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Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

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Kerdok, Amy E.; Biewener, Andrew A.; McMahon, Thomas A.; Weyand, Peter G.;
Herr, Hugh M.
Energetics and mechanics of human running on surfaces of different
Journal of Applied Physiology. February, 2002. 92(2):469-478.

Rubin, Clinton; Turner, A. Simon; Muller, Ralph; Mittra, Erik; McLeod,
Kenneth; Lin, Wei; Qin, Yi-Xian.
Quantity and quality of trabecular bone in the femur are enhanced by a
strongly anabolic, noninvasive mechanical intervention.
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. February, 2002. 17(2):349-357.

Luppen, C. A.; Blake, C. A.; Ammirati, K. M.; Stevens, M. L.; Seeherman, H.
J.; Wozney, J. M.; Bouxsein, M. L.
Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 enhances osteotomy healing
in glucocorticoid-treated rabbits.
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. February, 2002. 17(2):301-310.

Abel, R.; Schablowski, M.; Rupp, R.; Gerner, H. J.
Gait analysis on the treadmill: Monitoring exercise in the treatment of
Spinal Cord. January, 2002. 40(1):17-22.

Hole, Sam L.; Clayton, Hilary M.; Lanovaz, Joel L.
A note on the linear and temporal stride kinematics of Olympic show
jumping horses between two fences.
Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 4 February, 2002. 75(4):317-323.

Christiansen, Per.
Mass allometry of the appendicular skeleton in terrestrial mammals.
Journal of Morphology. February, 2002. 251(2):195-209.

Gellman, K. S.; Bertram, J. E. A.; Hermanson, J. W.
Morphology, histochemistry, and function of epaxial cervical musculature
in the horse (Equus caballus).
Journal of Morphology. February, 2002. 251(2):182-194.

Szalay, F.
Development of the equine brain motor system.
Neurobiology (Budapest) 2001. 9(2):107-135.

Satterlie, Richard A.; Norekian, Tigran P.
Mechanisms of locomotory speed change: The pteropod solution.
American Zoologist. September, 2001. 41(4):1001-1008.

Gillette, Rhanor; Jing, Jian.
The role of the escape swim motor network in the organization of
behavioral hierarchy and arousal in Pleurobranchaea.
American Zoologist. September, 2001. 41(4):983-992.

Katz, Paul S.; Fickbohm, David J.; Lynn-Bullock, Christina P.
Evidence that the central pattern generator for swimming in Tritonia
arose from a non-rhythmic neuromodulatory arousal system: Implications for
the evolution of specialized behavior.
American Zoologist. September, 2001. 41(4):962-975.

Courtney, Theodore K.; Chang, Wen-Ruey; Gronqvist, Raoul; Redfern, Mark S.
The measurement of slipperiness: An international scientific symposium.
(Symposium on the Measurement of Slipperiness Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA
July 27-28, 2000)
Ergonomics. 20 October, 2001. 44(13):1097-1101.

Chang, Wen-Ruey; Gronqvist, Raoul; Leclercq, Sylvie; Brungraber, Robert J.;
Mattke, Ulrich; Strandberg, Lennart; Thorpe, Steve C.; Myung, Rohae;
Makkonen, Lasse; Courtney, Theodore K.
The role of friction in the measurement of slipperiness, Part 2: Survey
of friction measurement devices.
Ergonomics. 20 October, 2001. 44(13):1233-1261.

Chang, Wen-Ruey; Gronqvist, Raoul; Leclercq, Sylvie; Myung, Rohae;
Makkonen, Lasse; Strandberg, Lennart; Brungraber, Robert J.; Mattke,
Ulrich; Thorpe, Steve C.
The role of friction in the measurement of slipperiness, Part 1: Friction
mechanisms and definition of test conditions.
Ergonomics. 20 October, 2001. 44(13):1217-1232.

Gronqvist, Raoul; Abeysekera, John; Gard, Gunvor; Hsiang, Simon M.; Leamon,
Tom B.; Newman, Dava J.; Gielo-Perczak, Krystyna; Lockhart, Thurmon E.;
Pai, Clive Y.-C.
Human-centred approaches in slipperiness measurement.
Ergonomics. 20 October, 2001. 44(13):1167-1199.

Redfern, Mark S.; Cham, Rakie; Gielo-Perczak, Krystyna; Gronqvist, Raoul;
Hirvonen, Mikko; Lanshammar, Hakan; Marpet, Mark; Pai, Clive Yi-Chung;
Powers, Christopher.
Biomechanics of slips.
Ergonomics. 20 October, 2001. 44(13):1138-1166.

Gronqvist, Raoul; Chang, Wen-Ruey; Courtney, Theodore K.; Leamon, Tom B.;
Redfern, Mark S.; Strandberg, Lennart.
Measurement of slipperiness: Fundamental concepts and definitions.
Ergonomics. 20 October, 2001. 44(13):1102-1117.

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