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Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

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Rocca, Michele; Fini, Milena; Giavaresi, Gianluca; Aldini, Nicolo Nicoli;
Giardino, Roberto.
Osteointegration of hydroxyapatite-coated and uncoated titanium screws in
long-term ovariectomized sheep.
Biomaterials. February, 2002. 23(4):1017-1023.

Soncini, Monica; Rodriguez y Baena, Ruggero; Pietrabissa, Riccardo;
Quaglini, Virginio; Rizzo, Silvana; Zaffe, Davide.
Experimental procedure for the evaluation of the mechanical properties of
the bone surrounding dental implants.
Biomaterials. January, 2002. 23(1):9-17.

Taylor, Mark A.; Norman, Timothy L.; Clovis, Nina B.; Blaha, J. David.
The response of rabbit patellar tendons after autologous blood injection.
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. January, 2002. 34(1):70-73.

Hame, Sharon L.; Markolf, Keith L.; Gabayan, Arash J.; Hunter, D. Monte;
Davis, Brent; Shapiro, Matthew S.
The effect of anterior cruciate ligament graft rotation on knee laxity
and graft tension: An in vitro biomechanical analysis.
Arthroscopy. January, 2002. 18(1):55-60.

Mattila, P. T.; Svanberg, M. J.; Jamsa, T.; Knuuttila, M. L. E.
Improved bone biomechanical properties in xylitol-fed aged rats.
Metabolism Clinical and Experimental. January, 2002. 51(1):92-96.

Lindstedt, S. L.; LaStayo, P. C.; Reich, T. E.
When active muscles lengthen: Properties and consequences of eccentric
News in Physiological Sciences. December, 2001. 16(December):256-261.

Mulder, Eric W. A.
Co-ossified vertebrae of mosasaurs and cetaceans: Implications for the
mode of locomotion of extinct marine reptiles.
Paleobiology. Fall, 2001. 27(4):724-734.

van Dijk, D. Eduard.
Jurassic bipeds that could hop? Perch? Pounce? Fly?
South African Journal of Science. September-October, 2001.

Scholten, Shane D.; Stergiou, Nicholas; Hreljac, Alan; Houser, Jeremy;
Blanke, Daniel; Alberts, L. Russell.
Foot strike patterns after obstacle clearance during running.
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. January, 2002. 34(1):123-129.

Hof, A. L.; van Zandwijk, J. P.; Bobbert, M. F.
Mechanics of human triceps surae muscle in walking, running and jumping.
Acta Physiologica Scandinavica. January, 2002. 174(1):17-30.

Rodda, J.; Graham, H. K.
Classification of gait patterns in spastic hemiplegia and spastic
diplegia: A basis for a management algorithm.
European Journal of Neurology. November, 2001. 8(Supplement 5):98-108.

Murphy, P. R.
Tonic and phasic discharge patterns in toe flexor gamma-motoneurons during
locomotion in the decerebrate cat.
Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda) January, 2002. 87(1):286-294.

Misiaszek, J. E.; Pearson, K. G.
Adaptive changes in locomotor activity following botulinum toxin injection
in ankle extensor muscles of cats.
Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda) January, 2002. 87(1):229-239.

Kozlov, Alexander K.; Ullen, Fredrik; Fagerstedt, Patriq; Aurell, Erik;
Lansner, Anders; Grillner, Sten.
Mechanisms for lateral turns in lamprey in response to descending
unilateral commands: A modeling study.
Biological Cybernetics. January, 2002. 86(1):1-14.

Watt, Bruce C.; Edwards, Ryland B., ; Markel, Mark D.; McCabe, Ron; Wilson,
David G.
Arthrodesis of the equine proximal interphalangeal joint: A biomechanical
comparison of two 7-hole 3.5-mm broad and two 5-hole 4.5-mm narrow dynamic
compression plates.
Veterinary Surgery. January-February, 2002. 31(1):85-93.

Auger, Jerome; Dupuis, Jacques; Boudreault, Francis; Pare, Philippe;
Beauregard, Guy; Breton, Luc.
Comparison of multistage versus one-stage destabilization of a type II
external fixator used to stabilize an oblique tibial osteotomy in dogs.
Veterinary Surgery. January-February, 2002. 31(1):10-22.

Anderson, Gregory M.; Cross, Alan R.; Lewis, Daniel D.; Lanz, Otto I.
The effect of plate luting on reduction accuracy and biomechanics of
acetabular osteotomies stabilized with 2.7-mm reconstruction plates.
Veterinary Surgery. January-February, 2002. 31(1):3-9.

Wolfla, Christopher E.; Maiman, Dennis J.; Coufal, Frank J.; Wallace, James R.
Retroperitoneal lateral lumbar interbody fusion with titanium threaded
fusion cages. Journal of Neurosurgery. January, 2002. 96(1

Takayasu, Masakazu; Takagi, Teruhide; Nishizawa, Toshihisa; Osuka, Koji;
Nakajima, Takehiko; Yoshida, Jun.
Bilateral open-door cervical expansive laminoplasty with hydroxyapatite
spacers and titanium screws.
Journal of Neurosurgery. January, 2002. 96(1 Supplement):22-28.

Maciejczak, Andrzej; Ciach, Michal; Radek, Maciej; Radek, Andrzej;
Awrejcewicz, Jan.
Immediate stiffness of the C5-C6 segment after discectomy with the
Cloward technique: An in vitro biomechanical study on a human cadaveric
Neurosurgery (Baltimore) December, 2001. 49(6):1399-1408.

Girard, I.; McAleer, M. W.; Rhodes, J. S.; Garland, T.,
Selection for high voluntary wheel-running increases speed and
intermittency in house mice (Mus domesticus).
Journal of Experimental Biology. December, 2001. 204(24):4311-4320.

Wilson, Robbie S.
Geographic variation in thermal sensitivity of jumping performance in the
frog Limnodynastes peronii.
Journal of Experimental Biology. December, 2001. 204(24):4227-4236.

Balint, Claire N.; Dickinson, Michael H.
The correlation between wing kinematics and steering muscle activity in
the blowfly Calliphora vicina.
Journal of Experimental Biology. December, 2001. 204(24):4213-4226.

Richmond, Brian G.; Begun, David R.; Strait, David S.
Origin of human bipedalism: The knuckle-walking hypothesis revisited.
Yearbook of Physical Anthropology. 2001.(44):70-105.

A Scientific Investigation of why the chicken crossed the road....

Abeyesinghe, Siobhan M.; Nicol, Christine J.; Wathes, Christopher M.;
Randall, John M.
Development of a raceway method to assess aversion of domestic fowl to
concurrent stressors.
Behavioural Processes. December 3, 2001. 56(3):175-194.

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