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    Literature Update for keywords: BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*

    Rodger Kram
    Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

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    Doyle, L. M. F.; Stafford, P. P.; Roberts, B. L.
    Recovery of locomotion correlated with axonal regeneration after a
    complete spinal transection in the eel.
    Neuroscience. 9 November, 2001. 107(1):169-179.

    Miyai, Ichiro; Tanabe, Hiroki C.; Sase, Ichiro; Eda, Hideo; Oda, Ichiro;
    Konishi, Ikuo; Tsunazawa, Yoshio; Suzuki, Tsunehiko; Yanagida, Toshio;
    Kubota, Kisou.
    Cortical mapping of gait in humans: A near-infrared spectroscopic
    topography study.
    NeuroImage. November, 2001. 14(5):1186-1192.

    Seals, Douglas R.
    Robin Hood for the lungs? A respiratory metaboreflex that 'steals' blood
    flow from locomotor muscles.
    Journal of Physiology (Cambridge) November 15th, 2001. 537(1):2.

    Lim, Tae-Hong; Kim, Jesse G.; Fujiwara, Atsushi; Yoon, Timothy T.; Lee,
    Sung-Churl; Ha, Joong Won; An, Howard S.
    Biomechanical evaluation of diagonal fixation in pedicle screw
    Spine. November 15, 2001. 26(22):2498-2503.

    Kuptniratsaikul, Somsak; Brohmwitak, Charubongse; Techapongvarachai,
    Tawechai; Itiravivong, Pibul.
    Plate-screw-wiring technique for the treatment of periprosthetic fracture
    around the hip: A biomechanical study.
    Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand. June, 2001. 84(Suppl.

    Tejapongvorachai, Tawechai; Meesorn-Iem, Thamanoon; Kuptniratsaikul,
    Somsak; Itiravivong, Pibul.
    The biomechanical study of atlantoaxial fixation.
    Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand. June, 2001. 84(Suppl.

    Oxlund, H.; Dalstra, M.; Andreassen, T. T.
    Statin given perorally to adult rats increases cancellous bone mass and
    compressive strength.
    Calcified Tissue International. November, 2001. 69(5):299-304.

    Seeman, E.
    During aging, men lose less bone than women because they gain more
    periosteal bone, not because they resorb less endosteal bone.
    Calcified Tissue International. October, 2001. 69(4):205-208.

    Audran, M.; Chappard, D.; Legrand, E.; Libouban, H.; Basle, M. F.
    Bone microarchitecture and bone fragility in men: DXA and
    histomorphometry in humans and in the orchidectomized rat model.
    Calcified Tissue International. October, 2001. 69(4):214-217.

    Nydegger, Thomas; Oxland, Thomas R.; Hoffer, Zoltan; Cottle, William;
    Nolte, Lutz-P.
    Does anterolateral cage insertion enhance immediate stabilization of the
    functional spinal unit? A biomechanical investigation.
    Spine. November 15, 2001. 26(22):2491-2497.

    Puttlitz, Christian M.; Goel, Vijay K.; Traynelis, Vincent C.; Clark,
    Charles R.
    A finite element investigation of upper cervical instrumentation.
    Spine. November 15, 2001. 26(22):2449-2455.

    Williams, Rohan B.; Pal, Anupam; Brasseur, James G.; Cook, Ian J.
    Space-time pressure structure of pharyngo-esophageal segment during
    American Journal of Physiology. November, 2001. 281(5 Part

    Ignatius, Anita A.; Betz, Oliver; Augat, Peter; Claes, Lutz E.
    In vivo investigations on composites made of resorbable ceramics and
    poly(lactide) used as bone graft substitutes.
    Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. 2001. 58(6):701-709.

    Hahn, Bum-Soo; Labouesse, Michel.
    Tissue integrity: Hemidesmosomes and resistance to stress.
    Current Biology. 30 October, 2001. 11(21):R858-R861.

    Borden, Mark; Attawia, Mohamed; Khan, Yusuf; Laurencin, Cato T.
    Tissue engineered microsphere-based matrices for bone repair: Design and
    Biomaterials. January, 2002. 23(2):551-559.

    Mushipe, M. T.; Revell, P. A.; Shelton, J. C.
    Cancellous bone repair using bovine trabecular bone matrix particulates.
    Biomaterials. January, 2002. 23(2):365-370.

    Weinstein, Randi B.
    Terrestrial intermittent exercise: Common issues for human athletics and
    comparative animal locomotion.
    American Zoologist. April, 2001. 41(2):219-228.

    Gleeson, Todd T.; Hancock, Thomas V.
    Modeling the metabolic energetics of brief and intermittent locomotion in
    lizards and rodents.
    American Zoologist. April, 2001. 41(2):211-218.

