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Literature Update (Jan 28, 2004)

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  • Literature Update (Jan 28, 2004)

    For your "blogging" pleasure, these weekly literature updates are now cross-
    listed on the "Biomechanics and Movement Science Discussion Forum" and can
    be found at:

    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Young-Hui Chang
    Georgia Institute of Technology


    Wenning A, Hill AAV, Calabrese RL (2004) Heartbeat control in leeches. II.
    Fictive motor pattern. Journal of Neurophysiology 91: 397-409


    Bjornsdottir S, Ekman S, Eksell R, Lord P (2004) High detail radiography and
    histology of the centrodistal tarsal joint of Icelandic horses age 6 months
    to 6 years. Equine Veterinary Journal 36: 5-11

    Cleto CL, Vandenberghe AE, MacLean DW, Pannunzio P, Tortorelli C, Meedel TH,
    Satou Y, Satoh N, Hastings KEM (2003) Ascidian larva reveals ancient origin
    of vertebrate-skeletal-muscle troponin I characteristics in chordate
    locomotory muscle. Molecular Biology and Evolution 20: 2113-2122

    Miyoshi H, Masaki N, Tsuchiya Y (2003) Characteristics of trajectory in the
    migration of Amoeba proteus. Protoplasma 222: 175-181

    Von Lieven AF (2003) The genus Oigolaimella Paramonov, 1952 (Nematoda :
    Diplogastridae) and description of O. Kruegeri n. sp and O. ninae n. sp.
    Nematology 5: 583-600

    Zianis D, Mencuccini M (2004) On simplifying allometric analyses of forest
    biomass. Forest Ecology and Management 187: 311-332


    Burger H, Marincek C, Jaeger RJ (2004) Prosthetic device provision to
    landmine survivors in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Outcomes in 3 ethnic groups.
    Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 85: 19-28

    Curt A, Schwab ME, Dietz V (2004) Providing the clinical basis for new
    interventional therapies: refined diagnosis and assessment of recovery after
    spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord 42: 1-6

    Fogliatto FS, Guimaraes LBM (2004) User-oriented method for selecting
    workstation components. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 33:

    Levy CE, Chow JW, Tillman MD, Hanson C, Donohue T, Mann WC (2004) Variable-
    ratio pushrim-activated power-assist wheelchair eases wheeling over a
    variety of terrains for elders. Archives of Physical Medicine and
    Rehabilitation 85: 104-112

    Tsang YL, Mak MK (2004) Sit-and-reach test can predict mobility of patients
    recovering from acute stroke. Archives of Physical Medicine and
    Rehabilitation 85: 94-98


    Ferris DP, Gordon KE, Beres-Jones JA, Harkema SJ (2004) Muscle activation
    during unilateral stepping occurs in the nonstepping limb of humans with
    clinically complete spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord 42: 14-23

    Madsen MS, Ritter MA, Morris HH, Meding JB, Berend ME, Faris PM, Vardaxis VG
    (2004) The effect of total hip arthroplasty surgical approach on gait.
    Journal of Orthopaedic Research 22: 44-50

    Marhefka DW, Orin DE, Schmiedeler JP, Waldron KJ (2003) Intelligent control
    of quadruped gallops. IEEE-ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 8: 446-456

    Poirrier AL, Nyssen Y, Scholtes F, Multon S, Rinkin C, Weber G, Bouhy D,
    Brook G, Franzen R, Schoenen J (2004) Repetitive transcranial magnetic
    stimulation improves open field locomotor recovery after low but not high
    thoracic spinal cord compression-injury in adult rats. Journal of
    Neuroscience Research 75: 253-261

    Reynolds RF, Bronstein AM (2004) The moving platform aftereffect: Limited
    generalization of a locomotor adaptation. Journal of Neurophysiology 91: 92-


    Klockner C, Rohmann A, Bergmann G (2003) Instrumented forceps for measuring
    tensile forces in the rod of the VDS implant during correction of scoliosis.
    Biomedizinische Technik 48: 362-364

    Schmitt KU, Muser M, Heggendorn M, Niederer P, Walz F (2003) Development of
    a damping seat slide to reduce whiplash injury. Proceedings of the
    Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part D-Journal of Automobile Engineering
    217: 949-955


    Giroux-Metges MA, Pennec JP, Petit J, Goanvec C, Dorange G, Gioux M (2003)
    Motor unit properties in the soleus muscle after its distal tendon transfer
    to the plantaris muscle tendon in the rat. Journal of Physiology-London 553:

