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    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    We are in the process of switching the literature update duities to
    Young-Hui Chang at Georgia Institute of Technology. For the next month or
    so, the postings will come from both of us. There will be a short period
    of inconsistency in classifications and format, but it should be resolved
    soon. Thank you for your patience.

    Dan Ferris
    Univ. of Michigan

    Young-Hui Chang
    Georgia Institute of Technology



    Prendergast, PJ; Lally, C; Daly, S; et al.
    Analysis of prolapse in cardiovascular stents: A constitutive equation for
    vascular tissue and finite-element modelling
    J BIOMECH ENG-T ASME, 125 (5): 692-699 OCT 2003

    Fu, BMM; Chen, B
    A model for the modulation of microvessel permeability by junction strands
    J BIOMECH ENG-T ASME, 125 (5): 620-627 OCT 2003

    Sermesant, M; Forest, C; Pennec, X; et al.
    Deformable biomechanical models: Application to 4D cardiac image analysis
    MED IMAGE ANAL, 7 (4): 475-488 DEC 2003

    Shi, PC; Liu, HF
    Stochastic finite element framework for simultaneous estimation of cardiac
    kinematic functions and material parameters
    MED IMAGE ANAL, 7 (4): 445-464 DEC 2003

    Sorensen, HD; Paaske, WP; Pedersen, EM
    Haemodynamic properties of PTFE femoropopliteal bypass grafts as determined
    by a new magnetic resonance technique
    EUR J VASC ENDOVASC, 26 (5): 544-549 NOV 2003

    Cheng, KS; Tiwari, A; Boutin, A; et al.
    Carotid and femoral arterial wall mechanics in scleroderma
    RHEUMATOLOGY, 42 (11): 1299-1305 NOV 2003


    Gvozdik, L
    Postprandial thermophily in the Danube crested newt, Triturus dobrogicus
    J THERM BIOL, 28 (8): 545-550 NOV 2003

    Hedenstrom, A. (2003). "Optimal migration strategies in animals that run: a
    range equation and its consequences." Animal Behaviour 66: 631-636.

    Holt, B. M. (2003). "Mobility in Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic Europe:
    Evidence from the lower limb." American Journal of Physical Anthropology
    122(3): 200-215.

    Schmitt, D. (2003). "Substrate size and primate forelimb mechanics:
    Implications for understanding the evolution of primate locomotion."
    International Journal of Primatology 24(5): 1023-1036.

    Suzuki, D., G. Murakami, et al. (2003). "Crocodilian bone-tendon and
    bone-ligament interfaces." Annals of Anatomy-Anatomischer Anzeiger 185(5):


    Wahlstrom, J; Lindegard, A; Ahlborg, G; et al.
    Perceived muscular tension, emotional stress, psychological demands and
    physical load during VDU work
    INT ARCH OCC ENV HEA, 76 (8): 584-590 OCT 2003

    Andrews, D. M. and J. P. Callaghan (2003). "Determining the minimum
    sampling rate needed to accurately quantify cumulative spine loading from
    digitized video." Applied Ergonomics 34(6): 589-595.


    Austin, GP; Tiberio, D; Garrett, GE
    Effect of added mass on human unipedal hopping at three frequencies
    PERCEPT MOTOR SKILL, 97 (2): 605-612 OCT 2003

    De Bujanda, E; Nadeau, S; Bourbonnais, D; et al.
    Associations between lower limb impairments, locomotor capacities and
    kinematic variables in the frontal plane during walking in adults with
    chronic stroke
    J REHABIL MED, 35 (6): 259-264 DEC 2003

    de Visser, E., R. P. H. Veth, et al. (2003). "Reorganization of gait after
    limb-saving surgery of the lower limb." American Journal of Physical
    Medicine & Rehabilitation 82(11): 825-831.

    Geyer, H., A. Seyfarth, et al. (2003). "Positive force feedback in bouncing
    gaits?" Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological
    Sciences 270(1529): 2173-2183.

