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    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Dan Ferris
    Univ. of Michigan


    Clements ACA. Mellor DJ. Innocent GT. Fitzpatrick JL.
    A descriptive study of 'kangaroo gait' in sheep in northern Britain
    Preventive Veterinary Medicine. 61(2):147-156, 2003 Oct 15.

    Caldwell SL. Donovan DA.
    Energetics of swimming and crawling in the lion nudibranch, Melibe leonina
    Veliger. 46(4):355-361, 2003 Oct 6.

    Elsworth PG. Seebacher F. Franklin CE.
    Sustained swimming performance in crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus): Effects
    of body size and temperature
    Journal of Herpetology. 37(2):363-368, 2003 Jun.

    Borges-Landaez PA. Shine R.
    Influence of toe-clipping on running speed in Eulamprus quoyii, an
    Australian scincid lizard
    Journal of Herpetology. 37(3):592-595, 2003 Sep.

    Greer AE. Wadsworth L.
    Body shape in skinks: The relationship between relative hind limb length
    and relative snout-vent length
    Journal of Herpetology. 37(3):554-559, 2003 Sep.

    Faure P. Neumeister H. Faber DS. Korn H.
    Symbolic analysis of swimming trajectories reveals scale invariance and
    provides a model for fish locomotion
    Fractals-An Interdisciplinary Journal on the Complex Geometry of Nature.
    11(3):233-243, 2003 Sep.


    Bundle MW. Hoyt RW. Weyand PG.
    High-speed running performance: a new approach to assessment and
    Journal of Applied Physiology. 95(5):1955-1962, 2003 Nov 01.

    Wojtyra M.
    Multibody simulation model of human walking
    Mechanics of Structures & Machines. 31(3):357-379, 2003.

    Silva MPT. Ambrosio JAC.
    Solution of redundant muscle forces in human locomotion with multibody
    dynamics and optimization tools
    Mechanics of Structures & Machines. 31(3):381-411, 2003.

    Benedetti MG. Catani F. Bilotta TW. Marcacci M. Mariani E. Giannini
    Muscle activation pattern and gait biomechanics after total knee
    Clinical Biomechanics. 18(9):871-876, 2003 Nov.

    Martin JR.
    Locomotor activity: a complex behavioural trait to unravel
    Behavioural Processes. 64(2):145-160, 2003 Sep 29.


    Giacomozzi C. Giansanti D. Morelli S. Maccioni G. Macellari V.
    New instrumental set for the assessment of the hand functionality
    Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing. 41(5):513-515, 2003 Sep.

    Kuhl E. Menzel A. Steinmann P.
    Computational modeling of growth - A critical review, a classification of
    concepts and two new consistent approaches
    Computational Mechanics. 32(1-2):71-88, 2003 Sep.


    Finni T. Hodgson JA. Lai AM. Edgerton VR. Sinha S.
    Mapping of movement in the isometrically contracting human soleus muscle
    reveals details of its structural and functional complexity
    Journal of Applied Physiology. 95(5):2128-2133, 2003 Nov 01.


    Pavlova M. Sokolov A.
    Prior knowledge about display inversion in biological motion perception
    Perception. 32(8):937-946, 2003.


    Dar FH. Aspden RM.
    A finite element model of an idealized diarthrodial joint to investigate
    the effects of variation in the mechanical properties of the tissues
    Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part H - Journal
    of Engineering in Medicine. 217(H5):341-348, 2003.

    Lorich DG. Geller DS. Yacoubian SV. Leo AJ. Helfet DL.
    Intramedullary fixation of humeral shaft fractures using an inflatable
    Orthopedics. 26(10):1011-1014, 2003 Oct.

    Pellman EJ. Viano DC. Tucker AM. Casson IR. Waeckerle JF.
    Concussion in professional football: Reconstruction of game impacts and
    Neurosurgery. 53(4):799-812, 2003 Oct.

    Seikaly H. Chau J. Li F. Driscoll B. Seikaly D. Calhoun J. Calhoun
    Bone that best matches the properties of the mandible
    Journal of Otolaryngology. 32(4):262-265, 2003 Aug.

    van Riet RP. Morrey BF. Ho E. O'Driscoll SW.
    Surgical treatment of distal triceps ruptures
    Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - American Volume. 85A(10):1961-1967, 2003

    DuChesne A. Unnewehr M. Schmidt PF. Sotonyi P. Brinkmann B. Piffko J.
    Fischer G. Bajanowski T.
    Deformation characteristics of the human mandible in low impact
    International Journal of Legal Medicine. 117(5):257-262, 2003 Oct.

    Ip D.
    Premature biomechanical failure of the distal fixation screws of the IC
    Nail - case report
    Injury-International Journal of the Care of the Injured. 34(10):786-788,
    2003 Oct.

