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Literature Update (Sept 16, 2004)

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  • Literature Update (Sept 16, 2004)

    **NOTE** These updates are cross-listed at:
    This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

    Young-Hui Chang
    School of Applied Physiology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    ***ISSUE ALERT***: The following journals had several hits this week
    on topics ranging from sport surgical techniques, spine biomechanics,
    and comparative primate biomechanics:

    American Journal of Sports Medicine 32(6)
    Folia Primatologica 75(4)
    Spine 29(16)


    Morgan, E. F., H. H. Bayraktar, O. C. Yeh, S. Majumdar, A. Burghardt
    and T. M. Keaveny (2004). "Contribution of inter-site variations in
    architecture to trabecular bone apparent yield strains." Journal of
    Biomechanics 37(9): 1413-1420.

    Otomo, H., A. Sakai, S. Ikeda, S. Tanaka, M. Ito, R. J. Phipps and T.
    Nakamura (2004). "Regulation of mineral-to-matrix ratio of lumbar
    trabecular bone in ovariectomized rats treated with risedronate in
    combination with or without vitamin K-2." Journal of Bone and Mineral
    Metabolism 22(5): 404-414.

    Oxnard, C. E. (2004). "Thoughts on bone biomechanics." Folia
    Primatologica 75(4): 189-201.


    Gleason, R. L. and J. D. Humphrey "A Mixture Model of Arterial Growth
    and Remodeling in Hypertension: Altered Muscle Tone and Tissue
    Turnover." Journal of Vascular Research.

    Zulliger, M. A., A. Rachev and N. Stergiopulos (2004). "A
    constitutive formulation of arterial mechanics including vascular
    smooth muscle tone." American Journal of Physiology-Heart and
    Circulatory Physiology 287(3): H1335-H1343.


    Azizi, E. and J. M. Horton (2004). "Patterns of axial and
    appendicular movements during aquatic walking in the salamander Siren
    lacertina." Zoology 107(2): 111-120.

    Crompton, R. H. (2004). "Biomechanics - Introduction." Folia
    Primatologica 75(4): 187-188.

    Popov, V. N. and S. S. Kramarenko (2004). "Dispersal of land snails
    of the genus Xeropicta monterosato, 1892 (Gastropoda; Pulmonata;
    Hygromiidae)." Russian Journal of Ecology 35(4): 263-266.

    Sellers, W. I. and R. H. Crompton (2004). "Automatic monitoring of
    primate locomotor behaviour using accelerometers." Folia
    Primatologica 75(4): 279-293.

    Thorpe, S. K. S., R. H. Crompton and W. J. Wang (2004). "Stresses
    exerted in the hindlimb muscles of common chimpanzees (Pan
    troglodytes) during bipedal locomotion." Folia Primatologica 75(4):

    Vereecke, E., K. D'Aout, D. De Clercq, L. Van Elsacker and P. Aerts
    (2004). "The relationship between speed, contact time and peak
    plantar pressure in terrestrial walking of bonobos." Folia
    Primatologica 75(4): 266-278.


    Koolstra, J. H. and T. van Eijden (2004). "Functional significance of
    the coupling between head and jaw movements." Journal of Biomechanics
    37(9): 1387-1392.


    Stevenson, J. M., L. L. Bossi, J. T. Bryant, S. A. Reid, R. P. Pelot
    and E. L. Morin (2004). "A suite of objective biomechanical
    measurement tools for personal load carriage system assessment."
    Ergonomics 47(11): 1160-1179.

    Stovitz, S. D. and J. C. Coetzee (2004). "Hyperpronation and foot
    pain - Steps toward pain-free feet." Physician and Sportsmedicine
    32(8): 19-26.


    Richardson, J. K., S. B. Thies, T. K. DeMott and J. A. Ashton-Miller
    (2004). "A comparison of gait characteristics between older women
    with and without peripheral neuropathy in standard and challenging
    environments." Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 52(9):


    Guettler, J. H., C. K. Demetropoulos, K. H. Yang and K. A. Jurist
    (2004). "Osteochondral deflects in the human knee - Influence of
    defect size on cartilage rim stress and load redistribution to
    surrounding cartilage." American Journal of Sports Medicine 32(6):

    Li, G., L. E. DeFrate, H. Sun and T. J. Gill (2004). "In vivo
    elongation of the anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate
    ligament during knee flexion." American Journal of Sports Medicine
    32(6): 1415-1420.

