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    This week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*
    Note the return of the PICK OF THE WEEK.
    Rodger Kram
    Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

    /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

    Loy, David N.; Magnuson, David S. K.; Zhang, Y. Ping; Onifer, Stephen M.;
    Mills, Michael D.; Cao, Qi-lin; Darnall, Jessica B.; Fajardo, Lily C.;
    Burke, Darlene A.; Whittemore, Scott R.
    Functional redundancy of ventral spinal locomotor pathways.
    Journal of Neuroscience. January 1, 2002. 22(1):315-323.

    Pandyan, A. D.; Price, C. I. M.; Rodgers, H.; Barnes, M. P.; Johnson, G. R.
    Biomechanical examination of a commonly used measure of spasticity.
    Clinical Biomechanics. December, 2001. 16(10):859-865.

    Dietz, V.; Fouad, K.; Bastiaanse, C. M.
    Neuronal coordination of arm and leg movements during human locomotion.
    European Journal of Neuroscience. December, 2001. 14(11):1906-1914.

    Vanicky, Ivo; Urdzikova, Lucia; Saganova, Kamila; Cizkova, Dasa; Galik,
    A simple and reproducible model of spinal cord injury induced by epidural
    balloon inflation in the rat.
    Journal of Neurotrauma. December, 2001. 18(12):1399-1407.

    McEwen, Melanie L.; Stehouwer, Donald J.
    Kinematic analyses of air-stepping of neonatal rats after mid-thoracic
    spinal cord compression.
    Journal of Neurotrauma. December, 2001. 18(12):1383-1397.

    Reese, S.; Pfuderer, U. R.; Bragulla, H.; Loeffler, K.; Budras, K.-D.
    Topography, structure and function of the patella and the patelloid in
    Anatomia Histologia Embryologia. October, 2001. 30(5):289-294.

    Leckband, Deborah; Israelachvili, Jacob.
    Intermolecular forces in biology.
    Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics. May, 2001. 34(2):105-267.

    Newell, Karl M.; Vaillancourt, David E.
    Dimensional change in motor learning.
    Human Movement Science. November, 2001. 20(4-5):695-715.

    Burgess-Limerick, Robin; Shemmell, Jonathan; Barry, Benjamin K.; Carson,
    Richard G.; Abernethy, Bruce.
    Spontaneous transitions in the coordination of a whole body task.
    Human Movement Science. November, 2001. 20(4-5):549-562.

    Treffner, Paul; Morrison, Steven.
    An interdisciplinary focus on skilled perception-action.
    Human Movement Science. November, 2001. 20(4-5):v-vi.

    Anderson, David I.; Campos, Joseph J.; Anderson, Diane E.; Thomas, Tabatha
    D.; Witherington, David C.; Uchiyama, Ichiro; Barbu-Roth, Marianne A.
    The flip side of perception-action coupling: Locomotor experience and the
    ontogeny of visual-postural coupling.
    Human Movement Science. November, 2001. 20(4-5):461-487.

    Mills, Peter M.; Barrett, Rod S.
    Swing phase mechanics of healthy young and elderly men.
    Human Movement Science. November, 2001. 20(4-5):427-446.

    Bradshaw, Elizabeth J.; Sparrow, W. A.
    Effects of approach velocity and foot-target characteristics on the
    visual regulation of step length.
    Human Movement Science. November, 2001. 20(4-5):401-426.

    Shimamoto, Norimichi; Kotani, Yoshihisa; Shono, Yasuhiro; Kadoya, Ken;
    Abumi, Kuniyoshi; Kaneda, Kiyoshi; Minami, Akio.
    Biomechanical evaluation of anterior spinal instrumentation systems for
    scoliosis: In vitro fatigue simulation.
    Spine. December 15, 2001. 26(24):2701-2708.

    Panjabi, Manohar M.; Crisco, Joseph J.; Vasavada, Anita; Oda, Takenori;
    Cholewicki, Jacek; Nibu, Kimio; Shin, Eon.
    Mechanical properties of the human cervical spine as shown by
    three-dimensional load-displacement curves.
    Spine. December 15, 2001. 26(24):2692-2700.