    Perron, M., F. Malouin, et al. (2003). "Assessing advanced locomotor
    recovery after total hip arthroplasty with the timed stair test." Clinical
    Rehabilitation 17(7): 780-786.

    Sheridan, P. L., J. Solomont, et al. (2003). "Influence of executive
    function on locomotor function: Divided attention increases gait
    variability in Alzheimer's disease." Journal of the American Geriatrics
    Society 51(11): 1633-1637.


    Malcarney, HL; Murrell, GAC
    The rotator cuff - Biological adaptations to its environment
    SPORTS MED, 33 (13): 993-1002 2003

    Abramowitch, SD; Yagi, M; Tsuda, E; et al.
    The healing medial collateral ligament following a combined anterior
    cruciate and medial collateral ligament injury - a biomechanical study in a
    goat model
    J ORTHOPAED RES, 21 (6): 1124-1130 NOV 2003

    Ng, COY; Ng, GYF; See, EKN; et al.
    Therapeutic ultrasound improves strength of Achilles tendon repair in rats
    ULTRASOUND MED BIOL, 29 (10): 1501-1506 OCT 2003

    Herzog, W; Longino, D; Clark, A
    The role of muscles in joint adaptation and degeneration
    LANGENBECK ARCH SURG, 388 (5): 305-315 OCT 2003

    Mercer, SR; Bogduk, N
    Clinical anatomy of ligamentum nuchae
    CLIN ANAT, 16 (6): 484-493 NOV 2003

    Mura, N; O'Driscoll, SW; Zobitz, ME; et al.
    Biomechanical effect of patch graft for large rotator cuff tears: A cadaver
    CLIN ORTHOP RELAT R, (415): 131-138 OCT 2003

    Amis, A. A., A. M. J. Bull, et al. (2003). "Biomechanics of the PCL and
    related structures: posterolateral, posteromedial and meniscofemoral
    ligaments." Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology Arthroscopy 11(5): 271-281.

    Cerulli, G., D. L. Benoit, et al. (2003). "In vivo anterior cruciate
    ligament strain behaviour during a rapid deceleration movement: case
    report." Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology Arthroscopy 11(5): 307-311.

    Christel, P. (2003). "Basic principles for surgical reconstruction of the
    PCL in chronic posterior knee instability." Knee Surgery Sports
    Traumatology Arthroscopy 11(5): 289-296.


    Matjacic, Z., S. Hesse, et al. (2003). "BalanceReTrainer: A new
    standing-balance training apparatus and methods applied to a chronic
    hemiparetic subject with a neglect syndrome." Neurorehabilitation 18(3):

    Dandekar, K; Raju, BI; Srinivasan, MA
    3-D finite-element models of human and monkey fingertips to investigate the
    mechanics of tactile sense
    J BIOMECH ENG-T ASME, 125 (5): 682-691 OCT 2003

    Liu, S; Damhieu, P; Devanze, P; et al.
    Efficient reinnervation of hindlimb muscles by thoracic motor neurons after
    nerve cross-anastomosis in rats
    J NEUROSURG, 99 (5): 879-885 NOV 2003

    Westad, C; Westgaard, RH; De Luca, CJ
    Motor unit recruitment and derecruitment induced by brief increase in
    contraction amplitude of the human trapezius muscle
    J PHYSIOL-LONDON, 552 (2): 645-656 OCT 15 2003

    Motl, RW; Dishman, RK
    Acute leg-cycling exercise attenuates the H-reflex recorded in soleus but
    not flexor carpi radialis
    MUSCLE NERVE, 28 (5): 609-613 NOV 2003

    Creem-Regehr, SH
    Updating space during imagined self- and array translations
    MEM COGNITION, 31 (6): 941-952 SEP 2003

    Sun, H. J., A. J. Lee, et al. (2003). "Multisensory integration in speed
    estimation during self-motion." Cyberpsychology & Behavior 6(5): 509-518.