    Nishii, T., N. Sugano, Y. Sato, H. Tanaka, H. Miki and H. Yoshikawa
    (2004). "Three-dimensional distribution of acetabular cartilage
    thickness in patients with hip dysplasia: a fully automated
    computational analysis of MR imaging." Osteoarthritis and Cartilage
    12(8): 650-657.

    Oakley, S. P., M. N. Lassere, I. Portek, Z. Szomor, P. Ghosh, B. W.
    Kirkham, G. A. C. Murrell, S. Wulf and R. C. Appleyard (2004).
    "Biomechanical, histologic and macroscopic assessment of articular
    cartilage in a sheep model of osteoarthritis." Osteoarthritis and
    Cartilage 12(8): 667-679.

    Park, S. E., B. D. Stamos, L. E. DeFrate, T. J. Gill and G. A. Li
    (2004). "The effect of posterior knee capsulotomy on posterior tibial
    translation during posterior cruciate ligament tibial inlay
    reconstruction." American Journal of Sports Medicine 32(6): 1514-1519.


    Buddeberg, B. S., M. Kerschensteiner, D. Merkler, C. Stadelmann and
    M. E. Schwab (2004). "Behavioral testing strategies in a localized
    animal model of multiple sclerosis." Journal of Neuroimmunology
    153(1-2): 158-170.

    Deshmukh, A. V., D. R. Wilson, J. L. Zilberfarb and G. S. Perlmutter
    (2004). "Stability of acromioclavicular joint reconstruction -
    Biomechanical testing of various surgical techniques in a cadaveric
    model." American Journal of Sports Medicine 32(6): 1492-1498.

    Lane, J. G., J. B. Massie, S. T. Ball, M. E. Amiel, A. C. Chen, W. C.
    Bae, R. L. Sah and D. Amiel (2004). "Follow-up of osteochondral plug
    transfers in a goat model - A 6-month study." American Journal of
    Sports Medicine 32(6): 1440-1450.

    LaPrade, R. F., S. Johansen, F. A. Wentorf, L. Engebretsen, J. L.
    Esterberg and A. Tso (2004). "An analysis of an anatomical
    posterolateral knee reconstruction - An in vitro biomechanical study
    and development of a surgical technique." American Journal of Sports
    Medicine 32(6): 1405-1414.

    Tingart, M. J., M. Apreleva, J. Lehtinen, D. Zurakowski and J. J. P.
    Warner (2004). "Anchor design and bone mineral density affect the
    pull-out strength of suture anchors in rotator cuff repair - Which
    anchors are best to use in patients with low bone quality?" American
    Journal of Sports Medicine 32(6): 1466-1473.


    Carrier, J., C. E. Aubin, I. Villemure and H. Labelle (2004).
    "Biomechanical modelling of growth modulation following rib
    shortening or lengthening in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis."
    Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 42(4): 541-548.

    Menegaldo, L. L., A. D. T. Fleury and H. I. Weber (2004). "Moment
    arms and musculotendon lengths estimation for a three-dimensional
    lower-limb model." Journal of Biomechanics 37(9): 1447-1453.

    Pedrocchi, A. and G. Ferrigno (2004). "Model of head-neck joint fast
    movements in the frontal plane." Biological Cybernetics 90(6):


    Forbes, J. G. and K. Wang (2004). "Simultaneous dynamic stiffness and
    extension profiles of single titin molecules: Nanomechanical evidence
    for unfolding intermediates." Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology
    A 22(4): 1439-1443.


    Mrochen, M., C. Donitzky, C. Wullner and J. Loffler (2004).
    "Wavefront-optimized ablation profiles: Theoretical background."
    Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery 30(4): 775-785.

    Wollensak, G., E. Sporl and D. T. Pham (2004). "Biomechanical changes
    in the anterior lens capsule after trypan blue staining." Journal of
    Cataract and Refractive Surgery 30(7): 1526-1530.


    Alonso-Vazquez, A., H. Lauge-Pedersen, L. Lidgren and M. Taylor
    (2004). "Initial stability of ankle arthrodesis with three-screw
    fixation. A finite element analysis." Clinical Biomechanics 19(7):

    Hinterwimmer, S., R. von Eisenhart-Rothe, M. Siebert, F. Welsch, T.
    Vogl and H. Graichen (2004). "Patella kinematics and patello-femoral
    contact areas in patients with genu varum and mild osteoarthritis."
    Clinical Biomechanics 19(7): 704-710.

