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    Literature Update for keywords: BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.

    Rodger Kram Dan Ferris
    Univ. of Colorado Univ. of Michigan


    Paul J. Roces F. Holldobler B.
    How do ants stick out their tongues?
    Journal of Morphology. 254(1):39-52, 2002 Oct.


    Klute GK. Czerniecki JM. Hannaford B.
    Artificial muscles: Actuators for biorobotic systems
    International Journal of Robotics Research. 21(4):295-309, 2002 Apr.


    Gottschall JS. Palmer BM.
    The acute effects of prior cycling cadence on running performance and
    Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 34(9):1518-1522, 2002 Sep.

    Ahlborn BK. Blake RW.
    Walking and running at resonance
    Zoology. 105(2):165-174, 2002.

    Losos JB. Creer DA. Schulte JA.
    Cautionary comments on the measurement of maximum locomotor capabilities
    Journal of Zoology. 258(Part 1):57-61, 2002 Sep.

    Li L. Hamill J.
    Characteristics of the vertical ground reaction force component prior to
    gait transition
    Research Quarterly for Exercise & Sport. 73(3):229-237, 2002 Sep.

    Gallagher S. Lajoie Y. Guay M.
    Walking with visual restrictions in healthy elderly and young adults
    Canadian Journal on Aging. 21(2):295-301, 2002 Sum.

    Gardner FE.
    Locomotor milestones babywalkers - Potential confounding factors were not
    British Medical Journal. 325(7365):657-658, 2002 Sep 21.

    Warren S.
    Locomotor milestones babywalkers - Infants using babywalkers are not
    developmentally delayed
    British Medical Journal. 325(7365):658, 2002 Sep 21.

    Weeks GV.
    Locomotor milestones babywalkers - Statistics may have been chosen to
    produce the required conclusions
    British Medical Journal. 325(7365):658, 2002 Sep 21.

    Bennett R.
    Locomotor milestones babywalkers - Perceived benefits of babywalkers need
    to be balanced against health risks
    British Medical Journal. 325(7365):658, 2002 Sep 21.

    van Hedel HJA. Biedermann A. Erni T. Dietz V.
    Obstacle avoidance during human walking: transfer of motor skill from one
    leg to the other
    Journal of Physiology-London. 543(2):709-717, 2002 Sep 1.

    Pers J. Bon M. Kovacic S. Siblia M. Dezman B.
    Observation and analysis of large-scale human motion
    Human Movement Science. 21(2):295-311, 2002 Jul.


    Rothaug PG. Boston RC. Richardson DW. Nunamaker DM.
    A comparison of ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene cable and
    stainless steel wire using two fixation techniques for repair of equine
    midbody sesamoid fractures: An in vitro biomechanical study
    Veterinary Surgery. 31(5):445-454, 2002 Sep-Oct.

    Jacques D. Cauzinille L. Bouvy B. Dupre G.
    A retrospective study of 40 dogs with polyarthritis
    Veterinary Surgery. 31(5):428-434, 2002 Sep-Oct.

    Crawford NR. Duggal N. Chamberlain RH. Park SC. Sonntag VKH. Dickman
    Unilateral cervical facet dislocation: Injury mechanism and biomechanical
    Spine. 27(17):1858-1863, 2002 Sep 1.

    Balabaud L. Gallard E. Skalli W. Lassau JP. Lavaste F. Steib JP.
    Biomechanical evaluation of a bipedicular spinal fixation system - A
    comparative stiffness test
    Spine. 27(17):1875-1880, 2002 Sep 1.

    Sauerbier M. Fujita M. Hahn ME. Neale PG. Berger RA.
    The dynamic radioulnar convergence of the Darrach procedure and the ulnar
    head hemiresection interposition arthroplasty: A biomechanical study
    Journal of Hand Surgery - British Volume. 27B(4):307-316, 2002 Aug.

    Masaoka S. Longsworth SH. Werner FW. Short WH. Green JK.
    Biomechanical analysis of two ulnar head prostheses
    Journal of Hand Surgery - American Volume. 27A(5):845-853, 2002 Sep.

    Waris E. Ashammakhi N. Raatikainen T. Tormala P. Santavirta S.
    Konttinen YT.
    Self-reinforced bioabsorbable versus metalfic fixation systems for
    metacarpal and phalangeal fractures: A biomechanical study
    Journal of Hand Surgery - American Volume. 27A(5):902-909, 2002 Sep.

