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    Literature Update for keywords: BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.
    Computer databases can be finicky. This week it chugged out a month's worth.

    Dan Ferris Rodger Kram
    Univ. of Michigan Univ. of Colorado

    PICKS OF THE WEEK for both zoologists and sports footwear biomechanists:

    Good vibrations aid the amphibian mating game.
    Lardner, B. & bin Lakim, M. Tree-hole frogs exploit resonance
    effects. Nature, 420, 475, (2002).

    Of the millions of ways to tie our shoes, we've chosen the best.
    Polster, B. What is the best way to lace your shoes?. Nature, 420, 476, (2002).


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    International Archives of Occupational & Environmental Health.
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