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    Here is this week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT* .

    Rodger Kram
    Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

    /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

    Venault, Patrice; Rudrauf, David; Lepicard, Eve M.; Berthoz, Alain; Jouvent,
    Roland; Chapouthier, Georges.
    Balance control and posture in anxious mice improved by SSRI treatment.
    Neuroreport. 8 October, 2001. 12(14):3091-3094.

    Ross, Callum F.
    In vivo function of the craniofacial haft: The interorbital "pillar".
    American Journal of Physical Anthropology. October, 2001. 116(2):108-139.

    Rubin, Clinton; Xu, Gang; Judex, Stefan.
    The anabolic activity of bone tissue, suppressed by disuse, is normalized
    by brief exposure to extremely low-magnitude mechanical stimuli.
    FASEB Journal. October, 2001. 15(12):2225-2229

    McLeod, Kenneth J.; Huang, Robert; Rubin, Clinton T.
    Non-invasive method of physiologic vibration quantification.
    Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office
    Patents. May 22, 2001. 1246(4):No Pagination. US 6234975; May 22, 2001,
    600-552, USA Research Foundation of State University of New York.

    Shepstone, L.; Rogers, J.; Kirwan, J. R.; Silverman, B. W.
    Shape of the intercondylar notch of the human femur: A comparison of
    osteoarthritic and non-osteoarthritic bones from a skeletal sample.
    Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. October, 2001. 60(10):968-973.

    Callaghan, Jack P.; Salewytsch, Ami J.; Andrews, David M.
    An evaluation of predictive methods for estimating cumulative spinal
    Ergonomics. July, 2001. 44(9):825-837.

    Reddy, G. Kesava; Stehno-Bittel, Lisa; Hamade, Shigeharu; Enwemeka, Chukuka
    The biomechanical integrity of bone in experimental diabetes.
    Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. October, 2001. 54(1):1-8.

    Ritter, Dale A.; Nassar, Peter N.; Fife, Mathew; Carrier, David R.
    Epaxial muscle function in trotting dogs.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. September, 2001. 204(17):3053-3064.

    Drucker, Eliot G.; Lauder, George V.
    Locomotor function of the dorsal fin in teleost fishes: Experimental
    analysis of wake forces in sunfish.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. September, 2001. 204(17):2943-2958.

    Martinez, Marlene M.
    Running in the surf: Hydrodynamics of the shore crab Grapsus
    Journal of Experimental Biology. September, 2001. 204(17):3097-3112.

    McLaughlin, R. L.; Grant, J. W. A.
    Field examination of perceptual and energetic bases for intermittent
    locomotion by recently-emerged brook charr in still-water pools.
    Behaviour. May, 2001. 138(5):559-574.

    Vanhooydonck, Bieke; Van Damme, Raoul; Aerts, Peter.
    Speed and stamina trade-off in lacertid lizards.
    Evolution. May, 2001. 55(5):1040-1048.

    Shine, Richard; Shetty, Sohan.
    The influence of natural selection and sexual selection on the tails of
    sea-snakes (Laticauda colubrina).
    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. September, 2001.

    Bianchi, C. N.; Morri, C.
    The battle is not to the strong: Serpulid reefs in the Lagoon of
    Orbetello (Tuscany, Italy).
    Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science. August, 2001. 53(2):215-220.

    Dudley, Robert.
    Limits to human locomotor performance: Phylogenetic origins and
    comparative perspectives.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. September, 2001. 204(18):3235-3240.

    Steudel-Numbers, Karen L.
    Role of locomotor economy in the origin of bipedal posture and gait.
    American Journal of Physical Anthropology. October, 2001. 116(2):171-173.

    Leonard, William R.; Robertson, Marcia L.
    Locomotor economy and the origin of bipedality: Reply to Steudel-Numbers.
    American Journal of Physical Anthropology. October, 2001. 116(2):174-176.

    Daegling, David J.
    Biomechanical scaling of the hominoid mandibular symphysis.
    Journal of Morphology. October, 2001. 250(1):12-23.

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