This week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado

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Li, Dehua; Ferguson, Stephen J.; Beutler, Thomas; Cochran, David L.; Sittig,
Caroline; Hirt, Hans Peter; Buser, Daniel.
Biomechanical comparison of the sandblasted and acid-etched and the
machined and acid-etched titanium surface for dental implants.
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. May, 2002. 60(2):325-332.

Balbir-Gurman, A.; Denton, C. P.; Nichols, B.; Knight, C. J.; Nahir, A. M.;
Martin, G.; Black, C. M.
Non-invasive measurement of biomechanical skin properties in systemic
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. March, 2002. 61(3):237-241.

Welch, Janet A.; Montgomery, Ronald D.; Lenz, Stephen D.; Plouhar, Pamela;
Shelton, Walter R.
Evaluation of small-intestinal submucosa implants for repair of meniscal
defects in dogs.
American Journal of Veterinary Research. March, 2002. 63(3):427-431.

Noone, Thomas J.; Millis, Darryl L.; Korvick, Donna L.; Athanasiou,
Kyriacos; Cook, James L.; Kuroki, Keiichi; Buonomo, Fran.
Influence of canine recombinant somatotropin hormone on biomechanical and
biochemical properties of the medial meniscus in stifles with altered
American Journal of Veterinary Research. March, 2002. 63(3):419-426.

Hase, Takao; Kawaguchi, Saburo; Hayashi, Hideki; Nishio, Takeshi; Asada,
Yoshiyuki; Nakamura, Takashi.
Locomotor performance of the rat after neonatal repairing of spinal cord
injuries: Quantitative assessment and electromyographic study.
Journal of Neurotrauma. February, 2002. 19(2):267-277.

Webb, Aubrey A.; Muir, Gillian D.
Compensatory locomotor adjustments of rats with cervical or thoracic
spinal cord hemisections.
Journal of Neurotrauma. February, 2002. 19(2):239-256.

Stokes, B. T.; Jakeman, L. B.
Experimental modelling of human spinal cord injury: A model that crosses
the species barrier and mimics the spectrum of human cytopathology.
Spinal Cord. March, 2002. 40(3):101-109.

Corbetta, Daniela; Bojczyk, Kathryn E.
Infants return to two-handed reaching when they are learning to walk.
Journal of Motor Behavior. March, 2002. 34(1):83-95.

Richardson, Carolyn A.; Snijders, Chris J.; Hides, Julie A.; Damen, Leonie;
Pas, Martijn S.; Storm, Joop.
The relation between the transversus abdominis muscles, sacroiliac joint
mechanics, and low back pain.
Spine. February 15, 2002. 27(4):399-405.

Lowe, Thomas; O'Brien, Michael; Smith, David; Fitzgerald, David; Vraney,
Robert; Eule, James; Alongi, Paul.
Central and juxta-endplate vertebral body screw placement: A
biomechanical analysis in a human cadaveric model.
Spine. February 15, 2002. 27(4):369-373.

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