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    Literature Update for keywords: BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.

    Dan Ferris Rodger Kram
    Univ. of Michigan Univ. of Colorado


    or why Mrs. Santa's L4-L5 hurts:

    Inpatient hospital care for back disorders in relation to industry
    and occupation in Finland
    Leino-Arjas P, Kaila-Kangas L, Notkola V, Keskimaki I, Mutanen P
    28 (5): 304-313 OCT 2002

    Objectives: The variation in hospital admission rates was studied for
    back disorders by industry and occupational title among gainfully
    employed Finns.
    Methods Admissions to Finnish hospitals in 1996 among 25- to
    64-year-olds, based on the Hospital Discharge Register, were linked
    with sociodemographic data from the 1995 population census for the
    following primary diagnoses [International Classification of
    Diseases, 10th revision (ICD-10)]: all back disorders (M40.0-54.9; N
    (individual patients) 7253), lumbar intervertebral disc disorders
    (M51.0-M51.9, N = 3863), and other common back disorders (ICD-10:
    M47.1-47.2, M47.8-47.9, M48.0, M54.1, M54.3-54.5, M54.8-54.9; N =
    2433), with the total occupationally active workforce (same age range
    and gender) as reference. Age-standardized hospitalization rate
    ratios (SRR) were calculated.
    Results The highest SRR values for hospitalization for any back
    disorder were found for fishing (SRR 195), "other" mining and
    carrying (SRR 168), and sewage and refuse disposal (SRR 152) among
    the men and water transport (SRR 158), wood product (SRR 149) and
    pulp, paper and paper product (SRR 145) manufacturing among the
    women. Computer activities (SRR 44) among the men and insurance and
    pension funding (SRR 49) among the women had the lowest SRR values.
    The occupations reindeer breeders and herders (SRR 495), agricultural
    workers (SRR 232), and paper product workers (SRR 205) among the men
    and plastic product (SRR 233), laundry (SRR 224), and agricultural
    (SRR 219) workers among the women had the highest SRR values. The
    lowest SRR values were observed for upper white-collar employees in
    public administration [men (SRR 40) and women (SRR 61)].
    Conclusions Hospitalization rates for back disorders were high for
    several physically strenuous industries and occupations.

    No mention of back injuries in older men lifting large sacks of toys.

    Remarkably, those clever Australians have figured out that the
    easiest way to move a sheep is to drag it downhill.

    Wood makes shearing less of a drag
    Nature Science Update
    16 December 2002


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