    Williams, Terrie M.
    Intermittent swimming by mammals: A strategy for increasing energetic
    efficiency during diving.
    American Zoologist. April, 2001. 41(2):166-176.

    Lovvorn, James R.
    Upstroke thrust, drag effects, and stroke-glide cycles in wing-propelled
    swimming by birds.
    American Zoologist. April, 2001. 41(2):154-165.

    Kramer, Donald L.; McLaughlin, Robert L.
    The behavioral ecology of intermittent locomotion.
    American Zoologist. April, 2001. 41(2):137-153.

    Dubbeldam, J. L.
    Evolution of playlike behaviour and the uncoupling of neural locomotor
    Netherlands Journal of Zoology. September, 2001. 51(3):335-345.

    Zaaf, Abderrahim; Van Damme, Raoul; Herrel, Anthony; Aerts, Peter.
    Limb joint kinematics during vertical climbing and level running in a
    specialist climber: Gekko gecko Linneus, 1758 (Lacertilia: Gekkonidae).
    Belgian Journal of Zoology. July, 2001. 131(2):173-182.

    Johnston, I. A.; Vieira, V. L. A.; Temple, G. K.
    Functional consequences and population differences in the developmental
    plasticity of muscle to temperature in Atlantic herring Clupea harengus.
    Marine Ecology Progress Series. April 4, 2001.(213):285-300.

    Lehmann, Fritz-Olaf.
    Matching spiracle opening to metabolic need during flight in Drosophila.
    Science (Washington D C) 30 November, 2001. 294(5548):1926-1929.

    Bartol, Ian K.; Patterson, Mark R.; Mann, Roger.
    Swimming mechanics and behavior of the shallow-water brief squid
    Lolliguncula brevis.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. November, 2001. 204(21):3655-3682.

    Bartol, Ian K.; Mann, Roger; Patterson, Mark R.
    Aerobic respiratory costs of swimming in the negatively buoyant brief
    squid Lolliguncula brevis.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. November, 2001. 204(21):3639-3653.

    Larson, Susan G.; Schmitt, Daniel; Lemelin, Pierre; Hamrick, Mark.
    Limb excursion during quadrupedal walking: How do primates compare to
    other mammals?
    Journal of Zoology (London) November, 2001. 255(3):353-365.

    Young, Iain S.; Rome, Lawrence C.
    Mutually exclusive muscle designs: The power output of the locomotory and
    sonic muscles of the oyster toadfish (Opsanus tau).
    Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences Series B. 7 October,
    2001. 268(1480):1965-1970.

    Cherdchutham, Worakij; Meershoek, Liduin S.; van Weeren, Paul R.;
    Barneveld, Albert.
    Effects of exercise on biomechanical properties of the superficial
    digital flexor tendon in foals.
    American Journal of Veterinary Research. December, 2001.

    Sumida, Stuart S.; Modesto, Sean.
    A phylogenetic perspective on locomotory strategies in early amniotes.
    American Zoologist. June, 2001. 41(3):586-597.

    Webb, Paul W.; Fairchild, Antonia Gardiner.
    Performance and maneuverability of three species of teleostean fishes.
    Canadian Journal of Zoology. October, 2001. 79(10):1866-1877.

    Hills, A. P.; Hennig, E. M.; McDonald, M.; Bar-Or, O.
    Plantar pressure differences between obese and non-obese adults: A
    biomechanical analysis.
    International Journal of Obesity. November, 2001. 25(11):1674-1679.

    Brandsma, J. W.; Macdonald, M. R. C.; Warren, A. G.; Cross, H.; Schwarz, R.
    J.; Solomon, S.; Kazen, R.; Gravem, P. E.; Shrinivasan, H.
    Assessment and examination of the neurologically impaired foot.
    Leprosy Review. September, 2001. 72(3):254-262.

    Pitkin, M. R.
    Artificial knee having dual flexion action during locomotion.
    Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office
    Patents. April 11, 1995. 1173(2):1064. US 5405408; April 11, 1995, 623-44,

    Book: The vestibular labyrinth in health and disease.
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Goebel, Joel; Highstein,
    Stephen M. New York Academy
    of Sciences ; 2 East 63rd Street, New York, NY, 10021, USA. October,
    chapters: Moore, Steven T.
    The human vestibulo-ocular reflex during linear locomotion. 139-147.

    Raphan, Theodore.
    Vestibular compensation and orientation during locomotion. :128-138.

    Imai, Takao.
    Posture and gaze during circular locomotion. :470-471.

    Peterson, Barry W.
    Dynamic and kinematic strategies for head movement control. .:381-393.

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