This week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*
Delightfully, a large fraction of the articles this week integrate
across the arbitrary categories I use.

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado

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Patla, Aftab E.; Niechwiej, Ewa; Racco, Vincent; Goodale, Melvyn A.
Understanding the contribution of binocular vision to the control of
adaptive locomotion.
Experimental Brain Research. February, 2002. 142(4):551-561.

Morris, M. E.; Cantwell, C.; Vowels, L.; Dodd, K.
Changes in gait and fatigue from morning to afternoon in people with
multiple sclerosis.
Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. March, 2002.

Varraine, Elodie; Bonnard, Mireille; Pailhous, Jean.
Interaction between different sensory cues in the control of human gait.
Experimental Brain Research. February, 2002. 142(3):374-384.

Chabran, Ethelle; Maton, Bernard; Ribreau, Christian; Fourment, Annette.
Electromyographic and biomechanical characteristics of segmental postural
adjustments associated with voluntary wrist movements: Influence of an
elbow support.
Experimental Brain Research. November, 2001. 141(2):133-145.

Hatzitaki, Vassilia; McKinley, Patricia.
Effect of single-limb inertial loading on bilateral reaching: Interlimb
Experimental Brain Research. September, 2001. 140(1):34-45.

Buchanan, John J.; Horak, Fay B.
Transitions in a postural task: Do the recruitment and suppression of
degrees of freedom stabilize posture?
Experimental Brain Research. August, 2001. 139(4):482-494.

Rosenbaum, David A.; Gregory, Robert W.
Development of a method for measuring movement-related effort.
Biomechanical considerations and implications for Fitts' law.
Experimental Brain Research. February, 2002. 142(3):365-373.

Bruschini, L.; Manzoni, D.; Pompeiano, O.
Postural responses of forelimb extensors to somatosensory signals
elicited during wrist rotation: Interaction with vestibular reflexes.
Pfluegers Archiv European Journal of Physiology. February, 2002.

Hudson, N. J.; Franklin, C. E.
Effect of aestivation on muscle characteristics and locomotor performance
in the Green-striped burrowing frog, Cyclorana alboguttata.
Journal of Comparative Physiology B Biochemical Systemic and Environmental
Physiology. February, 2002. 172(2):177-182.

Maev, Roman Gr.; Denisova, Lyudmila A.; Maeva, Elena Yu.; Denissov, Alexey
New data on histology and physico-mechanical properties of human tooth
tissue obtained with acoustic microscopy.
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. January, 2002. 28(1):131-136.

Alexander, David E.
Nature's flyers: Birds, insects, and the biomechanics of flight.
Edition 1. Johns Hopkins University Press 2715 N. Charles St., Baltimore,
MD, 212184319, USA 2002.
i-xix; 1-358.

Lovvorn, J. R.; Liggins, G. A.
Interactions of body shape, body size and stroke-acceleration patterns in
costs of underwater swimming by birds.
Functional Ecology. February, 2002. 16(1):106-112.

Hancock, T. V.; Gleeson, T. T.
Metabolic recovery in the Desert Iguana (Dipsosaurus dorsalis) following
activities of varied intensity and duration.
Functional Ecology. February, 2002. 16(1):40-48.

Johnson, Amy S.; Ellers, Olaf; Lemire, Jima; Minor, Melissa; Leddy, Holly
Sutural loosening and skeletal flexibility during growth: Determination
of drop-like shapes in sea urchins.
Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences Series B. 7
February, 2002. 269(1488):215-220.

Mollenhauer, J. A.; Erdmann, S.
Introduction: Molecular and biomechanical basis of osteoarthritis.
CMLS Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. January, 2002. 59(1):3-4.

Kerin, A.; Patwari, P.; Kuettner, K.; Cole, A.; Grodzinsky, A.
Molecular basis of osteoarthritis: Biomechanical aspects.
CMLS Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. January, 2002. 59(1):27-35.

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