    Spencer EE, Kuhn JE (2004) Biomechanic alanalysis of reconstructions for
    sternoclavicular joint instability. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-
    American Volume 86A: 98-105

    Strijkers GJ, Drost MR, Heemskerk AM, Kruiskamp MJ, Nicolay K (2003)
    Diffusion MRI and MRS of skeletal muscle. Israel Journal of Chemistry 43:


    Cooper BG, Goller F (2004) Multimodal signals: Enhancement and constraint of
    song motor patterns by visual display. Science 303: 544-546

    Ding Y, Li J, Lai Q, Rafols JA, Luan X, Clark J, Diaz FG (2004) Motor
    balance and coordination functional outcome in rat with cerebral artery
    occlusion training enhances transient middle. Neuroscience 123: 667-674

    Levi R, Varona P, Arshavsky YI, Rabinovich MI, Selverston AI (2004) Dual
    sensory-motor function for a molluskan statocyst network. Journal of
    Neurophysiology 91: 336-345

    Mou WM, McNamara TP, Valiquette CM, Rump B (2004) Allocentric and egocentric
    updating of spatial memories. Journal of Experimental Psychology-Learning
    Memory and Cognition 30: 142-157

    Muehl KA, Sholl MJ (2004) The acquisition of vector knowledge and its
    relation to self-rated direction sense. Journal of Experimental Psychology-
    Learning Memory and Cognition 30: 129-141


    Silva M, Lee KH, Heisel C, Dela Rosa MA, Schmalzried TP (2004) The
    biomechanical results of total hip resurfacing arthroplasty. Journal of Bone
    and Joint Surgery-American Volume 86A: 40-46

    Werner CML, Nyffeler RW, Jacob HAC, Gerber C (2004) The effect of capsular
    tightening on humeral head translations. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 22:


    Chosa E, Totoribe K, Tajima N (2004) A biomechanical study of lumbar
    spondylolysis based on a three-dimensional finite element method. Journal of
    Orthopaedic Research 22: 158-163

    Coakwell MR, Bloswick DS, Moser R (2004) High-risk head and neck movements
    at high G and interventions to reduce associated neck injury. Aviation Space
    and Environmental Medicine 75: 68-80

    Palmer EI, Lotz JC (2004) The compressive creep properties of normal and
    degenerated murine intervertebral discs. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 22:

    Schramm M, Krummbein S, Kraus H, Pitt RP, Schmidt R (2003) Anterior
    vertebral body screw pullout testing with the hollow modular anchorage
    system - A comparative in vitro study. Biomedizinische Technik 48: 356-361

    Whelan PJ (2003) Developmental aspects of spinal locomotor function:
    insights from using the in vitro mouse spinal cord preparation 10.1113/
    jphysiol.2003.046219. Journal of Physiology-London 553: 695-706


    Brown KM, Saunders MM, Kirsch T, Donahue HJ, Reid JS (2004) Effect of COX-
    (2)-specific inhibition on fracture healing in the rat femur. Journal of
    Bone and Joint Surgery-American Volume 86A: 116-123

    Carpenter JE, Hankenson KD (2004) Animal models of tendon and ligament
    injuries for tissue engineering applications. Biomaterials 25: 1715-1722

    Jaecques SVN, Van Oosterwyck H, Muraru L, Van Cleynenbreugel T, De Smet E,
    Wevers M, Naert I, Vander Sloten J (2004) Individualised, micro CT-based
    finite element modelling as a tool for biomechanical analysis related to
    tissue engineering of bone. Biomaterials 25: 1683-1696

    Liebschner MAK (2004) Biomechanical considerations of animal models used in
    tissue engineering of bone. Biomaterials 25: 1697-1714

    Mahadevan L, Daniel S, Chaudhury MK (2004) Biomimetic ratcheting motion of a
    soft, slender, sessile gel. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
    of the United States of America 101: 23-26

    Matsuda T (2004) Recent progress of vascular graft engineering in Japan.
    Artificial Organs 28: 64-71

    Morel W, Quinn TM (2004) Cartilage injury by ramp compression near the gel
    diffusion rate. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 22: 145-151

    Trickey WR, Vail TP, Guilak F (2004) The role of the cytoskeleton in the
    viscoelastic properties of human articular chondrocytes. Journal of
    Orthopaedic Research 22: 131-139


    Kim MJ, Hunter EJ, Titze IR (2004) Comparison of human, canine, and ovine
    laryngeal dimensions. Annals of Otology Rhinology and Laryngology 113: 60-68

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