    Turner, CH
    Biomechanical aspects of bone formation
    TOP BON BIO, 1: 79-105 2004

    Jarvinen, T. L., P. Kannus, et al. (2003). "Estrogen and bone - a
    reproductive and locomotive perspective." Journal of Bone and Mineral
    Research 18(11): 1921-1931.

    Li, RH; Bouxsein, ML; Blake, CA; et al.
    rhBMP-2 injected in a calcium phosphate paste (alpha-BSM) accelerates
    healing in the rabbit ulnar osteotomy model
    J ORTHOPAED RES, 21 (6): 997-1004 NOV 2003

    Augat, P; Burger, J; Schorlemmer, S; et al.
    Shear movement at the fracture site delays healing in a diaphyseal fracture
    J ORTHOPAED RES, 21 (6): 1011-1017 NOV 2003

    Bumann, M; Henke, T; Gerngross, H; et al.
    Influence of haemorrhagic shock on fracture healing
    LANGENBECK ARCH SURG, 388 (5): 331-338 OCT 2003

    Hanada, K; Furuya, K; Yamamoto, N; et al.
    Bone anabolic effects of S-40503, a novel nonsteroidal selective androgen
    receptor modulator (SARM), in rat models of osteoporosis
    BIOL PHARM BULL, 26 (11): 1563-1569 NOV 2003

    Amblard, D; Lafage-Proust, MH; Chamson, A; et al.
    Lower bone cellular activities in male and female mature C3H/HeJ mice are
    associated with higher bone mass and different pyridinium crosslink
    profiles compared to C57BL/6J mice
    J BONE MINER METAB, 21 (6): 377-387 2003

    Baroud, G; Heini, P; Nemes, J; et al.
    Biomechanical explanation of adjacent fractures following vertebroplasty
    RADIOLOGY, 229 (2): 606-607 NOV 2003

    Hirsch, JA; Alkaley, R; Uppin, AA; et al.
    Biomechanical explanation of adjacent fractures following vertebroplasty -
    RADIOLOGY, 229 (2): 607-608 NOV 2003

    Betz, RR; Cunningham, B; Selgrath, C; et al.
    Preclinical testing of a wedge-rod system for fusionless correction of
    SPINE, 28 (20): S275-S278 Suppl. S OCT 15 2003

    McAfee, PC; Cunningham, B; Dmitriev, A; et al.
    Cervical disc replacement - Porous Coated Motion prosthesis - A comparative
    biomechanical analysis showing the key role of the posterior longitudinal
    SPINE, 28 (20): S176-S185 Suppl. S OCT 15 2003

    Cunningham, BW; Dmitriev, AE; Hu, NB; et al.
    General principles of total disc replacement arthroplasty - Seventeen cases
    in a nonhuman primate model
    SPINE, 28 (20): S118-S124 Suppl. S OCT 15 2003

    Cunningham, BW; Gordon, JD; Dmitriev, AE; et al.
    Biomechanical evaluation of total disc replacement arthroplasty: An in
    vitro human cadaveric model
    SPINE, 28 (20): S110-S117 Suppl. S OCT 15 2003

    Hoshikawa, A; Fukui, N; Fukuda, A; et al.
    Quantitative analysis of the resorption and osteoconduction process of a
    calcium phosphate cement and its mechanical effect for screw fixation
    BIOMATERIALS, 24 (27): 4967-4975 DEC 2003

    Scher, RK; Baran, R
    Onychomycosis in clinical practice: factors contributing to recurrence
    BRIT J DERMATOL, 149: 5-9 Suppl. 65 SEP 2003

    Bramlet, DG; Wheeler, D
    Biomechanical evaluation of a new type of hip compression screw with
    retractable talons
    J ORTHOP TRAUMA, 17 (9): 618-624 OCT 2003

    Amar, AP; Larsen, DW; Teitelbaum, GP
    Use of a screw-syringe injector for cement delivery during kyphoplasty:
    Technical report
    NEUROSURGERY, 53 (2): 380-382 AUG 2003

    Schorlemmer, S., C. Gohl, et al. (2003). "Glucocorticoid treatment of
    ovariectomized sheep affects mineral density, structure, and mechanical
    properties of cancellous bone." Journal of Bone and Mineral Research
    18(11): 2010-2015.

