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    This week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*
    Including a my "Pick of the Week".

    Rodger Kram
    Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

    /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

    Guilak, Farshid; Erickson, Geoffrey R.; Ting-Beall, H. Ping.
    The effects of osmotic stress on the viscoelastic and physical properties
    of articular chondrocytes.
    Biophysical Journal. February, 2002. 82(2):720-727.

    Dickinson, Richard B.; Purich, Daniel L.
    Clamped-filament elongation model for actin-based motors.
    Biophysical Journal. February, 2002. 82(2):605-617.

    Hiiemae, Karen M.; Palmer, Jeffrey B.; Medicis, Steven W.; Hegener, Jason;
    Jackson, B. Scott; Lieberman, Daniel E.
    Hyoid and tongue surface movements in speaking and eating.
    Archives of Oral Biology. January, 2002. 47(1):11-27.

    Tayama, Niro; Kaga, Kimitaka; Chan, Roger W.; Titze, Ingo R.
    Functional definitions of vocal fold geometry for laryngeal biomechanical
    Annals of Otology Rhinology & Laryngology. January, 2002. 111(1):83-92.

    Hsiao, Tzu-Yu; Liu, Chia-Ming; Hsu, Chuan-Jen; Lee, Shiann-Yann; Lin,
    Vocal fold abnormalities in laryngeal tension-fatigue syndrome.
    Journal of the Formosan Medical Association. December, 2001.

    Ruark, Jacki L.; McCullough, Gary H.; Peters, Rebecca L.; Moore,
    Christopher A.
    Bolus consistency and swallowing in children and adults.
    Dysphagia. Winter, 2002. 17(1):24-33.

    Gorb, S. N.; Beutel, R. G.
    Evolution of locomotory attachment pads of hexapods.
    Naturwissenschaften. December, 2001. 88(12):530-534.

    Barbeau, Hugues; Fung, Joyce.
    The role of rehabilitation in the recovery of walking in the neurological
    Current Opinion in Neurology. December, 2001. 14(6):735-740.

    Koivukangas, A.; Tuukkanen, J.; Hannuniemi, R.; Jamsa, T.; Kippo, K.;
    Jalovaara, P.
    Effects of long-term administration of clodronate on growing rat bone.
    Calcified Tissue International. December, 2001. 69(6):350-355.

    Yeh, Oscar C.; Keaveny, Tony M.
    Relative roles of microdamage and microfracture in the mechanical
    behavior of trabecular bone.
    Journal of Orthopaedic Research. November, 2001. 19(6):1001-1007.

    Flachsmann, R.; Broom, N. D.; Hardy, A. E.
    Deformation and rupture of the articular surface under dynamic and static
    Journal of Orthopaedic Research. November, 2001. 19(6):1131-1139.

    Williamson, Amanda K.; Chen, Albert C.; Sah, Robert L.
    Compressive properties and function-composition relationships of
    developing bovine articular cartilage.
    Journal of Orthopaedic Research. November, 2001. 19(6):1113-1121.

    Eppell, Steven J.; Tong, Weidong; Katz, J. Lawrence; Kuhn, Liisa; Glimcher,
    Melvin J.
    Shape and size of isolated bone mineralites measured using atomic force
    Journal of Orthopaedic Research. November, 2001. 19(6):1027-1034.
    Wang, Xiaodu; Bank, Ruud A.; Tekoppele, Johan M.; Agrawal, C. Mauli.
    The role of collagen in determining bone mechanical properties.
    Journal of Orthopaedic Research. November, 2001. 19(6):1021-1026.

    Vaccaro, Alexander R.; Silber, Jeff S.
    Post-traumatic spinal deformity.
    Spine. December 15, 2001. 26(24S Supplement):S111-S118.

    Markolf, Keith L.; Hame, Sharon L.; Hunter, D. Monte; Oakes, Daniel; Gause,
    Biomechanical effects of femoral notchplasty in anterior cruciate ligament
    American Journal of Sports Medicine. January-February, 2002. 30(1):83-89.

    Tol, Johannes L.; Slim, Erik; van Soest, Arthur J.; van Dijk, C. Niek.
    The relationship of the kicking action in soccer and anterior ankle
    impingement syndrome. A biomechanical analysis.
    American Journal of Sports Medicine. January-February, 2002. 30(1):45-50.

    Peterson, Lars; Brittberg, Mats; Kiviranta, Illka; Akerlund, Evy Lundgren;
    Lindahl, Anders.
    Autologous chondrocyte transplantation. Biomechanics and long-term
    American Journal of Sports Medicine. January-February, 2002. 30(1):2-12.

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