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    Literature Update for keywords: BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.

    Dan Ferris Rodger Kram
    Univ. of Michigan Univ. of Colorado


    Young BA. Lee CE. Daley KM.
    On a flap and a foot: Aerial locomotion in the "flying" gecko, Ptychozoon
    Journal of Herpetology. 36(3):412-418, 2002 Sep.

    Green LE. Hedges VJ. Schukken YH. Blowey RW. Packington AJ.
    The impact of clinical lameness on the milk yield of dairy cows
    Journal of Dairy Science. 85(9):2250-2256, 2002 Sep.

    Hansen J. Gesser H. Altimiras J.
    Mechanical efficiency of the trout heart during volume and
    pressure-loading: metabolic implications of the stiffness of the
    ventricular tissue
    Journal of Comparative Physiology - B, Biochemical, Systemic, &
    Environmental Physiology. 172(6):477-484, 2002 Aug.

    Inoue I. Tsutsui I. Bone Q.
    Excitation-contraction coupling in isolated locomotor muscle fibres from
    the pelagic tunicate Doliolum which lack both sarcoplasmic reticulum and
    transverse tubular system
    Journal of Comparative Physiology - B, Biochemical, Systemic, &
    Environmental Physiology. 172(6):541-546, 2002 Aug.

    Fish FE.
    Balancing requirements for stability and maneuverability in cetaceans
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(1):85-93, 2002 Feb.

    Webb PW.
    Control of posture, depth, and swimming trajectories of fishes
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(1):94-101, 2002 Feb.

    Weihs D.
    Stability versus maneuverability in aquatic locomotion
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(1):127-134, 2002 Feb.

    Dudley R.
    Mechanisms and implications of animal flight maneuverability
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(1):135-140, 2002 Feb.

    Warrick DR. Bundle MW. Dial KP.
    Bird maneuvering flight: Blurred bodies, clear heads
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(1):141-148, 2002 Feb.

    Full RJ. Kubow T. Schmitt J. Holmes P. Koditschek D.
    Quantifying dynamic stability and maneuverability in legged locomotion
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(1):149-157, 2002 Feb.

    Ashley-Ross MA. Gillis GB.
    A brief history of vertebrate functional morphology
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(2):183-189, 2002 Apr.

    Gibb AC. Dickson KA.
    Functional morphology and biochemical indices of performance: Is there a
    correlation between metabolic enzyme activity and swimming performance?
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(2):199-207, 2002 Apr.

    Walker JA.
    Functional morphology and virtual models: Physical constraints on the
    design of oscillating wings, fins, legs, and feet at intermediate Reynolds
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(2):232-242, 2002 Apr.

    Drucker EG. Lauder GV.
    Experimental hydrodynamics of fish locomotion: Functional insights from
    wake visualization
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(2):243-257, 2002 Apr.

    Irschick DJ.
    Evolutionary approaches for studying functional morphology: Examples from
    studies of performance capacity
    Integrative & Comparative Biology. 42(2):278-290, 2002 Apr.

    Staszyk C. Gasse H.
    The enthesis of the elbow-joint capsule of the dog humerus
    European Journal of Morphology. 39(5):319-323, 2001 Dec.


    Dillon C. Petersen M. Tanaka S.
    Self-reported hand and wrist arthritis and occupation: Data from the US
    National Health Interview Survey-Occupational Health Supplement
    American Journal of Industrial Medicine. 42(4):318-327, 2002 Oct.


    Nicoud F. Schonfeld T.
    Integral boundary conditions for unsteady biomedical CFD applications
    International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids. 40(3-4):457-465,
    2002 Sep 30.

    Saldivar E. Orje JN. Ruggeri ZM.
    Tensile destruction test as an estimation of partial proteolysis in fibrin
    American Journal of Hematology. 71(2):119-127, 2002 Oct.


    Dietz V.
    Proprioception and locomotor disorders
    Nature Reviews Neuroscience. 3(10):781-790, 2002 Oct.

    Lovejoy CO. Meindl RS. Ohman JC. Heiple KG. White TD.
    The maka femur and its bearing on the antiquity of human walking: Applying
    contemporary concepts of morphogenesis to the human fossil record
    American Journal of Physical Anthropology. 119(2):97-133, 2002 Oct.

    Daniels, J., Durstine, JL, Hand, GA and Martin JC.
    Determinants of metabolic cost during submaximal cycling. J. Applied
    Physiology. 93:823-828, 2002.


    Hollman JH. Deusinger RH. Van Dillen LR. Matava MJ.
    Knee joint movements in subjects without knee pathology and subjects with
    injured anterior cruciate ligaments
    Physical Therapy. 82(10):960-972, 2002 Oct.

    Florindo AA. Latorre MDDO. Jaime PC. Tanaka T. Pippa MGB. Zerbini
    Past and present habitual physical activity and its relationship with bone
    mineral density in men aged 50 years and older in Brazil
    Journals of Gerontology Series A-Biological Sciences & Medical Sciences.
    57(10):M654-M657, 2002 Oct.

    Mays SA.
    Asymmetry in metacarpal cortical bone in a collection of British
    post-mediaeval human skeletons
    Journal of Archaeological Science. 29(4):435-441, 2002 Apr.

    Lee KCL. Maxwell A. Lanyon LE.
    Validation of a technique for studying functional adaptation of the mouse
    ulna in response to mechanical loading
    Bone. 31(3):407-412, 2002 Sep.

    Sekiya JK. Jacobson JA. Wojtys EM.
    Sonographic imaging of the posterolateral structures of the knee: Findings
    in human cadavers
    Arthroscopy. 18(8):872-881, 2002 Oct.

    Steenlage E. Brand JC. Johnson DL. Caborn DNM.
    Correlation of bone tunnel diameter with quadrupled hamstring graft
    fixation strength using a biodegradable interference screw
    Arthroscopy. 18(8):901-907, 2002 Oct.

    Shino K. Mae T. Maeda A. Miyama T. Shinjo H. Kawakami H.
    Graft fixation with predetermined tension using a new device, the Double
    Spike Plate
    Arthroscopy. 18(8):908-911, 2002 Oct.

    Erickson GM. Catanese J. Keaveny TM.
    Evolution of the biomechanical material properties of the femur
    Anatomical Record. 268(2):115-124, 2002 Oct 1.


    Papademetris X. Sinusas AJ. Dione DP. Constable RT. Duncan JS.
    Estimation of 3-D left ventricular deformation from medical images using
    biomechanical models
    IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. 21(7):786-800, 2002 Jul.

    Wen CE. Yamada Y. Shimojima K. Chino Y. Hosokawa H. Mabuchi M.
    Novel titanium foam for bone tissue engineering
    Journal of Materials Research. 17(10):2633-2639, 2002 Oct.

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