    Lu, W. W.; Cheung, K. M. C.; Li, Y. W.; Luk, K. D. K.; Holmes, A. D.; Zhu,
    Q. A.; Leong, J. C. Y.
    Bioactive bone cement as a principal fixture for spinal burst fracture:
    An in vitro biomechanical and morphologic study.
    Spine. December 15, 2001. 26(24):2684-2691.

    Bai, Bo; Kummer, Frederick J.; Spivak, Jeffrey.
    Augmentation of anterior vertebral body screw fixation by an injectable,
    biodegradable calcium phosphate bone substitute.
    Spine. December 15, 2001. 26(24):2679-2683.

    Azangwe, G.; Mathias, K. J.; Marshall, D.
    Preliminary comparison of the rupture of human and rabbit anterior
    cruciate ligaments.
    Clinical Biomechanics. December, 2001. 16(10):913-917.

    Chou, Pei-Hsi; Chou, You-Li; Lin, Chii-Jeng; Su, Fong-Chin; Lou, Shu-Zon;
    Lin, Chyan-Fei; Huang, Gwo-Feng.
    Effect of elbow flexion on upper extremity impact forces during a fall.
    Clinical Biomechanics. December, 2001. 16(10):888-894.

    Ovesen, J.; Moller-Madsen, B.; Thomsen, J. S.; Danscher, G.; Mosekilde, Li.
    The positive effects of zinc on skeletal strength in growing rats.
    Bone (New York) December, 2001. 29(6):565-570.

    Hausman, M. R.; Schaffler, M. B.; Majeska, R. J.
    Prevention of fracture healing in rats by an inhibitor of angiogenesis.
    Bone (New York) December, 2001. 29(6):560-564.

    Alexander, Guy R.; Gibson, Katherine T.; Day, Robert E.; Robertson, Ian D.
    Effects of superior check desmotomy on flexor tendon and suspensory
    ligament strain in equine cadaver limbs.
    Veterinary Surgery. November-December, 2001. 30(6):522-527.

    Sogaard, K.; Laursen, B.; Jensen, B. R.; Sjogaard, G.
    Dynamic loads on the upper extremities during two different floor
    cleaning methods.
    Clinical Biomechanics. December, 2001. 16(10):866-879.

    Copp, Newton H.; Hodes, Susan.
    Asynchronous swimmeret beating during defense turns in the crayfish,
    Procambarus clarkii.
    Journal of Comparative Physiology A Sensory Neural and Behavioral
    Physiology. November, 2001. 187(9):737-745.

    Vanhooydonck, Bieke; Van Damme, Raoul; Van Dooren, Tom J. M.; Bauwens,
    Proximate causes of intraspecific variation in locomotor performance in
    the lizard Gallotia galloti.
    Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. November-December, 2001.

    Thompson, Joseph T.; Kier, William M.
    Ontogenetic changes in mantle kinematics during escape-jet locomotion in
    the oval squid, Sepioteuthis lessoniana Lesson, 1830.
    Biological Bulletin (Woods Hole) October, 2001. 201(2):154-166.

    Thompson, Joseph T.; Kier, William M.
    Ontogenetic changes in fibrous connective tissue organization in the oval
    squid, Sepioteuthis lessoniana Lesson, 1830.
    Biological Bulletin (Woods Hole) October, 2001. 201(2):136-153.

    Tejedo, Miguel; Semlitsch, Raymond D.; Hotz, Hansjurg.
    Covariation of morphology and jumping performance in newly metamorphosed
    water frogs: Effects of larval growth history.
    Copeia. May 8, 2000. 2000(2):448-458.

    an intriguing idea.......
    Kelly, Robert E.
    Tripedal knuckle-walking: A proposal for the evolution of human
    locomotion and handedness.
    Journal of Theoretical Biology. 7 December, 2001. 213(3):333-358.

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