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Literature Update (Sep. 2, 2004)

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  • Literature Update (Sep. 2, 2004)

    **NOTE** These updates are cross-listed at:
    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Young-Hui Chang
    School of Applied Physiology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    ***NOTE*** Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate
    that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be
    available in electronic form through the publisher.


    Main, R. P. and A. A. Biewener (2004). "Ontogenetic patterns of limb
    loading, in vivo bone strains and growth in the goat radius." Journal
    of Experimental Biology 207(15): 2577-2588.


    Draney, M. T., F. R. Arko, M. T. Alley, M. Markl, R. J. Herfkens, N.
    J. Pelc, C. K. Zarins and C. A. Taylor (2004). "Quantification of
    vessel wall motion and cyclic strain using cine phase contrast MRI:
    In vivo validation in the porcine aorta." Magnetic Resonance in
    Medicine 52(2): 286-295.

    Molthen, R. C., K. L. Karau and C. A. Dawson "Quantitative models of
    the rat pulmonary arterial tree morphometry applied to hypoxia
    Induced arterial remodeling." Journal of Applied Physiology.

    Ong, Y. S., K. Yap, E. S. W. Ang, K. C. Tan, R. T. H. Ng and I. C.
    Song (2004). "2-octylcynanoacrylate-assisted microvascular
    anastomosis in a rat model: Long-term biomechanical properties and
    histological changes." Microsurgery 24(4): 304-308.

    Voronov, D. A., P. W. Alford, G. Xu and L. A. Taber (2004). "The role
    of mechanical forces in dextral rotation during cardiac looping in
    the chick embryo." Developmental Biology 272(2): 339-350.


    Choi, Y. S., J. Lee and R. Lui (2004). "Traveling wave solutions for
    a one-dimensional crawling nematode sperm cell model." Journal of
    Mathematical Biology 49(3): 310-328.

    Corbetta, D. (2003). "Right-handedness may have come first: Evidence
    from studies in human infants and nonhuman primates." Behavioral and
    Brain Sciences 26(2): 217-+.

    Gregersen, H., X. Lu and J. Zhao (2004). "Physiological growth is
    associated with esophageal morphometric and biomechanical changes in
    rats." Neurogastroenterology and Motility 16(4): 403-412.

    Kundrat, M. (2004). "When did theropods become feathered? - Evidence
    for pre-archaepteryx feathery appendages." Journal of Experimental
    Zoology Part B-Molecular and Developmental Evolution 302B(4): 355-364.

    Loesel, R. (2004). "Comparative morphology of central neuropils in
    the brain of arthropods and its evolutionary and functional
    implications." Acta Biologica Hungarica 55(1-4): 39-51.

    Sharma, V. K., S. R. Lone, D. Mathew, A. Goel and M. K.
    Chandrashekaran (2004). "Possible evidence for shift work schedules
    in the media workers of the ant species Camponotus compressus."
    Chronobiology International 21(2): 297-308.

    Toro, E., A. Herrel and D. Irschick (2004). "The evolution of jumping
    performance in Caribbean Anolis lizards: solutions to biomechanical
    trade-offs (vol 163, pg 844, 2004)." American Naturalist 164(2):

    Vorontsov, D. D., V. V. Tsyganov and D. A. Sakharov (2004). "Phasic
    coordination between locomotor and respiratory rhythms in Lymnaea:
    Real behavior and computer simulation." Acta Biologica Hungarica
    55(1-4): 233-237.


    Goya Wannamethee, S., A. Gerald Shaper, P. H. Whincup and M. Walker
    "Overweight and obesity and the burden of disease and disability in
    elderly men." International Journal of Obesity.


    Chardenon, A., G. Montagne, M. Laurent and R. J. Bootsma (2004). "The
    perceptual control of goal-directed locomotion: a common control
    architecture for interception and navigation?" Experimental Brain
    Research 158(1): 100-108.

    Courtine, G. and T. Pozzo (2004). "Recovery of the locomotor function
    after prolonged microgravity exposure. I. Head-trunk movement and
    locomotor equilibrium during various tasks." Experimental Brain
    Research 158(1): 86-99.


    Kiss, R. M., L. Kocsis and Z. Knoll (2004). "Joint kinematics and
    spatial-temporal parameters of gait measured by an ultrasound-based
    system." Medical Engineering & Physics 26(7): 611-620.

    Saunders, M. M. and H. J. Donahue (2004). "Development of a
    cost-effective loading machine for biomechanical evaluation of mouse
    transgenic models." Medical Engineering & Physics 26(7): 595-603.

    Wang, N. Z. and Y. H. Liu (2004). "Application of Taguchi's design of
    experiments to the study of biomechanical systems." Journal of
    Applied Biomechanics 20(3): 219-229.