    Jarvinen, T. L. N., J. T. Nurmi and H. Sievanen (2004). "Bone density
    and insertion torque as predictors of anterior cruciate ligament
    graft fixation strength." American Journal of Sports Medicine 32(6):

    Mandell, J. A., D. R. Carter, S. B. Goodman, D. J. Schurman and G. S.
    Beaupre (2004). "A conical-collared intramedullary stem can improve
    stress transfer and limit micromotion." Clinical Biomechanics 19(7):


    Carpaneto, J., S. Micera, G. Galardi, A. Micheli, M. C. Carboncini,
    B. Rossi and P. Dario (2004). "A protocol for the assessment of 3D
    movements of the head in persons with cervical dystonia." Clinical
    Biomechanics 19(7): 659-663.

    Goel, V. K. (2004). "Biomechanical effects of C2-C7 intersegmental
    stability due to laminectomy with unilateral and bilateral
    facetectomy - Point of view." Spine 29(16): 1746-1746.

    Herrmann, A. M. and F. H. Geisler (2004). "A new computer-aided
    technique for analysis of lateral cervical radiographs in
    postoperative patients with degenerative disease." Spine 29(16):

    Masharawi, Y., B. Rothschild, G. Dar, S. Peleg, D. Robinson, E. Been
    and I. Hershkovitz (2004). "Facet orientation in the thoracolumbar
    spine - Three-dimensional anatomic and biomechanical analysis." Spine
    29(16): 1755-1763.

    Ng, H. W., E. C. Teo and Q. H. Zhang (2004). "Biomechanical effects
    of C2-C7 intersegmental stability due to laminectomy with unilateral
    and bilateral facetectomy." Spine 29(16): 1737-1745.

    Pflugmacher, R., P. Schleicher, S. Gumnior, O. Turan, M. Scholz, T.
    Eindorf, N. P. Haas and F. Kandziora (2004). "Biomechanical
    comparison of bioabsorbable cervical spine interbody fusion cages."
    Spine 29(16): 1717-1722.

    Phillips, F. M., B. Cunningham, G. Carandang, A. J. Ghanayem, L.
    Voronov, R. M. Havey and A. G. Patwardhan (2004). "Effect of
    supplemental translaminar facet screw fixation on the stability of
    stand-alone anterior lumbar interbody fusion cages under physiologic
    compressive preloads." Spine 29(16): 1731-1736.

    Tan, J. S., B. K. Kwon, M. F. Dvorak, C. G. Fisher and T. R. Oxland
    (2004). "Pedicle screw motion in the osteoporotic spine after
    augmentation with laminar hooks, sublaminar wires, or calcium
    phosphate cement: A comparative analysis." Spine 29(16): 1723-1730.

    Tropiano, P., L. Thollon, P. J. Arnoux, R. C. Huang, K. Kayvantash,
    D. G. Poitout and C. Brunet (2004). "Using a finite element model to
    evaluate human injuries application to the HUMOS model in whiplash
    situation." Spine 29(16): 1709-1716.


    Lafond, D., M. Duarte and F. Prince (2004). "Comparison of three
    methods to estimate the center of mass during balance assessment."
    Journal of Biomechanics 37(9): 1421-1426.


    Johnson, G. R., M. Ferrarin, M. Harrington, H. Hermens, I. Jonkers,
    P. Mak and J. Stallard (2004). "Performance specification for lower
    limb orthotic devices." Clinical Biomechanics 19(7): 711-718.

    Rome, K. and C. L. Brown (2004). "Randomized clinical trial into the
    impact of rigid foot orthoses on balance parameters in excessively
    pronated feet." Clinical Rehabilitation 18(6): 624-630.


    Kumahara, H., H. Tanaka and Y. Schutz (2004). "Daily physical
    activity assessment: what is the importance of upper limb movements
    vs whole body movements?" International Journal of Obesity 28(9):


    Lu, M. H. and Y. P. Zheng (2004). "Indentation test of soft tissues
    with curved substrates: A finite element study." Medical & Biological
    Engineering & Computing 42(4): 535-540.

    Provenzano, M. J., K. P. J. Murphy and L. H. Riley (2004). "Bone
    cements: Review of their physiochemical and biochemical properties in
    percutaneous vertebroplasty." American Journal of Neuroradiology
    25(7): 1286-1290.

    Smith, T. (2004). "Biomedical testing." Advanced Materials &
    Processes 162(8): 41-43.

    Zhang, G. G. (2004). "Avoiding the material nonlinearity in an
    external fixation device." Clinical Biomechanics 19(7): 746-750.


    Stemper, B. D., N. Yoganandan and F. A. Pintar (2004). "Gender- and
    region-dependent local facet joint kinematics in rear impact -
    Implications in whiplash injury." Spine 29(16): 1764-1771.

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