    Singh, K., A. R. Vaccaro, et al. (2003). "Biomechanical comparison of
    cervical spine reconstructive techniques after a multilevel corpectomy of
    the cervical spine." Spine 28(20): 2352-2358.


    Mu, XP; Wu, Q
    Synthesis of a complete sagittal gait cycle for a five-link biped robot
    ROBOTICA, 21: 581-587 Part 5 SEP-OCT 2003

    Chen, C. T., C. C. Feng, et al. (2003). "Design and realization of a mobile
    wheelchair robot for all terrains." Advanced Robotics 17(8): 739-760.

    Low, K. H. and S. P. Bai (2003). "Terrain-evaluation-based motion planning
    for legged locomotion on irregular terrain." Advanced Robotics 17(8):

    Menciassi, A. and P. Dario (2003). "Bio-inspired solutions for locomotion
    in the gastrointestinal tract: background and perspectives." Philosophical
    Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series a-Mathematical Physical
    and Engineering Sciences 361(1811): 2287-2298.


    Coert, JH; van Dijke, GAH; Hovius, SER; et al.
    Quantifying thumb rotation during circumduction utilizing a video technique
    J ORTHOPAED RES, 21 (6): 1151-1155 NOV 2003

    Lunn, KE; Paulsen, KD; Roberts, DW; et al.
    Displacement estimation with co-registered ultrasound for image guided
    neurosurgery: A quantitative in vivo porcine study
    IEEE T MED IMAGING, 22 (11): 1358-1368 NOV 2003

    Breque, C., J. C. Dupre, et al. (2004). "Calibration of a system of
    projection moire for relief measuring: biomechanical applications." Optics
    and Lasers in Engineering 41(2): 241-260.


    Wolf, A; Raiss, RX; Steinmeyer, J
    Fibronectin metabolism of cartilage explants in response to the frequency
    of intermittent loading
    J ORTHOPAED RES, 21 (6): 1081-1089 NOV 2003

    Claes, L; Eckert-Hubner, K; Augat, P
    The fracture gap size influences the local vascularization and tissue
    differentiation in callus healing
    LANGENBECK ARCH SURG, 388 (5): 316-322 OCT 2003

    Bourdarias, C; Gerbi, S; Ohayon, J
    A three dimensional finite element method for biological active soft tissue
    - Formulation in cylindrical polar coordinates
    ESAIM-MATH MODEL NUM, 37 (4): 725-739 JUL-AUG 2003

    Lee, ARC; Moon, HK
    Effect of topically applied silver sulfadiazine on fibroblast cell
    proliferation and biomechanical properties of the wound
    ARCH PHARM RES, 26 (10): 855-860 OCT 2003

    Vishwanath, M; Ma, L; Otey, CA; et al.
    Modulation of corneal fibroblast contractility within fibrillar collagen
    INVEST OPHTH VIS SCI, 44 (11): 4724-4735 NOV 2003

    Earthman, JC; Sheets, CG; Paquette, JM; et al.
    Tissue engineering in dentistry
    CLIN PLAST SURG, 30 (4): 621-+ OCT 2003

    Kaufman, MR; Tobias, GW
    Engineering cartilage growth and development
    CLIN PLAST SURG, 30 (4): 539-+ OCT 2003

    Randolph, MA; Anseth, K; Yaremchuk, MJ
    Tissue engineering of cartilage
    CLIN PLAST SURG, 30 (4): 519-+ OCT 2003

    Dietz, HP; Vancaillie, P; Svehla, M; et al.
    Mechanical properties of urogynecologic implant materials
    INT UROGYNECOL J PEL, 14 (4): 239-243 OCT 2003


    Hoffman, M. D., G. Y. Millet, et al. (2003). "Assessment of wheelchair drag
    resistance using a coasting deceleration technique." American Journal of
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 82(11): 880-889.

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