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    This week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*

    Rodger Kram
    Univ. of Colorado

    /\ /\ /\ /\ /\

    Fanelli, Gregory C.; Larson, Roger V.
    Practical management of posterolateral instability of the knee.
    Arthroscopy. February, 2002. 18(2 Supplement 1):1-8.

    Rittmeister, Markus; Noble, Philipp C.; Lintner, David M.; Alexander, Jerry
    W.; Conditt, Michael; Kohl, Harold W.,
    The effect of strand configuration on the tensile properties of quadrupled
    tendon grafts.
    Arthroscopy. February, 2002. 18(2):194-200.

    Weiler, Andreas; Peine, Ricarda; Pashmineh-Azar, Alireza; Abel, Clemens;
    Suedkamp, Norbert P.; Hoffmann, Reinhard F. G.
    Tendon healing in a bone tunnel. Part I: Biomechanical results after
    biodegradable interference fit fixation in a model of anterior cruciate
    ligament reconstruction in sheep.
    Arthroscopy. February, 2002. 18(2):113-123.

    Ahn, A. N.; Full, R. J.
    A motor and a brake: Two leg extensor muscles acting at the same joint
    manage energy differently in a running insect.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. February, 2002. 205(3):379-389.

    Abourachid, Anick; Green, David M.
    Origins of the frog-kick? Alternate-leg swimming in primitive frogs,
    families Leiopelmatidae and Ascaphidae.
    Journal of Herpetology. Dec., 1999. 33(4):657-663.

    Wakeling, James M.; Kaya, Motoshi; Temple, Genevieve K.; Johnston, Ian A.;
    Herzog, Walter.
    Determining patterns of motor recruitment during locomotion.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. February, 2002. 205(3):359-369.

    Mizutani, Kenji; Ogawa, Hiroto; Saito, Junichi; Oka, Kotaro.
    Fictive locomotion induced by octopamine in the earthworm.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. January, 2002. 205(2):265-271.

    Frutiger, Andreas.
    The function of the suckers of larval net-winged midges (Diptera:
    Freshwater Biology. February, 2002. 47(2):293-302.

    Walker, Jeffrey A.; Westneat, Mark W.
    Performance limits of labriform propulsion and correlates with fin shape
    and motion.
    Journal of Experimental Biology. January, 2002. 205(2):177-187.

    Fusi, S.; Campailla, E.; Causero, A.; Di Prampero, P. E.
    The locomotory index: A new proposal for evaluating walking impairments.
    International Journal of Sports Medicine. February, 2002. 23(2):105-111.

    Pavol, Michael J.; Owings, Tammy M.; Foley, Kevin T.; Grabiner, Mark D.
    Influence of lower extremity strength of healthy older adults on the
    outcome of an induced trip.
    Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. February, 2002.

    Millet, G. P.; Chollet, D.; Chalies, S.; Chatard, J. C.
    Coordination in front crawl in elite triathletes and elite swimmers.
    International Journal of Sports Medicine. February, 2002. 23(2):99-104.

    Bosnjak, Roman; Dolenc, Vinko V.; Pregelj, Rado; Kralj, Alojz.
    Motor response of the leg muscles produced by position-selective
    stimulation of spinal nerve roots.
    Neurosurgery (Baltimore) July, 2000. 47(1):97-106.

    Matre, Dagfinn A.; Sinkjaer, Thomas; Knardahl, Stein; Andersen, Jacob B.;
    Arendt-Nielsen, Lars.
    The influence of experimental muscle pain on the human soleus stretch
    reflex during sitting and walking.
    Clinical Neurophysiology. Dec., 1999. 110(12):2033-2043.

    Note: see above article, I have no idea why my library's computer
    data base sometimes has such terrible time lags.
    It just showed up this week. Better late than never. But if a
    certain journal is on your hot list,
    I suggest that you subscribe (usually free) to an e-mail of their
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