test in terrestrial carnivores (Carnivora).
Canadian Journal of Zoology. May, 2001. 79(5):900-906.

Cuadrado, Mariano; Martin, Jose; Lopez, Pilar.
Camouflage and escape decisions in the common chameleon Chamaeleo
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Peters, Winfried S.; Farm, Maggie S.; Kopf, A. Jim.
Does growth correlate with turgor-induced elastic strain in stems? A
re-evaluation of de Vries' classical experiments.
Plant Physiology (Rockville) April, 2001. 125(4):2173-2179.

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