    Stamatis ED. Navid DO. Parks BG. Myerson MS.
    Strength of fixation of Ludloff metatarsal osteotomy utilizing three
    different types of Kirschner wires: A biomechanical study
    Foot & Ankle International. 24(10):805-811, 2003 Oct.

    Cheung JTM. Zhang M. Chow DHK.
    Biomechanical responses of the intervertebral joints to static and
    vibrational loading: a finite element study
    Clinical Biomechanics. 18(9):790-799, 2003 Nov.

    Plausinis D. Speirs AD. Masri BA. Garbuz DS. Duncan CP. Oxland TR.
    Fixation of trochanteric slide osteotomies: a biomechanical study
    Clinical Biomechanics. 18(9):856-863, 2003 Nov.

    Ali AM. Saleh M. Bolongaro S. Yang L.
    The strength of different fixation techniques for bicondylar tibial
    plateau fractures - a biomechanical study
    Clinical Biomechanics. 18(9):864-870, 2003 Nov.

    Gerharz EW. Mosekilde L. Thomsen JS. Gasser JA. Moniz C. Barth PL.
    Ransley PG. Woodhouse CRJ.
    The effect of enterocystoplasty on bone strength assessed at four
    different skeletal sites in a rat model
    Bone. 33(4):549-556, 2003 Oct.

    Bonabello A. Galmozzi MR. Canaparo R. Serpe L. Zara GP.
    Long-term analgesic effect of clodronate in rodents
    Bone. 33(4):567-574, 2003 Oct.

    Breitman PL. Fonseca D. Cheung AM. Ward WE.
    Isoflavones with supplemental calcium provide greater protection against
    the loss of bone mass and strength after ovariectomy compared to
    isoflavones alone
    Bone. 33(4):597-605, 2003 Oct.

    Kolbeck S. Bail H. Schmidmaier G. Alquiza M. Raun K. Kappelgard A.
    Flyvbjerg A. Haas N. Raschke M.
    Homologous growth hormone accelerates bone healing - biomechanical and
    histological study
    Bone. 33(4):628-637, 2003 Oct.

    Lenchik L. Register TC. Hsu FC. Lohman K. Nicklas BJ. Freedman BI.
    Langefeld CD. Carr JJ. Bowden DW.
    Adiponectin as a novel determinant of bone mineral density and visceral
    Bone. 33(4):646-651, 2003 Oct.

    Crawford RP. Cann CE. Keaveny TM.
    Finite element models predict in vitro vertebral body compressive strength
    better than quantitative computed tomography
    Bone. 33(4):744-750, 2003 Oct.

    Kopher RA. Nudera JA. Wang X. O'Grady K. Mao JJ.
    Expression of in vivo mechanical strain upon different wave forms of
    exogenous forces in rabbit craniofacial sutures
    Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 31(9):1125-1131, 2003 Oct.


    Jarboe NE. Quesada PM.
    The effects of cycling shoe stiffness on forefoot pressure
    Foot & Ankle International. 24(10):784-788, 2003 Oct.


    Demarteau O. Wendt D. Braccini A. Jakob M. Schafer D. Heberer M.
    Martin I.
    Dynamic compression of cartilage constructs engineered from expanded human
    articular chondrocytes
    Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications. 310(2):580-588, 2003
    Oct 17.

    Barron V. Lyons E. Stenson-Cox C. McHugh PE. Pandit A.
    Bioreactors for cardiovascular cell and tissue growth: A review
    Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 31(9):1017-1030, 2003 Oct.

    Darling EM. Athanasiou KA.
    Biomechanical strategies for articular cartilage regeneration
    Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 31(9):1114-1124, 2003 Oct.

    Lu X. Yang J. Zhao JB. Gregersen H. Kassab GS.
    Shear modulus of porcine coronary artery: contributions of media and
    American Journal of Physiology - Heart & Circulatory Physiology.
    285(5):H1966-H1975, 2003 Nov.

    VanBavel E. Siersma P. Spaan JAE.
    Elasticity of passive blood vessels: a new concept
    American Journal of Physiology - Heart & Circulatory Physiology.
    285(5):H1986-H2000, 2003 Nov.

    Gee J. Sundaram T. Hasegawa I. Uematsu H. Hatabu H.
    Characterization of regional pulmonary mechanics from serial magnetic
    resonance imaging data
    Academic Radiology. 10(10):1147-1152, 2003 Oct.


    Guo LY. Zhao KD. Su FC. An KN.
    Moment generation in wheelchair propulsion
    Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part H - Journal
    of Engineering in Medicine. 217(H5):405-413, 2003.

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