    Korovessis P.
    RE: Shimamoto, et al. Biomechanical evaluation of anterior spinal
    instrumentation systems for scoliosis. Spine 2001;26 : 2701-8.
    Spine. 27(17):1953-1954, 2002 Sep 1.

    Higgins TF. Dodds SD. Wolfe SW.
    A biomechanical analysis of fixation of intra-articular distal radial
    fractures with calcium-phosphate bone cement
    Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - American Volume. 84A(9):1579-1586, 2002

    Boyer MI. Strickland JW. Engles DR. Sachar K. Leversedge FJ.
    Flexor tendon repair and rehabilitation - State of the art in 2002
    Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - American Volume. 84A(9):1684-1706, 2002

    Wright TM.
    Knee biomechanics and prosthetic design
    KNEE ARTHROPLASTY. PG. 13-26. 2001

    Arjmandi BH. Juma S. Beharka A. Bapna MS. Akhter M. Meydani SN.
    Vitamin E improves bone quality in the aged but not in young adult male
    Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 13(9):543-549, 2002 Sep.

    Ozeki S. Yasuda K. Kaneda K. Yamakoshi K. Yamanoi T.
    Simultaneous strain measurement with determination of a zero strain
    reference for the medial and lateral ligaments of the ankle
    Foot & Ankle International. 23(9):825-832, 2002 Sep.

    Sung IH. Lee S. Otis JC. Deland JT.
    Posterior tibial tendon force requirement in early heel rise after
    calcaneal osteotomies
    Foot & Ankle International. 23(9):842-849, 2002 Sep.

    Ambrose CG. Kiebzak GM. Sabonghy EP. Tabor OB. Peindl RD. Clanton TO.
    Anderson RA. Davis WH.
    Biomechanical testing of cadaveric specimens: Importance of bone mineral
    density assessment
    Foot & Ankle International. 23(9):850-855, 2002 Sep.


    Decker MJ. Torry MR. Noonan TJ. Riviere A. Sterett WI.
    Landing adaptations after ACL reconstruction
    Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 34(9):1408-1413, 2002 Sep.

    Lund T. Nydegger T. Schlenzka D. Oxland TR.
    Three-dimensional motion patterns during active bending in patients with
    chronic low back pain
    Spine. 27(17):1865-1874, 2002 Sep 1.

    Nault ML. Allard P. Hinse S. Le Blanc R. Caron O. Labelle H. Sadeghi
    Relations between standing stability and body posture parameters in
    adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
    Spine. 27(17):1911-1917, 2002 Sep 1.

    De Wilde L. Audenaert E. Barbaix E. Audenaert A. Soudan K.
    Consequences of deltold muscle elongation on deltoid muscle performance: a
    computerised study
    Clinical Biomechanics. 17(7):499-505, 2002 Aug.

    McNair PJ. Hewson DJ. Dombroski E. Stanley SN.
    Stiffness and passive peak force changes at the ankle joint: the effect of
    different joint angular velocities
    Clinical Biomechanics. 17(7):536-540, 2002 Aug.

    Yagi M. Wong EK. Kanamori A. Debski RE. Fu FH. Woo SLY.
    Biomechanical analysis of an Anatomic anterior cruciate ligament
    American Journal of Sports Medicine. 30(5):660-666, 2002 Sep-Oct.

    Tis JE. Klemme WR. Kirk KL. Murphy KP. Cunningham B.
    Braided hamstring tendons for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate
    ligament - A biomechanical analysis
    American Journal of Sports Medicine. 30(5):684-688, 2002 Sep-Oct.


    Zanoteli E. Yamashita HK. Suzuki H. Oliveira ASB. Gabbai AA.
    Temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscle involvement in myotonic
    dystrophy: A study by magnetic resonance imaging
    Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology Oral Radiology & Endodontics.
    94(2):262-271, 2002 Aug.

    Ambard AJ. Fanchiang JC. Mueninghoff L. Dasanayake AP.
    Cleansability of and patients' satisfaction with implant-retained
    overdentures - A retrospective comparison of two attachment methods
    Journal of the American Dental Association. 133(9):1237-1242, 2002 Sep.


    Hintzy F. Tordi N. Perrey S.
    Muscular efficiency during arm cranking and wheelchair exercise: A
    International Journal of Sports Medicine. 23(6):408-414, 2002 Aug.


