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This fits in nicely between the Calgary stampede and the World
congress of Biomechanics:
Tarlton JF. Holah DE. Evans KM. Jones S. Pearson GR. Webster AJF.
Biomechanical and histopathological changes in the support structures of
bovine hooves around the time of first calving
Veterinary Journal. 163(2):196-204, 2002 Mar.


Shahar R. Banks-Sills L.
Biomechanical analysis of the canine hind limb: Calculation of forces
during three-legged stance
Veterinary Journal. 163(3):240-250, 2002 May.

Krakauer E. Lemelin P. Schmitt D.
Hand and body position during locomotor behavior in the aye-aye
(Daubentonia madagascariensis)
American Journal of Primatology. 57(3):105-118, 2002 Jul.


Muir GD. Chu TK.
Posthatching locomotor experience alters locomotor development in chicks
Journal of Neurophysiology. 88(1):117-123, 2002 Jul.

Pang MYC. Yang JF.
Sensory Gating for the initiation of the swing phase in different
directions of human infant stepping
Journal of Neuroscience. 22(13):5734-5740, 2002 Jul 1.

McCrory JL. Baron HA. Balkin S. Cavanagh PR.
Locomotion in simulated microgravity: Gravity replacement loads
Aviation Space & Environmental Medicine. 73(7):625-631, 2002 Jul.

Kerrigan DC. Lelas JL. Goggins J. Merriman GJ. Kaplan RJ. Felson DT.
Effectiveness of a lateral-wedge insole on knee varus torque in patients
with knee osteoarthritis
Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 83(7):889-893, 2002 Jul.

Marigold DS. Patla AE.
Strategies for dynamic stability during locomotion on a slippery surface:
Effects of prior experience and knowledge
Journal of Neurophysiology. 88(1):339-353, 2002 Jul.

Ferber R. Osternig LR. Woollacott MH. Wasielewski NJ. Lee JH.
Gait mechanics in chronic ACL deficiency and subsequent repair
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Seidler RD. Purushotham A. Kim SG. Ugurbil K. Willingham D. Ashe J.
Cerebellum activation associated with performance change but not motor
Science. 296(5575):2043-6, 2002 Jun 14.


Heim SE. Abitbol JJ.
Complications and strategies for salvage of intervertebral fixation
Orthopedic Clinics of North America. 33(2):393-+, 2002 Apr.

Bottlang M. Simpson T. Sigg J. Krieg JC. Madey SM. Long WB.
Noninvasive reduction of open-book pelvic fractures by circumferential
Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma. 16(6):367-373, 2002 Jul.

Weishaupt D. Treiber K. Jacob HAC. Kundert HP. Hodler J. Marincek B.
Zanetti M.
MR Imaging of the forefoot under weight-bearing conditions:
Position-related changes of the neurovascular bundles and the metatarsal
heads in asymptomatic volunteers
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 16(1):75-84, 2002 Jul.


Hsu TC. Lee YS. Shau YW.
Biomechanics of the heel pad for type 2 diabetic patients
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Davies PF. Polacek DC. Shi CZ. Helmke BP.
The convergence of haemodynamics, genomics, and endothelial structure in
studies of the focal origin of atherosclerosis
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McLean S. Naish R. Reed L. Urry S. Vicenzino B.
A pilot study of the manual force levels required to produce manipulation
induced hypoalgesia
Clinical Biomechanics. 17(4):304-308, 2002 May.

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