    Beris, A. E., A. H. Payatakes, V. K. Kostopoulos, A. V. Korompilias,
    A. N. Mavrodontidis, M. D. Vekris, V. A. Kontogeorgakos and P. N.
    Soucacos (2004). "Non-union of femoral neck fractures with
    osteonecrosis of the femoral head: treatment with combined free
    vascularized fibular grafting and subtrochanteric valgus osteotomy."
    Orthopedic Clinics of North America 35(3): 335-+.

    Li, G., E. Most, P. G. Sultan, S. Schule, S. Zayontz, S. E. Park and
    H. E. Rubash (2004). "Knee kinematics with a high-flexion posterior
    stabilized total knee prosthesis: An in vitro robotic experimental
    investigation." Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-American Volume
    86A(8): 1721-1729.

    Oh, J. K., J. J. Lee, D. Y. Jung, B. J. Kim and C. W. Oh "Hybrid
    external fixation of distal tibial fractures: new strategy to place
    pins and wires without penetrating the anterior compartment."
    Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery.


    Aultman, C. D., J. D. M. Drake, J. P. Callaghan and S. M. McGill
    (2004). "The effect of static torsion on the compressive strength of
    the spine - An in vitro analysis using a porcine spine model." Spine
    29(15): E304-E309.

    Kalayci, M., F. Cagavi and B. Acikgoz (2004). "Unilateral cervical
    facet fracture: presentation of two cases and literature review."
    Spinal Cord 42(8): 466-472.

    Lee, K. K., E. C. Teo, T. X. Qiu, M. Eng and K. Yang (2004). "Effect
    of facetectomy on lumbar spinal stability under sagittal plane
    loadings." Spine 29(15): 1624-1631.

    Meyer, F., R. Willinger and F. Legall (2004). "The importance of
    modal validation for biomechanical models, demonstrated by
    application to the cervical spine." Finite Elements in Analysis and
    Design 40(13-14): 1835-1855.

    Ng, H. W., E. C. Teo and Q. H. Zhang (2004). "Influence of
    laminotomies and laminectomies on cervical spine biomechanics under
    combined flexion-extension." Journal of Applied Biomechanics 20(3):

    Okutan, O., E. Kaptanoglu, I. Solaroglu, E. Beskonakli and I.
    Tekdemir (2004). "Determination of the length of anteromedial screw
    trajectory by measuring interforaminal distance in the first sacral
    vertebra." Spine 29(15): 1608-1611.

    Walsh, W. R., A. Loefler, S. Nicklin, D. Arm, R. E. Stanford, Y. Yu,
    R. Harris and R. M. Gillies (2004). "Spinal fusion using an
    autologous growth factor gel and a porous resorbable ceramic."
    European Spine Journal 13(4): 359-366.


    Ferry, M., L. Martin, N. Termoz, J. Cote and F. Prince "Balance
    control during an arm raising movement in bipedal stance: which
    biomechanical factor is controlled?" Biological Cybernetics.

    Hase, K., M. Sako, J. Ushiba and N. Chino (2004). "Motor strategies
    for initiating downward-oriented movements during standing in
    adults." Experimental Brain Research 158(1): 18-27.

    Jahn, K., A. Deutschlander, T. Stephan, M. Strupp, M. Wiesmann and T.
    Brandt (2004). "Brain activation patterns during imagined stance and
    locomotion in functional magnetic resonance imaging." Neuroimage
    22(4): 1722-1731.

    Ting, L. H. and J. M. Macpherson "A limited set of muscle synergies
    for force control during a postural task." Journal of Neurophysiology.


    Salem, G. J., S. P. Flanagan, M. Y. Wang, J. E. Song, S. P. Azen and
    G. A. Greendale (2004). "Lower-extremity kinetic response to
    weighted-vest resistance during stepping exercise in older adults."
    Journal of Applied Biomechanics 20(3): 260-274.

    Slawinski, J. S. and V. L. Billat (2004). "Difference in mechanical
    and energy cost between highly, well, and nontrained runners."
    Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 36(8): 1440-1446.

    Terblanche, E., C. Page, J. Kroff and R. E. Venter "The Effect of
    Backward Locomotion Training on the Body Composition and
    Cardiorespiratory Fitness of Young Women." International Journal of
    Sports Medicine.


    Marino, B., C. Ogliari and G. Basilisco (2004). "Effect of rectal
    distension on abdominal girth." Neurogastroenterology and Motility
    16(4): 497-502.


    Weissengruber, G. E. and G. Forstenpointner "Musculature of the crus
    and pes of the African elephant (Loxodonta africana): insight into
    semiplantigrade limb architecture." Anatomy and Embryology.

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