    Chou PH. Lin CJ. Chou YL. Lou SZ. Su FC. Huang GF.
    Elbow load with various forearm positions during one-handed pushup
    International Journal of Sports Medicine. 23(6):457-462, 2002 Aug.


    Malchaire JB. Piette A.
    Co-ordinated strategy of prevention and control of the biomechanical
    factors associated with the risk of musculoskeletal disorders
    International Archives of Occupational & Environmental Health.
    75(7):459-467, 2002 Sep.


    Back W. Schamhardt HC. Barneveld A. van Weeren PR.
    Longitudinal development of kinematics in Shetland ponies and the
    influence of feeding and training regimes
    Equine Veterinary Journal. 34(6):609-614, 2002 Sep.

    Lucifora LO. Vassallo AI.
    Walking in skates (Chondrichthyes, Rajidae): anatomy, behaviour and
    analogies to tetrapod locomotion
    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 77(1):35-41, 2002 Sep.

    Herrel A. Meyers JJ. Vanhooydonck B.
    Relations between microhabitat use and limb shape in phrynosomatid lizards
    Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 77(1):149-163, 2002 Sep.

    Cline AR. Shockley FW. Puttler B.
    Description of surface swimming by Hypera eximia LeConte (Coleoptera :
    Curculionidae): Behavioral, morphological, and phylogenetic implications
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    Harada Y. Kasuga S. Tamura S.
    Comparison of the morphology of the inner ear between newts and frogs in
    relation to their locomotory capability
    Zoological Science. 19(5):583-592, 2002 May.

    Williams TM. Ben-David M. Noren S. Rutishauser M. McDonald K. Heyward
    Running energetics of the North American river otter: do short legs
    necessarily reduce efficiency on land?
    Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology. Part A, Molecular & Integrative
    Physiology. 133(2):203-212, 2002 Oct.

    Frappell PB. Schultz TJ. Christian KA.
    The respiratory system in varanid lizards: determinants of O-2 transfer
    Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology. Part A, Molecular & Integrative
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    Gleeson TT. Hancock TV.
    Metabolic implications of a 'run now, pay later' strategy in lizards: an
    analysis of post-exercise oxygen consumption
    Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology. Part A, Molecular & Integrative
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    Boggs DF.
    Interactions between locomotion and ventilation in tetrapods
    Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology. Part A, Molecular & Integrative
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    Nelson JA. Gotwalt PS. Reidy SP. Webber DM.
    Beyond U-crit: matching swimming performance tests to the physiological
    ecology of the animal, including a new fish 'drag strip'
    Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology. Part A, Molecular & Integrative
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    Portner HO.
    Environmental and functional limits to muscular exercise and body size in
    marine invertebrate athletes
    Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology. Part A, Molecular & Integrative
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    Demou ZN. McIntire LV.
    Fully automated three-dimensional tracking of cancer cells in collagen
    gels: Determination of motility phenotypes at the cellular level
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    Bao G.
    Mechanics of biomolecules
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    Cao YL. Liu YT. Liu W. Shan QX. Buonocore SD. Cui L.
    Bridging tendon defects using autologous tenocyte engineered tendon in a
    hen model
    Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 110(5):1280-1289, 2002 Oct.

    Zheng YP. Mak AFT. Lau KP. Qin L.
    An ultrasonic measurement for in vitro depth-dependent equilibrium strains
    of articular cartilage in compression
    Physics in Medicine & Biology. 47(17):3165-3180, 2002 Sep 7.

    Roberts C.
    Biomechanics of the cornea and wavefront-guided laser refractive surgery
    Journal of Refractive Surgery. 18(5):S589-S592, 2002 Sep-Oct.

    Katsube N. Wang RT. Okuma E. Roberts C.
    Biomechanical response of the cornea to phototherapeutic keratectomy when
    treated as a fluid-filled porous material
    Journal of Refractive Surgery. 18(5):S593-S597, 2002 Sep-Oct.

    Cotter CS. Smolarkiewicz PK. Szczyrba IN.
    A viscoelastic fluid model for brain injuries
    International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids. 40(1-2):303-311,
    2002 Sep 10.


    Niklas KJ. Molina-Freaner F. Tinoco-Ojanguren C. Paolillo DJ.
    The biomechanics of Pachycereus pringlei root systems
    American Journal of Botany. 89(1):12-21, 2002 Jan.

    Niklas KJ.
    The biomechanics of Pachycereus pringlei root systems (vol 89 pg 12, 2002)
    American Journal of Botany. 89(3):517, 2002 Mar.

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