This week's Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*

Rodger Kram
Univ. of Colorado

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Vercruyssen, Fabrice; Brisswalter, Jeanick; Hausswirth, Christophe; Bernard,
Thierry; Bernard, Olivier; Vallier, Jean-Marc.
Influence of cycling cadence on subsequent running performance in
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. March, 2002. 34(3):530-536.

Hernandez, R.; Polizu, S.; Turenne, S.; Yahia, L'H.
Characteristics of porous nickel-titanium alloys for medical applications.
Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering. 2002. 12(1):37-45.

Martinek, Vladimir; Usas, Arvydas; Pelinkovic, Dalip; Robbins, Paul; Fu,
Freddie H.; Huard, Johnny.
Genetic engineering of meniscal allografts.
Tissue Engineering. February, 2002. 8(1):107-117.

Yakovenko, Sergiy; Mushahwar, Vivian; Vanderhorst, Veronique; Holstege,
Gert; Prochazka, Arthur.
Spatiotemporal activation of lumbosacral motoneurons in the locomotor step
Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda) March, 2002. 87(3):1542-1553.

Wannier, Thierry; Bastiaanse, Carla; Colombo, Gery; Dietz, Volker.
Arm to leg coordination in humans during walking, creeping and swimming
Experimental Brain Research. December, 2001. 141(3):375-379.

Jahn, Klaus; Strupp, Michael; Schneider, Erich; Dieterich, Marianne;
Brandt, Thomas.
Visually induced gait deviations during different locomotion speeds.
Experimental Brain Research. December, 2001. 141(3):370-374.

Szivek, John A.; Roberto, Rolando F.; Slack, Jennifer M.; Majeed, Bashar S.
An implantable strain measurement system designed to detect spine fusion:
Preliminary results from a biomechanical in vivo study.
Spine. March 1, 2002. 27(5):487-497.

Toth, V. R.; Meszaros, I.; Palmer, S. J.; Veres, Sz.; Precsenyi, I.
Nitrogen deprivation induces changes in the leaf elongation zone of maize
Biologia Plantarum (Prague) 2002. 45(2):241-247.

Almeras, Tancrede; Gril, Joseph; Costes, Evelyne.
Bending of apricot tree branches under the weight of axillary growth:
Test of a mechanical model with experimental data.
Trees (Berlin) January, 2002. 16(1):5-15.

Mallett, Eric S.; Yamaguchi, Gary T.; Birch, James M.; Nishikawa, Kiisa C.
Feeding motor patterns in anurans: Insights from biomechanical modeling.
American Zoologist. December, 2001. 41(6):1364-1374.

Deban, Stephen M.; O'Reilly, James C.; Nishikawa, Kiisa C.
The evolution of the motor control of feeding in amphibians.
American Zoologist. December, 2001. 41(6):1280-1298.

O'Connell-Rodwell, C. E.; Hart, L. A.; Arnason, B. T.
Exploring the potential use of seismic waves as a communication channel
by elephants and other large mammals.
American Zoologist. November, 2001. 41(5):1157-1170.

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